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  1. @Arcangelo Depends on context: If you said that randomly, most people wouldn't feel offended by that statement. Obviously, both white and black people matter. If you said that while reacting negatively to people fighting against systematic racism or people pointing out where black people are being treated unfairly, then you are either offended by BLM or a racist. One statement, widely agreed to be true, but if used in different circumstances can have completely different meanings.
  2. Well, obviously it's Donald Trump, he's a light worker sent here by Arch angels to unite America. Please forgive me daddy Trump for disrespecting you.
  3. @AtheisticNonduality Yeah, i don't think Leo would support that type of libertarians, but Leo also don't support anarchism, anti-govenment type.
  4. Leo hates liberals/anarchists
  5. @Megan Alecia Same The feeling of loneliness is getting so intense that i have mental breakdowns pretty much everyday. Knowing that i've never experienced a deep, long lasting relationship and possibly never will really depresses me, it keeps me up at night. Being alone also means that whenever i feel down, there's nobody to talk to, only me to work through the dark thoughts. Well, if i can't find anybody right now, alteast i know how to cope with it. Music is brilliant for coping, aspecially angry/dark/cathartic music. Ever talked to a family member about your problem and they be like "what are you talking about ? Just smile more and the problem will go away, you are just making things up". You can listen to a song related to your current emotion, it's like having someone that totally understand how you feel.
  6. Leo, where is your plague doctor suit ?
  7. @Husseinisdoingfine *Picard kills himself*
  8. Pick one: •Antifa •Organization Antifa is not an organization, let alone funded.
  9. How naive of these new age people to assume that leftist and rightists, zoomers and boomers, ect could just 'get along' and we could hold hands and dance around the fire. How the hell can a trans anarchist get along with a skin head with a swatiska tattooed on his arm. These groups exist independent of the "elite's" interference, these people have different opinions and they hate eachother for that, it's that simple. It's just that a person that support BLM might punch a racist person in the face, an alt right person however might run over a crowd of people with their car. You can understand why most people on this forum are more infavor with leftism even though we are not completely aligned with it's ideology, it's the best thing right now in this time of history to evolve human society to that hippy dippy green commune utopia that you like so much. Left and Right are not 'just as bad', saying this in this forum only makes you look like a docile centrist. And for the last time, THERE ARE NO ELITES, AND THEY ARE NOT PULLING ANY FUCKING STRINGS. Everybody is just operating out of their subconscious urges and tendencies, period. And yes, if you can't handle it, you shouldn't watch the news.
  10. Buy an industrial fan and put ice infront of it.
  11. Eventually, even rainbow and butterflies can't please your soul. You will still suffer, and where there is suffering there is growth. Even when all of your needs is met, you still can't escape evolution.
  12. It represents the enlightenment process. Everytime you use the paper to wipe your ass, more of the toilet paper is shed and the closer you get to the core . Once the paper is depleted, the core remains, the True Self. Enlightenment, with a hint of shit.
  13. Funny radio talkshow from GTA 3, healthy orange/green host reacting to toxic blue, orange, green. The entire gta franchise is a pretty good satire of american culture.
  14. There's already a thread for this.
  15. God likes hot muslim girls
  16. Like kevlar can protect you against bullets, it can stop most pistol rounds at mid range, can't stop rifle round at point blank. Masks will not completely protect you against the virus, however they decrease your chance of getting infected. You are supposed to wear masks in tandum with other safety measures to ensure that the infection chance is as close to 0% as possible. Mask + sanitary + distancing + stay at home
  17. Some parts of the car culture are highly orange, it's all about horsepower, top speed, drifting, burnout, coolness, loud engines, ect. These people get attached to a certain brands or cars and then go out of their way to parrot whatever influencers or video games tells them about their prefered automobiles. The comparisons are always unfair or just straight up wrong. These people takes cars completely for granted, they are used to boost their ego. Ideology at it's finest. A little Fiat 600 is already pretty fun.
  18. Leo could never recover from this, he cowers in fear as this post manifests into his sight. Not even his food coma could compare to the sensation that he is feeling right now. Oh the horror.
  19. Top gear crew driving gay cars into Alabama. Summoned mob boss Karen and her minions.
  20. "Government 'help' to business is just as disastrous as government persecution... the only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off." -Ayn Rand
  21. @Dragon Liege Ralph is definitely not right wing, he is just naive about the current situation, as if we all could just say 'all lives matter' and everything would be fine and utopian. The freedom mentallity is also a green/hippy thing, these type of people are often idealistic about their world view. They certainly want the world to be more equal and "free" but lack the wisdom and intellect to know how to achieve their desired equality and liberty. Basically they think government is incompetent or bad and need to be made smaller or abolished completely, anarchistic type. These people are also into populist/conspiracy stuff (anti-mask, blahblahblah,) They are not spiral wizards/system thinkers, it is true that all lives matter, but while systematic racism is still a thing, black lives still matter. They are not orange, just green pretending to be yellow.
  22. Thank you, the person who is reading this, out of all people on this forum, i like you the most.
  23. @Leo Gura Dead meme Can't believe Leo still like early 2000s memes, smh.
  24. Would be more positive if your life purpose was to stop people from becoming sex offenders.