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  1. @WHO IS "God HAS made this world the highest expression of consciousness and love. But you are not conscious enough to see it. Because you're stuck in the relative survival domain. The problem is, your idea of "highest expression of love" is incorrect. God's idea of it correct. And it has been made actual. Love is a very counter-intuitive thing. You think it should be all rainbows and butterflies, but that's wrong! That's not the highest love. The highest love includes viruses and death and suffering. Why? Because the highest Love must even love viruses, death, and suffering! The highest Love must be unconditional. The problem is you hate viruses, death, and suffering. Because you are selfish. But God does not hate those things. Because God is selfless. Stop asking God to stoop down to your level. Instead, muster the courage to raise your perspective to God's level. So you can appreciate the Love." -Leo Gura God is both suffering and the opposite of suffering. Suffering exists exactly because God must be everything, and it loves all aspects of itself. Instead of wishing for reality to be some other way, you should learn to appreciate how it already is, because that is exactly how it should and must be for everything to work.
  2. @caelanb Lol when I started I didn't like how long the videos were but now I wish they were longer. It's pretty hard to fit all that knowledge even with an hour long video. Also, I find all of it pretty interesting so it goes by pretty quick.
  3. @caelanb Yes, a lot of the videos in that playlist are good and very important. But, not all of them. I would recommend just scrolling through the titles and seeing which one seems like it could be very useful and fundamental. The one about learning to be funny, for example, doesn't seem that important to me. But who knows, might be a big deal for you. (I highly recommend starting out with "Grasping The Illusory Nature of Thought", It's a pretty good one) It is true, however, that some of his videos are kind of outdated. But a lot of the videos on the playlist are not. Good rule of thumb is if it is 6 years old, and he is farther away from the camera than usual and the audio quality is a bit lower, then there is a chance the stuff there might be a little outdated. By the way, that addiction one is actually super important. You might think it does not apply to you, but it applies to basically everyone. Also, this idea of God Leo talks about is basically what every religion and spiritual teaching is trying to point people towards. It is not some new concept he made up.
  4. Yes. Media promotes too much "cleanliness" nowadays and it's making a detrimental impact on our health, but giving good money to the pharmaceutical industry.
  5. @montecristo I go through this often. My "friends" send me sick shit sometimes lol. I also practiced seeing it for how it is and it did kinda help. Sometimes we run into fucked up shit in life and I guess it's good practice for learning how to handle that. It's also a good reality check.
  6. @caelanb The implications of being god are way more radical than you probably think. There is wayyy more to his channel than simply figuring out that you are god, even though a lot of his videos essentially stem from that idea. Like what does that even mean? What are the actual implications of that? How does that affect your entire life? How can you use that knowledge? In order to even get a full grasp of that idea you need to learn about consciousness, religion, etc. which are found in a lot of his other videos. You can try watching his newer more radical ones but don't be surprised if you find it confusing or don't understand it too well.
  7. @Preety_India You would think it is just dryness but lotions and stuff don't do that much to help usually. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. @pluto Cold water does seem to lessen the itchiness. I'll look into it. Thanks.
  9. @caelanb I've never done psychedelics either, too young. Meditation is good. Simply contemplating can get you far, as well as watching Leo's videos. You should slowly build your foundation of knowledge through the older and more "basic" videos instead of jumping straight to the radical ones about "What God is" and all that, because it can be very hard to understand if you don't have a good basis of knowledge to begin with. My first video of Leo was the one about what God is, and although I didn't think he was wrong or lying, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.
  10. @AminB501 Look at religious teachings with the understanding of what exactly God and the Devil is, and also a good understanding of spirituality in general. Then most of the things in there become easy to decipher. Some of it might have been changed or misinterpreted by ego or influenced by the culture at the time, so be careful with taking things too literally.
  11. @caelanb It's great that you are being open-minded about all this. The brain is simply an appearance which affects other appearances in a self-interacting system of consciousness. When Mario gets hit in the head in a video game, he dies. But, that doesn't mean Mario's brain is running the simulation. Here are some things to think about: You are not your body. You are not your thoughts. So, what exactly are you? Consciousness. There is no difference between a human body and a lamp. There are just perceptions within consciousness, and they are also consciousness itself. Everything is consciousness, everything is you. But, do not attach yourself to these perceptions, in the end they are just that. Perceptions. Different manifestations of consciousness. You do not have consciousness, consciousness has YOU. The question of "why does consciousness feel so attached to this human body" is a good one. This is because you have been programmed to become very attached to it, and the human body is very good at coming up with stories and creating individuality. When you become aware of an object, the object is becoming aware of itself because that object is you. These are pretty radical ideas, and I anticipate that you probably won't think a lot of it as true, so contemplate it for yourself and see if you get the same answers. Good luck on your journey for truth.
  12. You are not your body You are not your thoughts What is it that is left? Consciousness. There is no difference between a human body and a lamp. There are just perceptions within consciousness, and they are also consciousness itself. Everything is consciousness, everything is you. But, do not attach yourself to these perceptions, in the end they are just that. Perceptions. Different manifestations of consciousness. You do not have consciousness, consciousness has YOU. It's fine to have thoughts, just be aware that you are creating them and projecting them onto reality when you do it.
  13. @ROOBIO Pretty cool way of spirituality showing itself in biology. Nice find.
  14. @Galyna Yeah, i don't get sleep paralysis anymore, but it was mainly cause of my bad sleep schedule.
  15. @tedens I wouldn't recommend trying to create sleep paralysis, but it typically happens with stress and awkward sleep schedules. When I would come home from school I would pass out at 6pm from exhaustion then wake up at 12am. Then I would fall asleep again at around 3-4am. This sleep schedule induced sleep paralysis for me about 80% of the time. It is also more likely to happen if you sleep with your body facing upwards.
  16. @The Lucid Dreamer Big fan of the topic of dreaming and sleep. Sleep paralysis can be used as a gateway for lucid dreaming if you keep your eyes closed and try to imagine a situation you want to move to and then try moving your body to it. But sleep paralysis can be pretty scary, so it's a brash method. It's just something I learned from the numerous times I tried to escape sleep paralysis. Another interesting feature of dreams is that you are unable to have inner dialogue. This is something I never really thought about and it kind of blew me away, wondering if this is the case for everyone. It seems that inner dialogue might manifest itself as actual voices in the dream? Not sure. It seems that way in the case of sleep paralysis. Also, your morals and sense of self can be completely skewed in the dreams. I have had dreams where I was running around slicing people up with a knife while thinking nothing of it and actually enjoying myself. Also the memories and things you experienced during the day often have an influence on what you dream about, but sometimes the thing you dream about is completely irrelevant and out of the ordinary. I've had dreams of blood and gore and I saw absolutely nothing of the sort in real life near that time, it really caught me off guard. In sleep paralysis, which is technically a lucid dream, there are shared phenomenon around the world of certain creatures that can be seen. One of these is referred to as "shadow people", It is basically a shadow in the shape of a human. There is also this intense malevolent feeling of dread that can be felt, but I'm not sure if that is just me being scared. Sleep paralysis seems very similar to a psychedelic trip. I also had an experience in sleep paralysis which refers back to the idea of inner dialogue manifesting itself as an actual voice. I was trying to keep myself calm during the sleep paralysis, and kept repeating to myself in my head "nothing, nothing, nothing" to try and get myself to think about nothing and clear my mind. As I was saying this, a stranger's voice appeared and started repeating exactly that, "nothing, nothing, nothing" exactly as i was doing in my head all in real time. Then the voice multiplied and it started drowning itself out, creating this echo effect to the voice. Then everything faded to black. A theory I came up with is that the monsters we see in sleep paralysis are manifestations of our own fear. We see scary shadow people because we are scared of the dark in the moment, so we see monsters made of darkness. For some reason, I am able to have inner monologue during sleep paralysis. Probably because it is so close to the waking state. I think dreams in general are your subconscious's way of communicating with you. If you want to decipher your dream, pay attention to the feelings and emotions it brings out of you and how you relate to it. Try to intellectualize what happened to you in the dream in words and how it made you feel. It is possible to decipher them even if they are seemingly nonsensical. I had a dream that I was eating raw meat and I looked it up and apparently it was common and it actually had a meaning that applied to me. Even if you are in a non-lucid dream, whatever emotion or idea you conjure up seems to manifest itself. If you think a monster is gonna appear behind you in a dream, a monster will most definitely appear. I have learned to escape any scary dream. You simply need to close your eyes and curl up into a ball, then imagine positive thoughts. I am able to do this even in non-lucid dreams for some reason, maybe out of instinct. I don't try to contemplate much during these experiences because of fear since most of my lucid experiences have been during sleep paralysis. Most I've done during a lucid dream is asking someone in a dream "Do you know you're in a dream?" to which they responded "No". I also had this scary lucid dream where there were monsters everywhere and they kept telling me that I would be stuck in the dream forever. I've gotten most of my knowledge from non-lucid dreams, they are straightforward and seemingly created for you. Honestly though, asking people in dreams for answers seems like a pretty awesome idea. Now I just have to learn how to become lucid without sleep paralysis.
  17. @flumeFirstly, acknowledge that all these judgments are created in your head. Creating judgmental "should and shouldn't" situations are a trap. There is no guilt needed for you to whip yourself back into shape. You simply need to feel and acknowledge the hurt your actions are causing you with a mindful and non-judgmental mind. Acknowledging with an open mind will show you the affects of your action and motivate you to fix them, without creating any guilt. This feeling of confusion and feeling groundless is entirely normal, because you are confused and don't understand things. Everyone is. I think it just took you by surprise and threw you into a spiral of self-doubt. I highly recommend watching these videos from Leo if you happen to have the time:
  18. @Bittu What is some helpful advice for me personally?
  19. @Leo Gura I am awareness experiencing itself. I can taste food because I am awareness experiencing a human body, which can taste food. A lamp has no capacity to think, move, taste food, etc. Even though I know I am the lamp since everything is consciousness and everything is me, the lamp has no capabilities which allow it to develop a sense of self like a human can. Is this the reason that people are under the illusion of being attached to their body? Thanks for the response.
  20. @Leo Gura Why does my awareness feel so attached to this human body instead of some random object? Is it because inanimate objects cannot be aware and don't have the same capabilities as a human body?