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  1. This is always weird to me, let Chat GPT explain: Your perspective highlights a deep philosophical contemplation on consciousness and the nature of reality. In your view, even if one were to theoretically expand their consciousness to encompass the entire universe and all its minds, these experiences would still occur within one's own consciousness. This leads to a form of metaphysical solipsism, where despite the apparent expansion, one remains fundamentally unable to transcend the boundaries of their own subjective experience. This concept resonates with the idea that all experiences, perceptions, and understandings of reality are ultimately filtered through and confined within one's individual consciousness. Even when considering the experiences of others, these are processed and understood within one's own mind, thus reinforcing the solipsistic view that one cannot truly experience anything beyond their own consciousness. This philosophical stance raises intriguing questions about the nature of reality, our understanding of other minds, and the limits of our own perception and consciousness. It touches upon the debate between the subjective and objective views of the universe, and the philosophical exploration of what constitutes 'reality' and 'existence' beyond the confines of individual experience.
  2. It would be you are free, it would mean the suffering you and "others" are experiencing is illusory and it would mean that you had the power to change anything. But instead there is no you, no world no power, even going to the god state you can't change anything so how are you "god". Not the god I wanna be powerless to my own creation and deluded. This is what disappointed me about the whole process. And for the people who just believe in solipsism or whatever it's probably worse.
  3. From many experiences online as well as of course direct experience which is inseparable from my consciousness, I can only infer that when we die we don't wake up. The one self wakes up in either a solipsistic realization, or in a realization that it's god and it has been dreaming of being a man, a woman etc all simultaneously. Do you guys believe in any "others" when dead in the god state? What is your experience?
  4. The price of other bubbles being conscious if it were the case is suffering on a mass universal scale. And it's crazy to comprehend too like all these creatures somehow merge into the one consciousness, through having a soul ego or just they merge and later incarnate again until Nirvana is achieved... Meanwhile the solipsism story, metaphysical solipsism is much simpler. Only big me is here and i'm experiencing myself as a human, but really all is myself I Am it. No one else suffers only me and whatever meat suit or type of energy body i choose to inhabit or subconsciously limit myself to. So this in defense of other in the form of these stories I used to believe such as souls, after life, other consciousnesses,it's becoming sort of silly and weird, I find it illogical in the end.
  5. @Razard86 You are right any way you slice it, it's one consciousness but if it's more like the image below, others are conscious and you, but yeah you are always, always stuck in your bubble unable to prove other. The image below is if god s consciousness shines through all our minds simultaneously and on psychecelics we get pulled back to our self, shared self. And ofc there you feel it's all you however , "others" inside of you sharing the same divine consciousness can still be conscious. In a way we all have the same self, illusion of separation, we are one but yet we separate ourself through fragmenting the self/mind through imagination
  6. Why can't god be more like this? Each and everyone simultaneously, sharing it's consciousness impersonally. This forum has become a solipsism echo chamber and ofc each and every one of us can only be aware of our own bubble, even if it grows to the size of the universe. But if we are just simultaneously individuals and the whole thing, we can never know others in a traditional sense. So we will never know if others are conscious, but we can know that we are god lol And again the solipsism in the image is quite different.. One dreamer many conscious faces, facets of the same thing all conscious.
  7. If i'm me and you and my awareness can expand to become and cover the whole universe, how did this "me" begin? It's weird I had experiences of being in the void yelling I don't want to be an eternal god and I can't get this metaphysical solipsism thing down and understand how my awareness is currently limited.
  8. I have suffered 16 years of acid reflux, the suffering is one of the reasons I was curious about god and why this world is the way it is, as I felt like i was born broken, different than others.
  9. You can't change reality, fix your illness, get more money or whatever else you want by realizing you are god. You as an ego self and even most experiences as god self, things are happening to you. Your thoughts, actions, desires happen. The illusion of a self is obvious from this, for you to be more than this you would need control. Psychedelics give you the illusion of control sometimes you can see things that you want to see, much like lucid dream powers, but who controls if you imagine it if it will happen? Nobody, you are strapped in for the ride watching this movie you call my life and then you call yourself god, ugh.. A powerless infinite god that limited itself, to be an observer, a beggar, a thief, a sick person and many other things in your own dream. Maybe the whole universe is made subconsciously, I even doubt god controls it, it just happens like a dream.
  10. Exactly but these terms like incarnation are only here to explain the ego and how the divine limits itself, even if those limits are imaginary and you are everything. I guess all these questions are irrelevant when the border between self and other collapses.
  11. Incarnation is basically consciousness limiting itself through a finite form, tricking itself. So reincarnation would be doing it more than once, whether you remember or not is irrelevant.
  12. You can never know other minds, even if you embody others minds and look through them it's still you as god, consciousness, reality looking through them So it doesn't make sense for there to be separation, you can only know your only field of consciousness.
  13. I would warn them that this is uncharted territory, that experiencing higher states of consciousness is unlike anything they have done in their life. But also the dangers of concepts such as solipsism, being the only conscious entity, everything being imagination etc. I think also they should take time to integrate their trips and be careful on the way. Like Leo said, this work is not for most people.
  14. @Jowblob What is the insanity or the bad aspect of it though, you sound like you just see reality for what it is and get some control. Is the insanity that your power or imagination is too strong on the reality you experience, or the fact of being the only experiencer leads to insanity for you?
  15. Switching between dream or real bodies... Might not be a difference there, as for the memories and knowledge etc, I guess it fades away, just like you forget your nightly dreams, you forget your other life. None of us know if we have previous lives and those that remember might be channeling other people's lives and memories. Identity seems easily lost upon death or starting a new life, wonder why we hold onto it so dearly.