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  1. @DivineSoda No unfortunately I'm not set up to do that. However, you could grab the download from the first email and immediately unsubscribe if you wanted to. I do want everyone to have the information. It is a free book. I guess... it costs 1 email address... But.. you can unsubscribe from the list any time you want. Thanks, Robert
  2. Greetings everyone, My name is Robert Leavitt and I wrote a free PDF file about this coronavirus pandemic. I decided to try to be part of a solution because I see a lot of people out there struggling right now to try to get some kind of "handle" on this situation. My mom called today rather upset that I am not quarantined. My fiance works at the local hospital too. I'm going to go right on living my awesome and peaceful life. Peace and Love, Robert
  3. Yes, I believe it to be true. I believe he is both. I also believe that we are also God, and can create both good and bad in everything we do. It's both. It's amazing that you made that connection no matter how you got there. Few ever do. -Robert
  4. If you are doing one thing in the moment...there can't be many things to do in the moment. Do only one thing...take the leap of faith and just do one thing without thinking about the "other things" I have to do (that's not being in the moment, that's being in the future). The fear is, I will forget, or it won't get done, and you will be amazed that with enough patience (and a little learning, and practice) that everything that needs to get done, will get done..and those things that don't get done...didn't really need to get done
  5. @Average Investor I sent you a message.
  6. Man, if that's not the truth I can't tell you what is. I have a couple of businesses I run on the side. One is email marketing strictly to the personal development / law of attraction niche. I also own a small plant nursery which ships to California residents, and also has a website and email marketing situation going on. I look at the competition and I copy them a lot. I don't even consider "Competition" because I could care less, I'm trying to get a REALLY small piece of the marketshare. That's all I'm doing. They aren't competition anyway, they are all friends and collaborators. I only look at the relationships with others as opportunities, because as it turns out..if you ask someone who is successful at something 99 out of 100 times they will be more than willing to tell you what they did. I find that they will tell you EXACTLY what they did (Sometimes for a price) and it will be COMPLETELY different than my ideas. I act on those completely different ideas now, because..if you think about it, it has to be that way. They have to be "completely different" than what I Am doing otherwise I would already be a huge success now wouldn't I? Being successful to me involved OTHER PEOPLE'S IDEAS, not my own. I knew NOTHING about running a business, and what I thought would work, and what actually works are completely different things. This whole "Cut throat" dog eat dog world thing that people portray is NOT what is really going on. Sure it happens between huge companies at big levels, of course it does, but it's really not what is happening in my world. I approach everyone with a good attitude and I listen and try very hard to execute on the advice they give. Anyway here's a great rule I have learned over time... Whatever I think is going to sell, and whatever I really like and I am super happy about is typically NOT what people are going to buy. You have to listen to your customers needs and desires and adapt to them. That's my best advice to you is that "my great idea" never made me any $$ at all. Maybe one day they will, but until then I provide things to people that THEY really want, not what I want or care about. In fact..I play right into other people's need to "make an impact" ... or "change the world" .. to me I am not trying to change the world. I simply copy what has worked for other people and my net worth increases every month. I don't know if any of that was helpful. Just some food for thought. I spent a lot of wasted years trying to change the world because I was passionate about things that no one cared about (I'm not saying no one cares about your idea...please don't take this personally it's just my experience). Robert
  7. Look at your current life.. Exactly now in this moment. That's what comes "easily" to you. That's not what's keeping you stuck. You are what's keeping you stuck. Those are simply job titles. What do you really want? Not job titles.... Security? Compassion? Prestige? Find out what really makes you tick, and you can start to make some changes, and I haven't watched that video, but I bet it's awesome. Watch it again. And most importantly, give yourself a break! -Robert -update I have watched the first 3 minutes of the video so's completely awesome and totally on point.
  8. @Shiva99 I agree with @Bill W here. The post is authentic. The fact that you are honest with yourself about these things it's very important. It's not really my place to say one way or another what decision you would make, but Bill is right. Just because you don't want to do something, doesn't mean you aren't "authentic" by any means. There are about a million things I would prefer not to do in the course of my day. But I understand in the depth of my soul today that if I REALLY want something, I have to do what's necessary to obtain it. If I don't have it, it's because I haven't done the things necessary to obtain it. So the question is, what do you REALLY want? Then look at the first thought you have about that question, and realize that it's probably a lie, and dig deeper...and be really honest with yourself about what you really want, and who you really are... You are on the right path!
  9. @zudrush TL;DR Wherever you go...there you are. You can't run from yourself. Figure out yourself, and make your current situation amazing...then you can take that wherever you go instead.
  10. Sarcasm = Soul is a great article I found: convey mock or contempt. I've also heard it defined as cruely humours with the intention of undermining someone else's self esteem. You can tiptoe around that all you want and live in denial about the "oh I was just kidding" but those thoughts didn't just fall out of the sky. I used to be this way and I used to lie too and say, "oh but I'm just kidding" but deep down inside, I was never kidding. I was a monster. I also accept that other people are not at that point in their own personal journey, and I have even been known to laugh if something is funny to me, but it's soul murder. It's not acceptable for me personally. I won't personally do it to someone ever again. It an earmark of someone who isn't secure with themselves. It's the undertones of a bully who enjoys poking fun at people so they can get a little "rush" out of it. If you don't agree with me, I don't can go argue with the dictionary. Peace and Love! Robert Leavitt
  11. @VeganAwake Awesome, you too. I would love to hear more about Japan, what a great place for that to happen. Yes the stories are very similar, and it was RIDICULOUSLY was awful. So grateful I did it, and so grateful that you are here too. Here's to the Journey!
  12. Hi, Thanks for your kind words. I had to stop and think about it. I guess...I realized that I was not who I thought I was. I would think things "Ya but I'm a nice guy" <- But I wasn't. - Denial: Justification I would think "But I deserve this" <- But I actually didn't. - Denial: Justification (also entitlement) No one could help me, because if they would tell me ' are a liar" I would respond "I'm not like that...I never lie". -Denial: Absolute I was a huge tremendous liar, that lied just to lie. I was constantly insecure and full of fear of what someone might think about me, but you couldn't help me because "I wasn't like that". -Denial: Absolute I had to stop lying to myself about who I was, and I also had to challenge everything I thought I "knew". My expectations of the world, it's people and myself were completely out of line. I had to learn to "lower the bar". -Perfectionism / Judgements of others (and myself) I had to stop blaming other people for my problems, and blaming other people for how I felt. -Denial: Blaming Others I had to stop "making excuses" which is a form of denial called rationalization. There are 13 forms of denial, at least there were 13 I learned about. I had to get out of denial, and start seeking the truth. The what set me free.
  13. @Dragonfly210 Now that's a great attitude to have. Awesome.
  14. It's about seeking the truth. I got out of denial and I forgave the world. Then in turn I forgave myself. I wasn't seeking "enlightenment" I think it's kind of silly to listen to people talk about it. I'm not big into a giant philosophical debate about the whole thing. I can tell you this, the whole world changed for me. The colors became super bright and it felt like someone pulled a thousand pound weight of me. But, I was working on myself, and it was about getting honest with myself and who I was. ( I was not sitting around thinking about enlightenment..I was doing WORK on myself...big time). I stopped pointing my finger outwards, and started pointing it inwards...and I broke free. Broke free of prejudice, broke free of hate and resentment. Broke free of self pity, and self-centeredness. It amazes me to see individuals talk about enlightenment because I would say that 90% of them really just have some fantasy ideology in their head, and no direct experience really at all.. (it's just some concept that sounds nice and they have a bunch of opinions...blah blah words words...) I figured out that I wasn't God and I had no right to think the way I thought. Then I figured out, that I am actually am God (or at least God is in me) and I can create any experience I want. I also figured out how INCREDIBLY opinionated and ENTIRELY full of ____ I actually was...I realized that I was just a highly opinionated idiot, who couldn't listen to anything or anyone but myself...I was so in love with my own thinking that I couldn't even hear anyone else). I was amazed...then I was disgusted..and the I was FREE. If you are asking yourself the question "Am I enlightened"? You aren't. You'll know...there will be no "question" about it...I was dumbfounded for days...and then I was..... Free....
  15. @wavydude I started with everything. I just cut it all down for a while. Then I did the "positive thought", "negative thought" work...and that proved extremely helpful but also super tedious. Then...after that, I just stop judging the thoughts as being positive or negative. That was super liberating. I think more than anything though, I just don't take my thoughts seriously at all anymore. It's not like I can't get back on that bandwagon of resentment, self pity, fear, the future, etc... I can do it.. I just don't believe my brain most of the time. I've gotten more in tune to what fear is, and what's just nonsense.... Yes I can totally relate, I have found now in my life it is mostly unnecessary chatter. I think the most important thing that I had to really practice how to do was not judge. This includes not judging people, places, things and situations... I would find myself judging constantly (it's the perfectionists way..the whole "nothing is ever good enough" nonsense).. So I would think things like "I'm bored"... or "this suck".. or "I hate doing this".. blah blah.. and now.. I find that when I don't think those things, I am never bored, and nothing ever sucks...and I don't hate anything anymore (which is awesome). Also wavydude I think it's important to note too that all the other comments I have read on this post have real validity too. I understand what they are saying, and of course you just can't stop thinking forever. But...having a good handle on what's necessary and what is just completely counterproductive is a really great start to a better life (in my opinion). All the chatter of people's opinions can sometimes make things super confusing. I feel that getting my thinking under control was the first step in the journey. It's was of paramount importance. Sitting around all day trying to define "enlightenment" ... ya not so important to me.