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  1. Don´t believe your mind. What can you lose by asking him out? Nothing. I was just on a date with maybe the hottest customer i have had in 6 years. I didn´t expect her to accept the date, but i asked and received
  2. To hard kill: Let´s say you start getting laid here and there with a few girls? That will make you little happier right? WRONG. I will feel probably more miserably, because you got what you wanted and nothing changed. In what martial art you got a black belt? Just curious, because i have done them a little bit myself.
  3. Arnold is a one fucking wierd dude
  4. He is not enlightened. he has said that he had 1 amazing mdma experience and some shifts in meditations but nothing lasting. He is deeply involved with academics and intellect, that wont probably help.
  5. The 10000 hour rule is not bullshit. It´s based on research. for someone it might be 30000 hours and someone who has a lot of talent 4000 hours.
  6. yes, once you realize this you either become depressed and nihilistic or you can start playing with life. Actually i think it´s normal that you first become depressed, but then you realize "oh, shit really dont matter". At least for me it was like that, i was first like fuck, nothing matters. Then later i was like fuck yeah, shit really dont matter. It took a while to really accept it.
  7. you go deeper into prison by trying to escape. i might want to accept and surrender or something..
  8. wrong. you can escape by excersising or reading book too much etc. addiction can be anything if used as an escape. meditation is also an addiction if it starts to influence your daily life negatively, which is not many times the case. spirituality is one of the most common escapes.
  9. years between 20-30 are not easy at all, for many reasons. millions and millions of the people in youre age group are in the same situation as you. sit down and relax. I would recommend you to do this program: It is actually very good and cheap.
  10. You are just becoming intelligent. You have realized no money or women or job will make you fullfilled. There must be something you have enjoyed doing in youre life? What did you do when you were a kid? And try to not piss yourself off. Life is a silly game, but why not play it before going to graveyard.
  11. bananas, coconut flakes, strawberries, blueberries, mct oil, spinach, vegan rise protein (chocolate) blend it up. simple and easy
  12. there is part 2 also.
  13. no, it´s a concept. it exist as a concept.
  14. wtf is a mind? it doesnt exist. No one has ever seen one and no on ehas been able to point out where it is.. Brain on the other hand is an organ which weighs what it weighs. people should forget words: mind, ego, spirituality, non-dual. Most people are trapped in these which leads to confusion. Wipe out the whole language.