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  1. Did you arrive at that conclusion through your own thinking or through that of someone you look up to?
  2. When I say I am God, what I literally mean is that I am God itself. There is no separation between formlessness and my form.
  3. All clothing is stupid unless to serve a purpose of comfort, and shame is not comfort. Good aesthetics and protection from temperature / the elements is comfort. So, niqabs fail when it comes to function.
  4. Try feeling that you feel better when you are not addicted to junk food.
  5. Attractiveness is a real essentialist quality.
  6. @GreenLight Take it to the press.
  7. Jewish nationalism vs white nationalism is like gay pride vs straight pride.
  8. I see the fast is treating you well. Anyway, we're sick of holistic thinking. We only care for hole-istic thinking. Where are the new dating episodes, Leo?
  9. And Leo should disown the quantum mysticism thing. There is no reason to think quantum mechanics implies idealism since there are physical explanations for the observer effect. And definitely don't go down the Deepak route of using it as a metaphor for everything.
  10. They may be counting "psilocybin" as the whole mushroom material itself and not just the specific chemical.
  11. Yes, this obvious. For someone as cognitively contemplative as Leo, this should be very very obvious. But I suspect he is nervous about being a bad debater. Despite all the pickup stuff, he still has traces of social awkwardness, like in his Martin Ball video where he speaks a lot less eloquently than usual. When it comes to "Professor" Dave (is he a real professor?), you can be good at balancing equations and teaching physics concepts while still having a garbage unintelligent view of reality, ie. the idea that anything exists outside of Consciousness. His consciousness is low, otherwise he'd see the lack of boundary between nothingness and Malkhut. And if Leo was a cult leader (he can't be here because most followers very high critical thinking skills), he would have a harem or a Waco compound set up by now. And Leo has never advocated suicide. That's just moronic.
  12. Neckbeard internet science teachers are getting too cocky.
  13. Yeah, but feeling superior and smug as an atheist might make religious people become atheists?
  14. Start lifting weights and doing pushups. Study pickup under Grandmaster Leo.
  15. Because they can observe electrons, and the electrons are there no matter what their parts are.
  16. Daniel M. Ingram (also claiming arhatship) is subscribed to Frank Yang.
  17. Are you in AP Art History?
  18. @AdeptusPsychonautica Magic is real. The occult is real. The paranormal is real. TA-DAH. Although the extent to which Leo could heal his own mind using magic is not very great. Magic can't break the laws of physics, only guide things to act in good ways which they are actually physically capable of doing. As for manipulating reality with your mind, that is what typing on a computer is ahahaha.
  19. He probably shut it down due to the first video.
  20. @Jodistrict Yes, but they "know" electrons and whatnot are real, even if they don't know the more fundamental parts for certain. The only argument against materialism is direct observation of God in addition to basic monistic ontology.
  21. If you watch the Richard Dawkins Joe Rog episode, he says that he may try psychs when he is older but currently he is too scared.