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  1. Literacy was never a priority for you, was it?
  2. Would you prefer me to use terms incorrectly so that you have an easier time correcting me?
  3. Haha, you got me there.
  4. What has happened, has happened. What will happen, will happen.
  5. You can be enlightened and be extremely stupid. Just grab a kid from a special needs class and pump him full of 5meo-dmt. If you're going by a certain def of enlightenment. Leo mentioned you being able to endure massive amounts of pain for a long time whilst blissed out as a test for enlightenment, and no one here would consider drugs "cheating", sooo.
  6. It's a rhetorical question, my mentally challenged friend.
  7. Einstein had low intelligence, I know this might sound outlandish to you.
  8. Better than getting ten points for having a slightly aggressive streak in your posting whilst disagreeing with a mod, to some.
  9. You are understanding determinism, there is nothing to fear. I have felt many of those things and you will soon be able to live with it in the background without it taking up all of your time. Or not, idk.
  10. It all comes down to the potential for violence. That's how the state funds itself, that's how the retarded single mother takes the genius' money. When the aggregate intelligence is lowered, so is all aspects of a nation and the surrounding nations to some extent. This is unavoidable since only people with low intelligence are cabable of having children. Check out Ed Dutton's work for more details. He's very biased toward having children and seems to be very low in the spiritual smarts, but when it comes to the facts he seems to have a grip.
  11. Answer me this: how does one actualize determinism?
  12. Good and evil are illusions. Accept determinism.
  13. You just broke the law unintentionally. Not that that's bad or anything.
  14. And you just assumed that suffering and murder were undesirble for some reason.
  15. And? Have you not yet realized that nothing is good nor bad? Have you not yet realized that there is no "I" to insult "myself"? Have you not accepted determinism? This forum is a low G JOKE with members like you and moderators like her on it. That Leo has not raized this place to the ground several years ago tells me that he just keeps you guys around as pets to sit by his feet and nibble on his genitals. SAD!