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  1. If those are your reasons to become a salesman, i would pass. When has partying been luxury? Every bum can party. Being a salesman is a grind, a marathon. You are not gonna get rich quick. Being a salesman is not luxurious, it is nothing you see on tv´s and movies. 5-10% of your clients will be whiners and bitches and you have to eat shit from them.
  2. Hi dude, i have experience with anxiety and ocd. Im mostly pretty good nowadays, but there Still comes harsh days. My recommendations are very simple: - dont use stimulants or alcohol - sleep well, early to bed early to up - try to have a clean diet and take care of your gut - exercise at least 30min a day, it doesnt have to be hard training. yoga is great for example. Spent time in the nature. -try to limit screen time - if you have time, meditate 1-2h a day. this tends to calm the mind. 1-2h a day might work better than 30min, no quarantees though -dont have too much free time where you start ruminating and over thinking
  3. I just read Lost connections. It is the best book written about depression and what causes it.
  4. Been running my whole life. Mostly on soccer, but i run cross country, stairs and in the track i sometimes do sprints. I haven´t had any specific goals in years. I just try to maintain sprinting and endurance abilities. Im 32, turning 33 this year so im not gonna get any quicker in sprints. Mostly do running just to help playing soccer. I actually played soccer in my age (under 17) group national team back in the day, 2002-2003.
  5. There is no use for internet porn. And it will fuck up your mind. All the actors are damaged and most of the chicks in the industry gets abused. Do you want to jerk off to that?
  6. Nice. Here is one of Jung´s interview where he is 84 and still working. He was still very sharp. In 7:45 he is asked do you believe in god and he answers "i know".
  7. Thanks man. I have few of Jungs books and enjoyed them very much. Somehow i have never paid attention to red book, but order is now on the way. Jung was definitely one of the best "thinkers" in West in the last 100 years. He´s stuff is deep and mystical (he was a mystic, not just a psychologist) and i can see why it ain´t so popular in mainstream psychology.
  8. He is a blacbelt in judo, japanese jiujitsu and he can box. That is what i said in my previous comment. He knows how to fight but he created he's own more gentler system which is not so violent. I remember him saying after that tournament he was not so much interested in competing or hurting people and he basically wanted to prove that the stuff he learned works.
  9. I would call that video bullshit if it was not Ralston doing it. Obviously in real fight with a good fighter that kind of stuff wont work. Even Ralston has to punch and throw people in real fight. Ralston has multiple black belts in legit martial arts, so i know he's not doing this just to show off. It would be cool to attend one of his events, i was close to attend last year but couldnt arrange it due to work
  10. He dont look that fat in the picture. Chubby maybe but i thought he was a proper fatass
  11. Just an observation to Mikael: you already mentioned my fallen ego and in other post you assumed you know what is good for us. Blink blink...
  12. Yes, it was kind of hard to comment anything when there was not anything to comment. Wad happened? Did you meditate or do psychdedelics or what?
  13. "I see 14 views and no one has replied yet, why?" if this is god talking, then god is pretty pathetic