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  1. More like R-Modafinil mode.
  2. May find this story relevant. Also talks about seeing miracles in psych wards and things like that.
  3. If someone has crazy impossible things in their perception, that is what's there in consciousness. If it is in consciousness, it is real. However, it might not be real for someone living in "the real world," whatever that means. It is perspectival.
  4. @Leo Gura Reading this would article will deepen your understanding of Red-type behavior on a profound level and make you laugh.
  5. Bill Hicks, whose everyday waking consciousness probably wasn't too different from Leo's, was a very good spiritual teacher. And his shows consisted of screaming at the audience and calling them idiots and cows. So . . . Leo is not that brutal. Maybe a Tool song about oneness that utilizes a lot of yelling could be considered "brutal" by some.
  6. Because have the genes of monkeys trying to survive in the woods. If we didn't have monkey genes, we'd all be dead now.
  7. Try listening to Marilyn Manson.
  8. It racist cause use colors.
  9. When it comes to Leo's jerkishness, it's just a matter of taste. Like do you want a sweet demure girl or a bitchy aggressive girl or some combination. But yeah, he has gotten way less arrogant after all his awakenings.
  10. No comment.
  11. @Carl-Richard @Regan Hamilton Morris is completely non-spiritual. Also, he stopped taking 4-MeO because he started getting really scared.
  12. Dairy farmers are more likely to awaken because they have easy access to mushrooms.
  13. Leo is an alien.
  14. @Leo Gura States exist but they are changes of the objective mind's "awareness." Nothingness is Nothingness and will stay Nothingness. There are not levels of Nothingness other than those perceived by an imagined mind.
  15. I am attracted to bitchy girls.
  16. @Evil Raccoon Was he ever caught?
  17. But his name is Wilber.
  18. Well if you're only gonna use your boy pussy and not your dick, it doesn't matter if it's small. Having a small penis adds a little feminine touch, which you should embrace if you want to be submissive.
  19. Have you ever topped before?
  20. Daniel M. Ingram Frank Yang The Stoa Jordan Peterson Duncan Trussel Bernardo Kastrup Light On Earth Chaotic Thinking (maybe read some magic books first) Russell Brand (cause his audience is massive) Psyched Substance (you ignored his collab request, still would be amazing) If that is the case, you should learn how to write well first. You don't want a horrendously boring and dry Bible-like book explaining your knowledge in purely conceptual terms. It should be poetic and beautiful and emotional and involve a story of some sort. At this rate, my book and my cult, I mean social engineering experiment and arts, will already be well established by the time the Actualized book comes out. So get snappy.
  21. If you're too lazy to do pickup properly and you appear to be submissive and worthless, you can just go to your nearest BDSM club and pay for a professional dominatrix. Completely legal since she doesn't actually touch your dick.