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I came across this a while back. I was wondering if anyone out there in these threads was familiar with Michael Hoffman's "ego death theory" which he expounds at his website egodeath.com and wordpress website? If so, you've any thoughts on it? If anyone is not familiar, I do recommend the websites. There's also a podcast my friend owns that he has dedicated to exploring and expounding the ego death theory. 

Transcendental Knowledge Podcast 16
Transcendental Knowledge Podcast 26

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 Hey Kafei. Nice to see you on here. If you want to get more views on a thread like this I recommend that you write a short summary of the theory of which people can get a basic idea of what he is saying, then put the links below. E.g. this is the theory.... these are the basic ideas etc. Links are ok, but the site looks kind of overwhelming, but its up to you! I'd write a new post from scratch and redo it.

I have been on the site and doubt many people will have the energy to read it all and try and come to a conclusion. Should be able to do it in a few paragraphs or less depending on what you think,



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