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  1. A proactive approach is to create synthetic meat. When it is cheaper,tastier and more distributed than normal meat, humanity may change for the better. Animals that are bred only for slaughter are a shame it's true and most of the world eats meat. Our ancestors would have gone extinct without it.
  2. I had gone through the madness, but i eventually recovered, it was 4 months of seeing through imagination and reality.
  3. Fascinating, yet it seems that below this layer of imagination, one's own self disappears, vanishes. I had once such an experience, i had felt like i was falling apart and was behind everything,in blackness. Then even that disappeared. I vanished. It is through that state that truth is somehow hidden. All of those experiences of people trying to explain the void.. When i think it is below even this layer of imagination and really words can't describe the weirdness of the experience. There is a saying.. An eye can't see itself, yet it sees everything.
  4. It is from the same state i have experienced going out of body, but i have also been conscious of this ground of being. It is weird and subtle. If this is enlightment, it is too subtle lol
  5. After psychedelics, there isn't anything there when i close my eyes. It's different.. I can't even explain it, but basically i am only a presence. Before i would get an after image of the room, but if i concentrate hard enough sometimes it's like i can see with closed eyes. It's really strange i have no explanation for it.
  6. I will try my best of course, best of luck to all of you in this earthly realm. It is somehow about surrendering and trusting that this higher power has your back, a plan for you or something, the difficulty with me is with all i have been through, i am having doubts, but anyone would feel the same in my shoes. At the end of the day i am open to whatever happens,i don't feel like i have control or free will in this after all.
  7. As long as this body is inhabited, egoic needs get in the way. People who have more you compare yourself to them and feel less, you have a different path than them, you can't be them. Only when there are no survival needs, all is surrendered, you truly dissolve the illusion of separation. All is me, all is god, yet inhabiting a little ego, that suffers craves and has been through trauma is most honestly disappointing. I don't blame any external god, the god in me is responsible for everything. But you are also that god, everyone is this god, which is life itself. That primal consciousness that creates these forms. Back to the thread, egoic needs, cravings and comparisons create devils. I can't stay in that state and at the same time be here and survive. Here it is always do this, do that even if you don't want to. That's just the way it is. The ego is the devil, it seeks love,it seeks fulfillment outside itself, when that is impossible. No matter how many cars, women or money people have, if they are not happy with themselves and their purpose all is pointless. Не съм загубен в нищо, аз съм нищо и всичко едновременно, но знанието и изживяването не променя живота и не го прави рай, Всички сме заедно като едно цяло в този и всеки живот.
  8. We are all devils here, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. It is arrogant to claim what it is, but it is ignorant to not mention it after experiencing the self. It truly doesn't care about good or evil tho, we invented those and probably from the experience of it, this is a temporary experience, a dream turned real.
  9. I am not thankful for reality's slaps, realizing i'm god yet my life is a hell, makes me realize how guilty and cruel god really is. I have no idea why a divine being would cause itself so much suffering and misery.
  10. I have experienced myself from a soul energy form perspective white light with viewing appendages.. Flying through tunnels and astral realms, being in contact with beings. I have also seen myself from up high, the absolute emptiness encompassing the universal mind of source so for me it's a no brainer,i don't die, i even retain my personality partially which was surprising to say the least. Some people say when you reincarnate you truly forget, but in the astral you remember lives, especially the last one. Of course, i invite everyone brave enough to go explore for themselves and leave their bodies once in a while
  11. I have experienced an energetic kind of body, which projects me here, so i don't know if it's possible to tether that to a machine.. Of course that machine itself would be made of consciousness, so in wonderland everything is possible. Infinity after all, out there might be a Harry Potter universe, Star Wars or any reality imaginable and we might be able to make our own crazy immortal robot experiment. Too long time to stay in a machine tho, i don't think it will last Furthermore, maybe people after death really go to heaven and merge with god, taking that away for an eternal dream... Meh it will be relatively eternal,machines break,data leaks happen,quantum particle fluctuatons happen.. Have fun speculating tho, these are interesting ideas i hope humanity saves itself from it's own claws and succeeds in finding joy in creation.
  12. Look, even though the world is a mess right now, the world changes. What makes you think you will only be a human form for all for eternity anyways? Reincarnation is real in an infinite universe, no one has proven you are stuck in a human form forever. You have an energetic and a formless awareness essence. Both of these transcend form... The human form, although beautiful is not a limit on the self which is always expanding and creating new experiences. Imagine a heaven Earth, synthetic meat no more animal killing, cured diseases,space exploration... The possibilities. This reality really teaches us only to focus on the negative, they bombard us on tv and everywhere in politics,so people become affected.Also life has twists and turns, but really it's self created misery. Humans make other humans miserable from egoic actions. Humanity did this to itself and the planet. Only humanity can repair the mess..
  13. Exactly these hallucinations are so intelligent, complicated and full of information, it's a full blown video playing. Interesting to see more people have the same or similar experience
  14. It's an illusion of duality that feels more real than real, because the void is the real reality, even a dream or hallucination feels real compared to absolute emptiness.