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  1. I 'm most passionate about stories and working with people. In fact i 'm amazed in transmedia storytelling through different mediums in film TV comics games etc. I am very good problem solver and project manager but for my literacy i thought i could start develope some things to see with my eyes how does process looking like
  2. Is it better to explore VR or to enter web deve industry? i have been switching career from film to tech and games
  3. Hi Leo, I know you are from Russia, what is your thoughts about their TV and Film market. I was thinking deeply about this topic and i was got conclusion to start business there because of their market share and private funds for cinema and tv series also they are very simmilar in cultural sense as people from Balkan, where i am noe. I would apperciate your answer, sorry for my bad english
  4. Guys, what is your opinion about situationism? I'm doing my final exam on psychology, and this theme bothers me, is we are really monsters who just follow orders in difficult situations? If we look that from a meta-perspective, government as politics are usually social programmed by beliefs of authority as family or friends.
  5. Is there any comprehensive tutorial on marketing or course I should look for? Do you have extended information for the digital type of business?
  6. If Marcus Aurelius was a good emperor, why we hadn't led by Sages instead of the devils? Why Disney today doesn't invest in spirituality and tech with arts as new medium and interdisciplinary approach with comprehensive understanding of holistic, so instead of watching bullshit movies, we could learn about the connection between art and spirituality, by watching movies together, then experience mystical things within the campus and then inspired to promote that, by inspiring others to experience our community.
  7. Is there any meaning in reading if i could direct experience infinity intelligence and understanding?
  8. How to be an innovative filmmaker? In previous videos you did study some of them, do you have any advice, I know you are interested in Arts. I have a few stories but need advice in terms of depth?
  9. Its common sense, basic bullshit, I need something advance,.
  10. Hi guys! I need the most efficient creativity techniques and meditation, if you are an artist, please share your method.
  11. Very interesting thing guys, this was the last play he had written. He was very interested in magic and words as you guess, for example, lots of writers did the same stuff, both Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, comic books writers were fascinated by magic and writing, you could explore that in The Invisibles and Watchman, they artworks consider as a masterpiece in the comics medium, what is your opinion about all this stuff?
  12. Hi Guys! Sorry for my bad English, I'm coming from Serbia, a second world country in the Balkan region. We 've been living through difficult times during the '90s but unfortunately, we have a lot issues with corruption and exploitation till today. I'm a student of Drama Arts, a film and television production degree, and am in love with tv series like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Narcos... and I am also awarded for writing short stories, poetry... I know my life purpose is to tell stories through the different mediums but I choose TV, I have a lot of struggle here, I don't have a political connection, parents or sibling in industry and so forth. Next year I will graduate, what should I do? Should I go to Europe or the USA? But my English is bad, I can't write on native English terrain. Or to find a job in advertising? Or to learn digital marketing with an emphasis on video or some kind of dropshipping till I have the freedom to pursue my dream? My parents discouraged me all the time, telling things like there is no money there, chose something practical, also I have a very bad financial situation, I must take some type of job on my graduation year in 2021/2 to feed myself and pay rent. The only hope I have is finished tv bible with a synopsis of 6 part episodes and pilot. I would appreciate your advice guys. Thanks!