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  1. No True Scotsman.
  2. Assaulting an old man, then arresting a peaceful protester, then sending the press away, then lying on the report and saying the old man "tripped and fell."
  3. I don't see not being murdered by criminals by means of authoritarianism as good. I see it as a necessity.
  4. Family values is authoritarian trash. If you want to show positive aspects of blue, this guy is not it.
  5. So, during any of your nondual states of omniscience, have you ever gone back in time and accidentally terrorized people?
  6. What exactly is a "corrupted higher state of consciousness"?
  7. Who, if anyone, could be able to do this?
  8. @Leo Gura Leo, is this you?
  9. @giglio The vast majority of these cases get cleared because of corruption and authoritarianism. The answer is simple: it was murder. A gang of terrorists publicly executed a man for no reason. End of story.
  10. @Eren Eeager The system is not working at all.
  12. @DivineSoda Politics matter. That's why George Carlin talked about politics.
  13. That guy seems cool.
  14. I know that guy from the show "Midnight Gospel." EDIT: Not that good of a TV show.
  15. I'm not saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers are turquoise. I'm saying this song is turquoise.
  16. Ogre is the embodiment of green, fraying into yellow. Appearing on a Russian pseudo-propaganda network to decry authoritarianism was also pretty subversive in my opinion.
  17. Why do people demonize Deepak Chopra for positing quantum mechanics as an indication toward idealism when real quantum physicists do the same thing? I don't like Chopra, but still.
  18. @Adam M I got "Leo" as my sign. Some of it didn't describe me at all, and the rest of it was so generic that it could apply to huge amounts of people. I just don't see how the locations of rocks in the sky at my birth could affect my personality so much.
  19. Pigs are certainly more conscious than insects.