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  1. Can you transcend the dream on psychedelics? I'm not talking about becoming conscious that you are dreaming. Instead, I'm asking if it's possible to go beyond the dream altogether. What do I mean by this? Video game analogy: I start as a character in Minecraft. I take a psychedelic. I become conscious that I'm the creator of Minecraft (go one level meta). I realize that I'm actually a game developer (and not a game character). I create another game, let's say GTA. I choose to enter the new game GTA as a character with the memory of 1, 2 & 3. Coming back to the actual question, how far (in terms of the above analogy steps) can psychedelics take you? Even if it took you all the way to 4, if you come back to 1 after the trip wears off, I wouldn't really count it as transcendence; it's more like a dream within a dream (like the movie Inception). A simpler way to ask this is: Can you become super-conscious on a psychedelic and choose not to come down?
  2. Why is perception exactly the way it is? The closest I got to answer this is on psychedelics (mostly shrooms) when a physical object like a tree turns into pure visual perception (color and shape), especially in those trips in which this perception syncs with my thoughts. I can sometimes morph this perception slightly using will, for example, to make the tree branches look like a hand, have it breeze in sync with other trees around, and even slow down the entire visual scene, almost like a VR scene you render and control with software instructions. Now, the big question is, how is this perception being constructed? Answering this question is so important as it answers all other questions in life, like: Why does cancer exist? Will I meet someone new today? Why is there a pandemic? Why did Putin attack Ukraine? And literally, every question in life because everything is perception. One answer I found to this is from Leo. In the Free Will episode, he taught that God's Will goes to manifest the Highest Love: However, highest is a relative term. What does it mean in an Absolute sense? Does it mean God's subjective opinion of what the Highest Love is? If multiple seekers become infinitely conscious, will they all understand the same outcome (out of infinite other outcomes) as the Highest Love? How can an unbiased mind know what the Highest Love is? In any situation, doesn't God love all the infinite outcomes equally? And again, why is perception exactly the way it is?
  3. Yes, this makes perfect sense. But we still need to explain why the highest frequency (a.k.a god) is rendering reality in this particular way. I mean the details, like why did we have a pandemic and why it made sense from god's perspective? In my opinion, what makes sense to god is the most important question, as that's what gets manifested. Leo's answer to this is Highest Love, and I'm still wrapping my head around it as it requires god perceiving one scenario as more loving than another.
  4. @Leo Gura @axiom Thanks for clarifying. I rewatched the free will episode, and it makes a lot more sense now. However, I still have one little question: This makes sense except for the word highest. How does God's absolute and unbiased point of view know what the highest (relative term. requires comparison) Love is? To explain this question better, let me take a simple example. Let's say a crazy terrorist who wants to wipe out humanity got hit by a car and is on a hospital bed. There are two outcomes: A) He survives, and humans go extinct B) He dies, and humans survive Let's see which outcome is better (or higher Love): Human's relative and biased point of view: Of course, humans think outcome B is better as we are biased towards the survival of our species and our self (lowercase) God's absolute and unbiased point of view: As God's Love is on the meta-level of perception itself and is not biased towards any specific forms in it (like humans, planet earth, etc.), how can God know which outcome is better? To know which outcome is better, it is required to compare and decide that one option is better than the other. From God's absolute and unbiased point of view, isn't every outcome equally absolute Love? How does God know which outcome is the highest Love?
  5. Hey @Leo Gura, Can't God save its mother? Limit to God's Will? Noticed a contradiction ? in your videos: 1) God is Infinity & Limitless. 2) God's Will only goes for the manifestation of highest Love, and hence God can't save its mother! Isn't God Infinity & Limitless? Do you see a future super-malt ? letting God save its mother without the highest Love Limit?
  6. @AMTO Beautifully put. I want to add a few thoughts to this. If God imagines everything right now, that should include the cause (ate bad food in the past) and also the effect (has cancer now). Can't God imagine a different cause and effect? If time is imaginary, if past & future are imagined in the present moment, then causality (which hinges on the notion of time) limiting God's imagination doesn't make much sense. Can't God simply imagine a different past in the present moment? If God is everything and there is no other or outside to limit it, any limit that God has (even causality) must be self-imposed and imaginary. Can you imagine the possibility of a higher degree of God awakening where God stops imagining every single limit? @Leo Gura Any thoughts?
  7. What do you think about techniques like the law of attraction to manifest using finite will? For example, if someone gets cancer, which of the below options make more sense? Scientific: Research cancer and find a cure using finite intelligence Law of Attraction: Apply techniques like intention and visualization to cure using finite will Recognizing the highest Good sounds like the best option but in terms of actionable options, which of the above two options make more sense from your perspective?
  8. Does this limit make God's Free Will deterministic? So you're saying God who can see Infinite moves ahead and compute the highest Love: 1) Can determine the exact flow of reality. 2) But can't change the determined flow?
  9. @Leo Gura Do you think it's not possible to witness pure formless infinite consciousness without dropping dead? Let me use buddhist terminology to frame my question more clearly. Parinirvana instead of Mahasamadhi Buddha attained Nirvana (with a remainder) first at the age 35 and probably many times in his lifetime. He attained Parinirvana at the age 80 (death) So do you think Nirvana is lesser than Parinirvana? If not, do you think there's a trick to attaining Nirvana without physically dying? In your recent videos, you explained how 5-MeO-DMT can give you access to levels of consciousness beyond Buddha consciousness but isn't Nirvana (the unconditioned - the purest formless infinite consciousness) the end of all spiritual paths? Is there anything deeper than that which 5-MeO-DMT can help you with?