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  1. @BipolarGrowth We could have the occasional video like that, but the vanilla speech format is better for a lack of distraction.
  2. /**** ****\ * ***************
  3. Reminds me of the guy that shot up shrooms lost year and got spores growing in his bloodstream.
  4. @Leo Gura Try the two month fire kasina challenge I dare ya. Then come back talking about not meditating to DMT realm... I think the main issue is that all the meditation you know about is generic lame mindfulness or no-mind stuff.
  5. Why? It is a pseudo-psychedelic. It is a phenylethylamine.
  6. Alright, I watched the enlightened episodes. The animated porn wasn't really my thing, but I guess it was nice. Zima Blue was a really great story. The cybernetic transformation for art reminded me of Genesis P-Orridge and his wife surgically altering themselves to resemble each other and become like a single entity.
  7. I stumbled in to find my friend watching a few episodes: the one with werewolf soldiers in the marines, Soviet soldiers fighting demons, and some hillbillies running around a dump with a trash monster on the loose. Didn't see anything too woke. Can anybody recommend the enlightened episodes?
  8. DMT being released at death makes sense, physically as a last ditch effort to push oxygen to the brain and spiritually as a bridge to a possible afterlife.
  9. We have already recently gone over the topic of hillbilly aliens on this forum.
  10. This should be good.
  11. I got my Pfizer. No bad side effects.
  12. Uh, Terence, that's not a UFO. That's the moon and Dennis humming loudly.
  13. Sounds like a bad porno name.
  14. Discuss the police coming straight from the overgound.
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  16. @neutralempty A little bat!
  17. Rob Zombie enjoys corpses.
  18. Yeah, he will probably be a historical figure in some capacity due to his influence. I suspect he is one of the first of many in a wave.
  19. I don't have a problem with her being a dragon. But I would definitely lead a campaign to avoid large instances of this. Cause I don't want most chicks in the dating pool to look like that. You see?
  20. @Leo Gura You should make it your goal to become one of these entities after you die so that you can continue from hyperspace.
  21. Now this is what I call MEAN GREEN.
  22. Surveillance states can be misused.
  23. It's actually pretty equal for me.