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  1. The writer of the article is legit person and it seems you didnt read the article. I have read many of her articles before.
  2. My credibility? When have i had any credibilty? Nobody knows who i am. Maybe you should not take internet so seriously. 12000 forumposts at 40 years of age sounds to me like you don´t have much going on in your real life.
  3. i don´t need to see any of his videos. Have seen enough in the years. I mostly just beat up spiritual bozos. Their followers would be better off without them.
  4. i don´t need to see any of his videos. Have seen enough in the years.
  5. Finally. I wonder why you guys give him a pass because he is a "great teacher"? I can also hop on the stage and start repackaging material. Maybe i don´t have the charisma to get followers, but talking shit is not a hard thing to do. What good has he done, besides acting holy? Any "spiritual" puppet sitting on a stage is way lower than nurses, doctors, firefighters, social workers.
  6. Tell her to punch you in the head 5 times. If she is an illusion, you wont feel anything.
  7. I was suprised about his astrology stuff as well, but i filtered it out.
  8. Ryan Kurczak has a really good youtube channel on kriya yoga. Check it out if you like.
  9. i think it is possibly to go all the way (aka Tolle) but it is very rare. If i remember correctly Fred first awakening was in 92 and the second one right after that in 06, lol
  10. He is a funny guy. He was alcoholic most of his life and homeless 9 times. Contemplated a suicide +10 times. Kind of gives hope to regular people
  11. I have worked with Fred. And i dont like spiritual teachers. But as far as nonduality goes, Fred is probably the best out there. And Fred at least had the humility to wait five years after enlightenment to start teaching.
  12. So an alien who is on ayahuascha trip 24/7 and a guy who claims to levitate (but cant do it when asked) and claims the ability to change the weather are worth following? Good luck.
  13. "You did not put yourself into this world" True and can anything be personal if you have not been in control at any point?
  14. where did the 1 pillar go, lol? last time i checked my library it was 6 pillars
  15. If that yoga picture in your profile is you, you don´t have problems getting a man. Just a) look good and dont be a bitch b) don´t spread your legs in the first few dates if you want long term relationship Sorry, men are simple.