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  1. @WHO IS maybe problem is that you watch some stuffs from limit ego POV.
  2. Very good good YT channel about trip reports. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdPJh5O4oqNsJT1TvhwTeTQ
  3. @Pouya wasnt your nerve system under too big pressure?
  4. God creates duality so he had to "count" with that stuffs like murders torture genocides etc., It is also God and he cannot dont like or hate himself. Just love.
  5. It was also described in Conversation with God by Walsch, there was the part "why Hitler went to heaven".
  6. @Aaron p i have some 5 meo hiden in my book but for me is still ... scary to use.
  7. @Waken yes, I started with books in 2003 when I had attended middle school. It change my POV on the world.
  8. @VerballyHazardous thanks..I was talking to a guy..he interest in these stuffs, and he mentioned that it is not possible in devices based on silicon and cladical 0 and 1 principe. It would possible on quantum computers probably.
  9. How is connected "artficial inteligence" with omnipresent consciousness acc. Bashar.
  10. @Waken it was I guess volume 3., these books are very good for 'nonduality' begginers.