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  1. In order to have psychedelics integrated in our society we need to push and educate for responsible use, as long as most people view it as a party drug that makes you see wacky things it's never gonna be legalized. When people realize it can be used for self development stage orange will be open to legalizing and we will have a chance
  2. A 8 year old child can handle more intellectual complexity than JLP
  3. Psyched substance You probably know him, I think it would be good because everyone who wants advice on how to use psychedelics goes to his channel and you could drop some wisdom and advice on how to use psychedelics to more people. Plus his viewers probably would be interested in your content so you can expand your audience
  4. Brian Rose is the perfect example of someone out of integrity, he talks so much about spirituality, psychedelics and self development and in the meantime he is the biggest narcissist and con artist behind the scenes
  5. This is the type of shit that could be so toxic that it would make libertarians realize what capitalism with small government actually is
  6. I've tripped on it a few times, it's pretty powerful. Only difference I've noticed from lsd is that it takes a bit longer to kick in. I've also read that the body converts it to lsd 25. Also I've noticed that it made me clench my jaw a bit. On 200 ug I was thrown into a tremendous fractal reality with closed eyes, I could barely remember anything about material reality, powerful stuff.