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  1. Just listening to this which came out today: At around 53 minutes he talks about something which sounds very much like spiral dynamics, invoking blue, orange, green and yellow value systems, coming from a yellow standpoint for sure. Does anyone know if he's into spiral dynamics? His whole thing is about "conscious capitalism" thought you guys might enjoy it. edit: Just googled it and apparently John Mackey, the cofounder of Whole Foods, has a long history with Spiral Dynamics and the integral movement So yeah, he's just packaging it for Joe Rogan's audience. Glad to see this going out on such a popular channel. Smart guy, definitely worth a watch.
  2. Hey Folks, As you all might know, crypto is what a lot of people have been talking about for the last years. As someone who has started a successful global business in the current monetary system that solves problems for businesses and brings livelihood to people, most of the time when I hear someone talk about crypto I tend to get a translation from my BS translator that they are uttering one of the following phrases: "I've got issues with authority and resent money and control and am looking for something which does not resemble that" "I want to get rich not off of my own a) hard work or b) intelligence, but by some sort of scheme which will absolve me from any responsibility to do or have either a) or b)" "I'm in this to scam people who will buy so I can have more wealth, it's a dog eat dog world" On the other hand I feel like blockchain or similar technologies are the future in terms of building a transparent and accountable society which can distribute resources so that everybody has the basics so that we can indulge in capitalism and individual gain without harming people. I'm also deeply satisfied with the current monetary system in its ease of use (and crypto doesn't offer that) and I am moderately satisfied with the current taxation systems that I'm a part of. How would you convince someone like me that I should focus my energy on or invest in crypto?
  3. Thanks for this brilliant female perspective. Yeah. I think I'm starting to get in a better mindset for it. I do travel a lot actually before Corona it was a bit too much, with the year taking me as far as Colombia, Thailand, South Africa and California from my base in Serbia. I'm a permanent expat/traveler. My favorite way of meeting people is couchsurfing. It's not a dating app though, it's for travelers... Luckily I live in Belgrade where there is probably the highest concentration of beautiful women in the world. I've just been too busy with business the past few years and now I'm ready to open up. I think Yoga is the way I'm going to find the right type of people.
  4. Thanks... But i'm not looking to browse profiles and send messages. Those who would be on a site with a profile might not be my type. I'm looking to talk to people who are my type who are interested. Could be a slow process, I know, but if someone is running this business, or wants to, it could be really good. Realistically, I'd pay four figure USD if someone could introduce me to potential matches without me having to go out and meet a bunch of women who are not for me. My type: -Slavic/Central and Eastern European seems to be what I'm into. I don't exclude other regions but well... They need to compete. The bar is very high. -Fluent in English as a language to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions -A high level of femininity in self expression like is in Eastern European culture. -no tattoos, plastic surgery or anything like that... Raw, natural, powerful beauty and a belief on one's self as being good enough. Confident with and without makeup. -Artistic and eccentric, interested in the strange side of life. Down with flying into the Netherlands for the purpose of doing Ayahuasca or Mushrooms. -not coming from scarcity mentality (upper middle class would be how I describe my upbringing, I tend to match with girls of similar level of material security) -Into fitness for the purpose of preserving the body and strengthening the mind, yoga. -Well traveled in the world, having explored different cultures and mentalities -Able to be taken to both a world music concert in a squat and a fancy business dinner with various business people -Wants to build something stable based on shared values, real love and acceptance and not drama or emotional games. For example and calibration, I am the target market of this below video... I'm talking to this chick on Monday just to see what the message is, but I'm not going to pay her money because she's not going to introduce me to women. It's just some slick marketing type webinar course. I'm not interested, I'm going to tell her this... but if she was running a matchmaking service, I would be interested:
  5. Hey folks, Anyone aware of a matchmaking service which operates on Spiral Dynamics? There are lots of lonely people out there, but approaching people on the street or via platforms like Tinder is time consuming if you're looking for the right match. A lot of us are focused on our businesses and would gladly outsource the filtering of people if we could consistently get introduced to people who share our interests. Of course a lot of people here think this is a bad idea, but how could it work? Let me know!
  6. A very good description of orange "me first" manipulative tactics which are used in relationships..... I trust you don't want to be these people so these examples are great and the insight is quite poignant. This is exactly what to avoid if you want to evolve. They call it "toxic" and we call it orange.
  7. I think this is a very good example of an orange mentality... "I could be wrong but..." (Insert excuse: i'm making money, I'm popular, I've got proof of my ideas, etc.) This guy is very orange... Some sort of Americanized aristocrat from Chile. I think it's very important to understand these people and how they justify themselves and their predatory behavior while they also show a cursory interest in discovering actual truth while still remaining absolutely OBSESSED with what others think and various power dynamics and ultimately scam like behavior to unknowingly dominate others. What are your thoughts on this? Realize that much of our world and much of ourselves even are stuck on ORANGE. ESPECIALLY ME...
  8. Thank you so much for the very nuanced and thought provoking discussion. I want to understand more about what you're saying and play with some more examples, but it's hard here. I think however we are reaching a limitation of format here, where I can write pages back to you and then you write back to me and we don't really get what people get in a real time conversation. Would you like to schedule a time where we can get on a call and unpack these ideas a little more in a real time discussion, record it for the community to listen to? Let me know.
  9. Absolutely they work to create a shift in energy and awareness.... There's a big danger of regression rather than progression though.
  10. Yeah. The orange menace is the one that will hide the oppression and slavery behind closed doors and in clever packaging with slick marketing. However, I'm wondering how many "third world" or "second world" countries you have traveled to. To understand the depth of the situation you need to understand that the issues are more often local societal issues than they are international issues. The reason someone gets a job in a clothing factory which is making clothes for the west is usually because they pay more and are more stable than the local employment option. With my company, I travel a lot in countries which are in the middle of the global wealth scale with pockets of thriving middle class. I'm talking places like Serbia (my base), Ukraine, Colombia, Panama, Thailand, and South Africa. I tour around those places every year. I get people in these countries jobs they can work online. You do sometimes see poverty in those countries, but for me it's nice to see poverty without the stigma and resulting mental health issues homeless people have in North America for example. Poor people around the world can be happy and enjoy life in a more sincere way then most North Americans. That's why I moved to Serbia. Real life, real people, real hospitality, real sharing with each other. I got sick of the individualist orange message of where I grew up in Canada. The picture from my perspective is that many people in those countries are not having it that bad, there's steady progression of things getting better, more modern and they're really catching up. Mind you, starvation is not an issue most of the places I mentioned, except perhaps South Africa.... I haven't seen the really poor countries, which I think you're mentioning.... But yes, what I see is more local problems of the blue, red and purple sort and then orange western ideology comes and takes advantage of it, feeling somewhat smug that they are providing opportunities and money somewhat better than what would happen if the countries were just left to themselves.
  11. I posted another thread, but in essence I do agree that Green should not advocate violence or blind destruction. They may want to see the old system go away, but only if they can transform it into something new that is more fair. Anything else which involves violence, hatred or an "us vs. them" mentality is blue and red.
  12. Travel and living abroad would probably be the quickest way. Being exposed to diversity even in your own society, say by exploring ethnic cuisine or art forms can be good. Ultimately you can not take someone where they are not ready to go, but you can sneak in experiences that provide a certain cognitive dissonance vis-a-vis their current ideology and world view.
  13. Hey, This ties into current events, but I was thinking this for a long while before... Are green people who advocate and support violence against those who they oppose actually acting at stage green? Or are they actually acting from stage blue regressing into red? Being from an upper middle class background in Canada, I have lots of friends who are Green people, post the latest social justice causes on their facebook, etc. For the most part I agree with them on the causes and recognize their good intent, but find the emotionally hysteric tone of the stuff a little bit much and the actual deep understanding of the actual issues they have kind of shallow. However, what makes me uneasy is that sometimes some of them post glorification of violence with a "harm the oppressor" narrative... Things like "punch a nazi" or stuff like that... Basically all that antifa stuff. So are green people, including antifa, who advocate and glorify violence actually acting from Green? I'm not sure. To me, and I live in a very blue country now, Serbia and this stuff reminds me more of the type of dogmatic and nationalistic thinking you can encounter which lead to the wars in the 90's in the region, which you can see started as a blue narrative and regressed into red, with gangsters and warlords and all that stuff... So it seems to me that the green people who like violence and antifa and protests and all that stuff are when speaking on this level actually letting out a sort of repressed blue "us as a collective vs. them" dogmatic type thinking and it regresses to red: power, intimidation, ego, shouting, violence. True green to me is anti-violent, anti-war, more inclusive and more philosophical, hippie vibes, yoga, consciousness, soft spoken and considerate. What do you guys think?
  14. She released a couple really good videos about the millennial generation recently, they're spot on. Yes, she's eccentric and weird. However everybody in Self-Help who I have met is pretty fucking out there...
  15. @modmyth The question about guilt is hard to answer. It's like "how did you learn how to walk?" Maybe I never had much guilt, I've still got inhibitions though. It all depends on the other people you're interacting with too. Especially women holding back on their desires, triggers my inhibitions too. The inhibitions which tell you to "leave women alone, they don't want your sex"... I think that's the male version of what you're describing. Things can flow pretty smoothly when "it's on" though.