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  1. Don't let the score fool you. This is a very interesting book. Everyone has their first "self-help" book and this was my first one. Mark Manson has a very particular style of writing. I found him funny, easy to understand, very simple ideas with a lot of potential and I especially loved the last chapter of the book. It is a good book that can be visited back many times over. Negative score reviews on Good Reads website are very funny to read, certainly the rudeness of the writing has caused some anger on the more intelectual types. The score doesn't reach a high number because the book had the opportunity to go much deeper but didn't. It was just walking around the surface when all the juicy bits are underground. The focus on having a mass appeal made the book a bit shallow in the end. My scores start from a 5 and go higher or lower depending how much good or bad the product does. The sequel book "Everything is f*" is the perfect book for the pandemic we are facing and came out way before it happening. It is like he predicted the future. Mark Manson also has his own website and blog with the same style writing. Warning: Both books have a lot of swearing.
  2. You've have hitten right on the money. I just got here a couple of days ago and the only reaction I'm getting is people stepping on eachother, having the exact opposite opinion for the sake of having or for proving themselves "superior". Probably will leave too because I'm only seeing this as another distraction.
  3. Bascily I value popularity, being recognized, make friends just from showing off, constantly looking over the shoulder to see who's doing better work etc.. This realization made me hate myself even more. Things that I value most in life feel wrong but those things were also what brought to the place I am now in terms of the type of skills I gathered. Big problem I have in my hands now.
  4. Remember that most people are in stage red/purple and won't be moving to stage orange in this lifetime, quite the opposite. Rebelling agaisn't the figure of authority isn't an step up in awakening.
  5. Don't take my word very seriously, it's just my opinion from life experience. Medicine doesn't perform miracles. Schrizophrenia is treated with anti-psychotics: Resperidone, Invega, Abilify... If the situation is serious you got to be hospitalized to be clinicly stabilized. Schizophrrenia can't be cured, only halted and you take medication for the rest of life (and the medication doesn't give a very good quality of life either, especially at high dosages). If you decide to stop your medication, you'll suffer greater damage. To start benifiting from effects of this type of medication it probably takes over 3 months. Switching meds is also a difficult process. Also by taking this path you will be accepting sacrificing something to get something in return, and the currency is health. Again, psyquiatric medicine has the limitations that we already know (from the state of medicine evolution that we are in.) Also you won't be cured by taking meds and sitting in the couch all day. Your lifestyle and routine has to be healthy. Sleep, waking up at good hours, eating correctly, have some sort of work outside your house, exercise etc.. I can't say a word about Alternative medicine. Maybe it would be something like life-style change with private doctors that charge a big buck for over 5 years to reprogram your mind. Not sure what to say about social anxiety. Some "Drugs" can cause Schizophrenia (take from that what you will).
  6. Scientists convince themselves their method will work. Alternative medicine practicioners convince themselves their method will work. Only who gets cured can tell if it worked or not.
  7. Maybe you could work on the foundations first before focusing on taking spiritual ideas into practice? Create sustainability, independence, pursue knowledge that you think it's useful for your goals etc.. tldr go back to basics.
  8. You must do the right choices which is hard to know, especially if you're young. You were created by external forces and external forces dictate a lot of your actions if not all of them. Understanding Free will is a good subject to study. The better you are, the better your life becomes. You help others and you help yourself because of your hardwork.
  9. Not sure what it takes to be "best" artist, really.
  10. 50 euros for me allow to have a complete meal at a good local restaurant at least 3 times.
  11. "Giant Forest" Original Oil Painting on Cotton Canvas. Colors may be a bit distorted from the original piece.