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  1. @modmyth The question about guilt is hard to answer. It's like "how did you learn how to walk?" Maybe I never had much guilt, I've still got inhibitions though. It all depends on the other people you're interacting with too. Especially women holding back on their desires, triggers my inhibitions too. The inhibitions which tell you to "leave women alone, they don't want your sex"... I think that's the male version of what you're describing. Things can flow pretty smoothly when "it's on" though.
  2. @modmyth To quote Funkadelic: Free Your Mind... and Your Ass Will Follow - the Kingdom of Heaven is within I appreciate women who are eager to learn about this from a male perspective, so I will elaborate more. A lot of women that I've been with don't get why i don't cum when sleeping with them. Some even worry about it, that they are not satisfying me. Nothing could be further from the truth. I think the greatest challenge of the whole journey for me was overcoming impure sexual energy in my mind and owning a healthy masculine desire to connect with women mentally, emotionally and physically. There can be a lot of fragmented desire there. I'm not talking about impure in a moralistic sense, just in a sense of healthy sexuality free of guilt and free of being cut off from ones authentic self... It's hard to describe but as I started working through that stuff, my masculine energy became a lot stronger and a lot less friction. It also does reduce the neurotic urge to have sex. At the time I started I had slept with 3 or 4 girls, but now it's over 30 and I don't regret any of them. I only end up with women who I actually like, who align with mind body and soul. I don't really care how many women I sleep with or if I'm with someone or single (mostly single), just that I feel good with my choices and tell the truth in my interactions. Of course misunderstandings still happen, expectations can still be unmet and form unexpectedly.... I guess what I'm saying, is it helped evolve me to a point, but it's not like it solved all my problems with sex. It just helped me have more peace with myself about the whole thing.
  3. @Elisabeth When I find the person I want to focus on, I will do all of that, out of love and devotion. However in terms of awareness of why I like what types of women I like, what kind of relationship I want to have and what kind of blockages in myself I need to get past before I can get where I want to be is pretty important at this stage. Once cupid's arrow hits me, I'm sure I'll think a lot less rationally and systematically about the whole thing. It will be refreshing.
  4. @Serotoninluv I watched Eben Pagan on London Real and really enjoyed him. I think the biggest gap between where he's at and where I am at is time and solidifying my success and finding a suitable woman. Let's put it this way, as I go further on my business journey, I get to run my business in a way that shares my values more, it runs on values. It's not motivated with scarcity or insecurity as it once was. It's about doing something that I can feel good about which changes people's lives. I will make lots of money with it and that's ok. I'm already ok. I fly around the world and build bridges between my company and great people. Still the loneliness persists. It will until I build a relationship that embodies my values with a woman who compliments me. I'm becoming the person I need to be to get ready for this. There definitely are still blockages.
  5. @Cocolove Thanks for this comment. It's helpful. I've always been someone who enjoys helping people grow though, hence the idea that I have to do this with women. The people I like, I like to offer insights too... Not everyone wants to grow though with external stimulation. You're right about that. I took last year off aya and was doing 1 retreat per year before that for 4 years. There's a great crew that operate in the Netherlands and Spain called Om Mij... Don't think Ayahuasca is the best way to meet women as I only do it once per year on average. More would be a bit much at this point. Yoga has been really good, but I mostly hang out with the teachers. Most of the women there are green or a really healthy orange though. They also tend to be really shy and introverted. Hard to get to know the girls there. I suppose the right thing will happen at the right time and I need to keep on building my vision and self.
  6. @modmyth So... it's 16 years ago I learned this.. Yes, it took lots of control, both the physical muscle control and the emotional and thought control. It was hard (haha). As for consciousness, you need it the whole time yes, it is like an attitude of "I'm going to take the energy created by this act and hold it for myself here and cherish it"... Think about the difference between eating something slowly and cherishing every bite's flavor and texture, stopping to eat before you're full vs. stuffing your face gluttonously until you can't anymore and falling into food coma. It's like that. The real tantric guys consider what I do to be kind of a cop-out. They don't go over the edge at all. In the food analogy, they don't swallow their food. They just chew on it and spit it out........ This leads to, yeah, a lot more energy, no release.
  7. When I was 20 years old after 1st year poli-sci uni, I took a trip to Spain and Morocco and read various books (On the road by Jack Kerouac was one) and decided not to go back to Uni when I returned to Canada, to focus on my IT Support business. That was a big step. My family was opposed to the idea (now that I'm a successful global entrepreneur with a growing company, they get it) Between 20 and 25, I kept on coming back to Europe whenever I could. I ended up falling in love with Serbia, so at 25 I moved here from Canada for the first time to be a musician and follow my cultural-artistic dreams and date eastern european women. My family again did not approve, but now since they saw that moving here was how i developed my global vision for my company, now they get it. You need to follow your own heart and path and calling, despite what others say, and for those of us stubborn enough to do it, the rewards are great.
  8. If being an entrepreneur is your calling, I am one and I was like you when I was in high school. I went to university for 1 year, decided it was bullshit and moved on. Start with a small entrepreneurial venture. Take little steps every day. I started putting up signs which said "computer genius for hire" in my hood and fixing computers for people. When people tore them down I put them back up. Every day i put up those posters. I made money. I learned about how to give a valuable service to people. I became independent and was able to educate myself in the way that you already are by watching leo's vids and being here. Sounds like you're resistant to society and want to find your own path. Don't be lazy. Find what you love and start doing it and making money doing it (hopefully in an honest way). Then nobody can say anything. You'll be successful without the lame ass system that most people gravitate towards. You'll be yourself.
  9. You need to decide which level you want to interact with culture and society on. You cannot ever completely transcend it, especially while posting about it on a forum this is a culture and you're currently participating in it, evidently because of some sort of need for cultural interaction, which we are happy to provide. Culture is not "one thing" it's a swarm of different levels of thinking, streams of narrative, genetics, social systems, linguistic patterns, etc. If you feel you've evolved past the culture you find around you, there's three choices of good places to go from here: a) learn to live with it and hold your own inner peace (the spiritual path) b) travel to other places or change your social circle to associate with different company (the path of the wanderer) c) create your own new cultural initiatives and invite people to join you in it (the artist) As Terence Mckenna said, Culture is not your Friend... I wrote a song inspired by this taking this tbitle. Maybe you will like it, here it is:
  10. Here's one in Serbian: GOOGLE TRANSLATION of LYRICS: Remember that summer do you remember the starry nights when you quietly told me I won't be able to go on without you Chorus Hey Branka, Branka, Branka tell me Branka who is to blame for our parting Remember that fall do you remember the dark nights when you quietly told me I won't be able to go on without you Chorus Hey Branka, Branka, Branka tell me Branka who is to blame for our parting Remember that winter remember that night when you quietly told me I won't be able to go on without you
  11. I've been doing injaculation for 16 years now, since I was 20 and started dabbling in tantra. The idea is rather than coming out, the semen ends up in your bladder (and out when you pee) and much of the energy remains in your body rather than leaving completely. You still have an orgasm and relief from tension, but without the mess on your belly and the stupid feeling afterwards that you've wasted your mojo. Also you have more control over the whole process, can last longer in sex, etc. It's a very good practice. Apparently not as pure as the non-climax "sharpening the knife" of not having specific orgasmic turning points and turning away from any point of no return. I view it as a "middle path" of being tantric and valuing your energy while still enjoying a goal based sexual experience. It definitely changed the way I view the world in general. Sometimes I still slip up, have "impure thoughts" and some semen slips out. I feel stupid afterwards.
  12. Hi Serotoninluv, Thank you for this. I would love it if you could elaborate more so I can learn more about the things you are bringing to my attention so I can help understand and work through these issues you've pinpointed. Yes, residual orange is definitely present. But I feel that it's more within the way I interact with the orange people around me than my core beliefs. I speak their language and it's a pleasure doing business and a business doing pleasure with them. However, I'm not competitive, greedy or superficial in my life goals or the way I approach business. I can embody the orange game and love it when I can hit the positive win-win-win aspects of any transaction or relationship, but the superficiality of it and the dead end of it is a huge turn off. It would be easier if i could just be happy having meaningless sex with women and seeking status and wealth like some do, however, I find myself more fixated on more philosophical questions like How can I change as many lives as possible and create a global community of people dedicated to do the same rather than How can I bang lots of chicks and make lots of money? and spend most of my time on the life changing stuff. Residual Orange: What are the orange flags here for you and what things should I be looking to change here? Green resistance is an interesting topic because instinctively I agree with you, that I do have a resistance, but I'm not sure exactly which part of it is the unhealthy part. There's not much I disagree with in what they mean to promote, but rather the means through which they promote, the emotionally abrasive, judgmental, and subjective ways they do it does not resonate with me. My stomach turns every time I hear Green people calling other people names and calling for them to be ostracized from society and spreading hate about people. It really seems fanatical. I often find myself agreeing with them on the compassion stuff though and the betterment of humanity as a whole. I spent most of my teens and early 20's in a Green space believing that society and its corrupt capitalist values had got it all wrong and fostered the wrong type of consciousness of people and that we needed to build a new system with stronger and more equal guidelines and ways for people to evolve their thinking. In 2001, I was 18, in the aftermath of 9/11 I used to listen to Godspeed You Black Emperor and romanticize the fall of Western Civilization and how much better we could make things after it all burned. With travel, age and personal development, it evolved so that I was more comfortable with the world as a whole, despite inequality, oppression and making my own path one that shines its own light above and beyond what's wrong with the world. Can you elaborate on where my Green resistance is and what parts are healthy and unhealthy from your perspective? I'm on a path to change the world in my own way with my exciting business, which allows expats to live around the world in developing countries while working online. I want to find someone to share it with, but it has proven difficult to find someone who is free (liberated from family/societal constraints) enough to join me as I go on this journey. I'm also much more into conversations live on calls than typing messages back and forth, if you're really interested in discussing this sort of thing, I'd invite you for a zoom call for you my youtube channel, would you like to do that?
  13. Anyone had any success with this? Hey guys, I'm new here. Until I started studying Spiral Dynamics in 2019, I didn't know why I was attracted to these overly emotional, knee-jerk reacting, overly moralistic and occasionally undisciplined Green women. I figured that their very feminine natured concern for humanity and approach to life balanced my quite masculine inquisitive and systemic understanding of our race, which I now know as Yellow. Still, I jokingly asked myself why I had to or even enjoyed listening to all their wildly reactive beliefs... The answer I came up with is that I knew their heart was in the right place and that maybe they could benefit from listening to my more rational and holistic view of humanity as a whole. Now with Spiral Dynamics I realize that I'm attracted to these girls because Green is close to Yellow and there's enough overlap of thinking to form a beneficial relationship and of course the chance that I could help them progress to Yellow. So the challenge is on. I'll also preface that my Green girls are not like most of your Green girls. I almost only date Slavic or East European women. I grew up in Canada, my roots are from Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine, and I moved to the bustling metropolis of Belgrade, Serbia in my 20's because I didn't see much room for growth for myself in predominately Orange Ontario and I saw that Slavic women (predominately Blue) had a level of femininity that really resonated with me. Thanks to my successful internet business, I fly high above the Blue society I live in and get to travel the world helping others do the same (more about my business will be revealed in a later post). So, now here I am, Slavic Green girls. They tend to come from more affluent families, of course. They tend to be very feminine, beautiful and not feminist. They don't 'use' ideology to project their emotions as much as western green women, they their beliefs in pure "because I intuitively know" terms. They tend to support any cause that tugs at their heart strings. They're into travel (latin and balkan countries for example), world music (I'm a world music singer too, this helps) and they tend to be really confused about whether they want to be independent or in a relationship with a man, and they know most men aren't evolved enough for them. They then get fascinated by my ability to be a man with a highly developed masculinity, while understanding their Green perspectives and even adding to them. The relationships don't really work out somehow though... There's some core misunderstanding. I've heard contradicting phrases like: "The only mistake you made with me was giving me too much freedom" (seems like a regression into Blue, or is this green) "You want to put me in a cage." (not sure but this could be regression into orange individualism) So the range is there... Both reacting from the same balanced and thought out way of treating them, which I suppose could be called slightly distant, as I am a lone wolf type. But the challenge is to get them to see the light of systems thinking and start thinking of ideologies as toolkits rather than a dogmatic ways to judge others and live by and for them to stop feeling bad about stuff they can't control and start making positive changes in their outlook and find a way to make positive impact in ways that they can. Ideas include: -Helping them start their own business where they have to be responsible for managing people below them on the spiral -Taking them on mushroom and ayahuasca retreats -Travel to the point where they can see the good in the world as a whole, with me to point out the systems thinking side (otherwise travel to places like Asia and Africa just give them a spiral colour-blind hippie experience) -Non-stop talk about spiral dynamics So again I ask: Anyone had any success with this? Have you turned a Green girl Yellow? Anyone got more ideas on how this might be achieved? These slavic girls are great, I want one badly, but I don't want the relationship to get stuck due to a lack of next steps. Thanks for your input.
  14. What is your life purpose? To show help people break free of cultural boundaries and find their own truth. What are you interested in learning? How to be a leader and inspiration to large amounts of people. What are you sticking your neck out for? People's right to explore consciousness trans-culturally and beyond culture. Why are you creating what you are? Because it's what I needed and many other people need it. What is the most important thing to do in the world right now? Offer people transformational experiences which can raise their consciousness.