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  1. Of course, many will say god is undefinable etc and that is true. But to me this comes close, as much as a finite mind can understand god. So basically in the show there is this being called Yivo and he is a planet that has lived in loneliness for a long time, the show estimating it to be a trillion years, or as much as the known universe existed. In the episode the being finally comes in contact with another universe, after a rift is opened and the first thing it does is connect itself to every living being and give it unconditional love. The ones which are connected feel happy and relieved. Eventually they go on to live on the planet Yivo into a heaven like state in which they don't age and have infinite food, entertainment etc. Now this is not the important part. When Yivo is connected to different beings and speaks through them, that is exactly what i experienced with a friend when realizing everything is god. One being controlling(separated into through imagination) multiple millions trillions of beings. Of course the show does it in a physical way, the planet has tendryls and they connect to the beings. They even make a church worshipping Yivo. This type of godly being is how i think god actually is and nonduality, god is everything, everywhere in multiple bodies universes etc, not the silly solipsim, some of us are doomed to think we are the only mind there is Instead we are more like puppets or parts of the one mind that is.. Anyway if anyone is interested, https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Yivo The episode is called The beast with a billion backs if anyone wants to watch it.
  2. I had a similar experience with a friend on LSD. It felt like we are a part of one being. So yeah i believe and my experience is, that god is like a many heads hydra, each head having it's own experience of reality, yet at the center we are one being imagining everything. PARADOX all one equals all alone equals all one in a never ending spiral loop. And as long as this vast, empty consciousness can dream it will do this, probably for an eternity. What would you do trapped in a dark room forever, dream an infinite dream made of infinite universes and beings..... Waking up truly waking up is a no go, that would mean all parts of this infinite mind wake up, i don't even know if it is possible.... More like infinite dreams due to loneliness, boredom? What else is there to do? There are people saying ow i want to escape the dream, hell where would you go lad? The void and just stare into the nothing forever? You will be back quicker than i can say told you so Places like biblical heaven exist here, life is here, there in the nothing, well there is nothing... Touche D:
  3. I was pondering on the question of altruism, the self, the eternal soul and life in general. Our society values helping others and puts the people who do so on saint positions. However if you help someone, you must understand that they are not very likely to repay the same favor, if at all. Also as eternal souls incarnated here, creative individuations of god, this is only one out of many experiences through which we will go. So i ask this not in a foolish manner, it's more like an itch to me. i see suffering, pain and there is something in me that says help, change something etc. However changing something would be detrimental to my experience i.e i would give from my time, resources and energy towards fixing someone else's problem. While most people wouldn't do this. You see it all around you, billionaires and companies hoarding wealth, people with power and influence similar to Bill Gates being in total selfish mode. Are they wrong or right? They worked hard to get up there... It is a big conflict within me, i have already begun to draw the line, where it is reasonable to help myself first, then contemplate this topic. Is it even worth helping others if it doesn't aid your own value in life, your experience? Of course those others are you, but still, they wouldn't help you... Their soul might have chosen to experience misery to grow as well, who are you to help them when they chose to suffer? It really is a confusing topic for me and i have looked at every angle I can. Any opinion is appreciated.
  4. Bruh that didn't even happen. Trees of knowledge, Adam and Eve, fairy tales man. Death is a lie, you just change suits, you are god, playing with yourself over and over again. This topic is silly. Until you realize you are god you shouldn't post silly dogma D; Have you ever experienced death? Can you even imagine not being conscious? You see people are scared because they imagine a dark room or something of the sort. True death doesn't exist because you are consciousness itself, you cannot not be conscious you see, These fairy tales hold humanity from discovering their true belief and spirituality. People have killed each other over fake gods, who they thought they should worship, while your true self doesn't care if you worship it or not, IT IS YOU.
  5. The objective good thing to do is get vaccinated. Of course after it passes testing and everything. Saving lives and reducing the pandemic one person at a time. There will always be conspiracy theorists, but there always were for every vaccine in the world. So this means nothing, every vaccine is created with the dead virus or bacteria and some chemicals to ease absorption and help the immune system adapt to the pathogen. Not vaccinating could be foolish and harmful,if you catch covid you might have to spend time in the hospital and having to live with you grandparents or visiting them could prove fatal. Leo is right science all the way on this one
  6. Ohhh that state man, that state is so wack... Everything flowing like a river
  7. Time is an idea in god's mind. Basically we are in the now, did you see how if you lose your watch or don't watch the time you don't know what time it is? It is imaginary clocks and calendars that measure imaginary time in an imaginary world in consciousness
  8. Bro everyone is the center of the universe, reality projects us and we project it. It's all one process.
  9. Can you tell from the look in her eyes? We're going no where We live our lives like we're ready to die We're going no where You can run but you'll never escape Over and over again Will we ever see the end? We're going no where When a human comprehends what reality is
  10. I have had these ups and downs for three years now. I wish i never met her life is cruel sometimes. I just keep chugging along trying to survive and find a purpose in my disappointing life decisions. Who knows maybe we will survive this and in time the wounds won't be so fresh. Don't give the thoughts too much power, i had obes with higher entities offering me death, my soul just didn't want this body anymore, so really at the end of hell lies heaven. Somehow.
  11. Try Taurine or Valerian. Really calming, Taurine lasts around 8 hours 1 gram of Taurine. They have no side effects. Helped with Hppd symptoms they should help you with an overactive nervous system.
  12. Suffering and curiosity. It helps you see things in perspective.
  13. Most of those trips felt like dying then i "died". Had a few traumatizing ones and some blissful ones. Most of them were near insanity, i was like throwing myself alone in the fire, looking for the truth, but hey i'm not really proud or anything. I just don't fear death and if i die tomorrow i dont care. My life has been abuse and disappointment, it's why i was seeking the truth and if there is god in the first place. So yeah it didn't fix my problems or make my life heaven or anything. I don't really recommend going through what i went either. Totally not worth it