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  1. Probably it's better for all to get the vaccine. And wait for the next step. Keep checking the media.
  2. Yes and Yes. Why resisting? Acceptance, the Middle Path.
  3. In a certain way I agree. It's going against the grain! IMO getting vaccinated and wanting others to get vaccinated it's Resisting to what is It. Isn't that Fear orientated? Regarding the Economy, who cares about it but the Ego mind!?
  4. Why get vaccinated? Don't you trust the Universe!? Just let it go! Everything happens for a reason. There is always a divine plan behind!... Life can adapt to anything. There's no need to run, fight and hide from what is It. Accept and Love everything!
  5. I guess it was the Starlink satellites. They were a bit more spaced then in that video, but that's probably due to my location.
  6. It was about 9:30 GMT when I went to the garden to feed the foxes. I was observing Venus and start to spot lots of moving lights coming from SW towards NE. They look like stars, same size and bright. All moving at the same speed and direction. There was more than 30 of these. Does anyone saw these lights in different locations?
  7. If there is a healthy diet and lifestyle there is no need for vaccines. We don't need 5G either, imo it's just a justification to sell AGAIN billions of smartphones and might be something else behind as well. The Virus it's just a prove of how sick and dysfunctional this system is.
  8. Trustful information from the Ayurveda perspective. If you follow the Ayurveda diet you will notice that it changes from month to month, very seasonal and varies accordingly with the climate. It's entirely connected with the five elements. And the key word it's "Depends". As our bodies and mind are constantly changing the food choices should suit our needs for us to stay balanced. What could be a medicine for me can be a poison for you! On this very specific case guidelines are less specific. The cronavirus is not heat-resistant which means heat (above 26 – 27°C) will kill it off. The best way to avoid contracting the virus is to maintain your body heat through exercise, drinking hot drinks (water or herbal teas) and eating foods which create heat in the body such as chillies, ginger and pepper.
  9. As this virus travels the world we stop to wonder why and how. Is it a dream? No, it's real but nevertheless a God's dream. So let's take it as a lesson to elevate our consciousness, reflecting and improving our wellness at the same time. From the ancient eastern wisdom - Ayurveda there's some tips to boost our immune systems and become stronger than ever! I totally recommend a kitchari cleanse, minimum 3 days, the longer the more benefits to expect. Ayurveda literally means "the art of living" and it's Yoga's sister science always evolving and updating. "Boost Immunity... There is specific immunity and non-specific immunity. None of us have specific immunity against this virus as no-one has had it before and we therefore don’t have antibodies against it. We can’t create these until we get the virus. What we do have is non-specific immunity – a collection of mechanisms in the body what work as barriers to keep out microbes and as agents to destroy them if they get past the barriers. In Ayurveda, this immunity is called ojas and is created from the essence of all tissues, it gives us our resilience and vitality. At all times, and especially now, it is important to look after ourselves in such a way that promotes ojas and doesn’t deplete it. Strengthen our barriers The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has a strong suit in strengthening our barriers. These are easy to do and help to nourish, strengthen and protect our natural defences. Most of them involve sesame oil, so rather than toilet roll, maybe stockpile some of that! Put oil in your nose daily. Wash your hands (and make sure your nails are short). Put a drop of untoasted, unrefined sesame oil (like Clearspring or Meridian), ghee or even olive oil onto each little finger and insert up your nose (never far enough to cause any discomfort). Rub the oil around the nasal membranes. You can do a facial steam beforehand to clear out anything lurking but make sure you use the oil after each steam. Swill oil in your mouth. Use untoasted, unrefined sesame oil or coconut oil and do this after brushing your teeth. You can hold the oil in the mouth, swill it around and suck it between the teeth. This helps our natural barriers in the mouth. Self-massage. This sounds grand but even if it is just an application of oil to the body daily or every other day, you’ll help the skin do its job. Use untoasted unrefined sesame oil (vata or kapha types) or coconut oil (pitta). This can also be a great stress-reducer. Increase ojas Eat well This sounds obvious but it really is important. This is a good time to reduce sugar and ditch the processed and junk food. In particular: Have plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, in all different colours to get a range of nutrients. Different dosha types will often need a slightly different ratio of these but in this instance, just get a good range and go for as many portions you can a day, minimum 7. Eat gently cooked food (not boiled into oblivion but maybe steamed, sauted or stir-fried) so that the digestive fire can break it down and assimilate it better. Aim for light but nourishing foods such as rice, vegetables, mung beans (split and whole), red lentils, ghee, cooked grains (not wheat). See here for more on heavy versus light foods. Add herbs and spices to aid digestion and get the most out of your food. Ginger is particularly good for this. Drink plenty Sip warm water or non-caffeinated herbal teas, regularly and consistently throughout the day. Don’t just glug a whole cup suddenly when you remember you haven’t drunk for hours, that depletes your digestive fire and will reduce your ability to create ojas. Supplement Supplement with spices to help build ojas. Cinnamon is fantastic. Also, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme and cloves. Mix yourself up a little concoction of raw honey (1 tsp), grated or juiced ginger (1 tsp), cinnamon powder (1/4 tsp), turmeric powder (1/2 tsp), clove powder (1/8 tsp) and garlic (1/8 tsp). Take this 2 -3 times a day. Use some medicinal Ayurvedic herbs, commonly used to build ojas Amla, ashwagandha and tulsi to name but a few. Kalamegha (andrographis) is Ayurveda’s excellent all-round antimicrobial. Be careful with any drug or disease contraindications. Get in touch for a consultation if you have questions on this – they don’t have to be face-to-face, there are plenty of online and phone options. Sleep Give yourself the best chance of sleep. It is equally as important as food but often forgotten. Ayurveda is hot on sleep; get routine and sleep regular hours. Give yourself a big sleep window, if you set aside 10 hours, you’ll get your 7 or 8. If you set aside 7, you’ll get less than you need. Read about sleep here. Reduce stress This situation has the potential to increase stress in the being. As with all external events, it is our response that dictates whether we get stressed – it is not the event itself. Easy to say, and it is not something I personally have nailed but I do have some things which help immensely. What would a wise woman/man do now? Channel your inner wise person (you’ll have one, they may be real life people you know, known figures who’ve you’ve read about or even fictional characters from a book or movie that inspire you!). Your inner knowledge will be stronger than you think as this wisdom lives in you but may not always be listened to. Meditate. What better use of any extra time you may have by not commuting or doing the school run? Each 10 mins you put in will pay enormous dividends. Consider an app such as Headspace or Calm if you aren’t sure what to do. Try meditating morning and evening to bracket the day with some much-needed stillness. Have a massage! If you’re self-isolating but fever-free, you could do lots of lovely self-massages or even exchange them with your partner or children if you’re not staying out of each other’s way. Obviously wash your hands thoroughly before and after. Or if you aren’t isolating and we aren’t either, come and have a massage with the lovely Maria. Do not have a massage if you have a fever. Move. Do some gentle yoga or get out for a walk or run in fresh air as often as you can. Take some adaptogens to help you be more relient to stress. Be careful with any drug or disease contraindications. Get in touch for a consultation if you have questions on this – they don’t have to be face-to-face, there are plenty of online and phone options." Stay positive and balanced!
  10. From the Ayurvedic view milk it's a sacred food just like fruits in a sense that no harm is caused to the animal our plant in order to collect it. It's given by mother to son. But the calf should be the first to have it, and then shared with someone in need of food. Off course now days this "in need of food" it's questionable, with so much quantity and variety available. It all depends on each one constitution - body and mind type. I personally cook my breakfast porridge with milk. But to make it more digestible I use 50% of water too. Turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger to increase digestibility. Quite important to buy organic and non homogenized. Raw it's nearly impossible to find in UK and anyway it must be brought to a boil to improve safety and again digestibility. Good to mention that milk is Sattvic food and a great source of energy. Saying that humans are the only animal that drinks milk from another animal IMO it's not very intelligent. If you give crow's milk to a cat he will drink it, he just don't know how to collect it. And we also consume many foods that no other animal does. I think it all boils down to your personal experience and needs.