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  1. Go tell this to a kid who has cancer. Im sure he will be happier.
  2. "All the diseases come from your mind" (You literally create cancer for yourself)" This is so fucking dumb claim. I agree, that maybe 70% mind plays a role, but.. Can i give std to myself by my mind? I thought i need to fuck somebody for that. We probably dont need to use condoms anymore, because stds are created by the mind. There are outside factors, infections and bacteria where you have no control whatsoever. If you hangout days in a row with somebody who has super bad flu, you have a good chance to get it too.
  3. Ever done coke?
  4. once every few months is ok. Dont worry. It doensnt much differ from being completely sober, specially if you take only few drinks that seldom.
  5. I feel wierd in family reunions. Well, i feel weird a lot of the times.. It´s one of the best places to see fake behavior. Like people have to pretend they enjoy being there. "we are cousins, but i dont know you at all, so lets pretend we have something in common" Just hilarious.
  6. Hey, from the trip report, do you feel that god was speaking to you or intelligence was speaking through you? From my personal experience i find it always the to be the latter, but i havent have full blown experience where i visit other places.
  7. I read his books long time ago. I found them boring at the time. There was nothing intresting about Mckenna´s personality. Maybe i read them again some day. It was like 7 years ago, so i would probably have different perspective.
  8. Nice one. 4 tabs? How many micrograms in one?
  9. wrong. there is a post i made about list of enlightened people. 10-15% had no background in spirituality or meditation.
  10. Thanks, good answer
  11. Intresting. Any insights or facts with this? I think each body is unique and works its own way. I am sure its mind a lot, but 90% souns quite high number
  12. David Hawkins † Born in June 1927, died September 2012. US American who worked successfully as a psychologist. After his awakening David Hawkins has been completely withdrawing from public into solitude for 7 years. After that, he had to learn interpersonal behavior again in order to be able to "interact normally" with people. Mario Mantese Mario Mantese is one of the best-known living enlightened people in Switzerland. He previously played bass in the internationally successful soul group Heatwave. After a gala evening in London, he was attacked and stabbed with a knife in his heart by a stranger. Waking up from a coma in which he was wandering through the afterlife, he realized that he was enlightened. Although unable to walk and his articulation affected, Mario Mantese (also called master M) has frequently over 1800 visitors at once at meetings held in Switzerland. Mantese has the reputation for performing true miracles. In his books he reported in addition to healing also about being present in several places or that he has commanded the clouds in a thunderstorm to create a rain-free corridor in which he and his companions went home without getting their feet wet. There are reports that he opened car doors without a key or commanded retractable barriers to rise. In a report he describes where he appears a woman, flooded in light and three times his body sizes. Sai Baba † 1926 - 2011. Indian Guru, who is believed to be able to do miracles. Above all materializing. He practiced that over and over again in his events: suddenly objects would appear in his hands. Karl Renz The “veteran” of enlightened people. In 1979, he became enlightened during his sleep. Isira Good looking Australian. She had her first awakening with 16 while she was raped. In her death struggle she realized that the man raping her is pure love. From that moment on he refrained from her. Barbara Voedisch She lives in Chiemgau, Germany. In her youth she was raped two times. She became enlightened after receiving the last information of her third channeled book, without previous contact to masters or spiritual books. Byron Katie Before her enlightenment, she lived in the hardest despair, self-accusation and depression. Besides Eckhart Tolle, she is one of the rare enlightened ones who, end of the 80's, from a dire mental condition became enlightened without any previous contact to spirituality Suzanne Segal † American 1955 until 1997. The astounding thing happened to her: while waiting at a bus station in Paris, she all of a sudden lost her “I”, but she didn’t know how to take that state, so she was helplessly sent from one psychiatrist to another. She suffered from states of tremendous anxiety because they tried to treat her state as something pathological. Only at the end of her life she realized that "enlightenment" had happened to her. Yolande Duran French (born 1963), who suddenly experienced enlightenment without any previous contact to spirituality. In contrast to Eckhart Tolle or Byron Katie she did not go through a valley of depression, worst self-accusation and suicidal thoughts. She was a normal woman, who, one day in the summer 2003, out of the blue, in her living room at home, stopped thinking - the silence came nevermore to return. Two months after this experience her only son died in a car accident and everyone around her thought she had been in a deep state of shock because they could not see any crying, collapse, or sorrow - but in truth she was inwardly unmoved by this death. Richard (Rick) Linchitz † US American 1947 – 2013: He was a physician and passionate athlete, until he got a diagnosis of lung cancer. His success-oriented life plunged into a deep crisis. He could not continue to practice neither as a doctor, nor sports nor playing the caring family father. In his great despair, he threw himself with all his energy in the spiritual search for enlightenment. He attended countless spiritual teachers and visited spiritual and awakened masters in India. One day teacher Satyam Nadeen told him at a retreat in Costa Rica "Consciousness is all there is - and you are that" and he awoke. His body healed inexplicably.
  13. Feels familiar. Mindfullness, focused attention can be a good exercise. Stare a chair for 30 min without judgements. Try do same with people, i mean not to stare them for 30 min. This is pretty good advice also:
  14. Water, vegetables, fruits are also external. Mushroom is close to vegetable. And weed is a plant. They are as much external as fruits and vegetables. Be a breatherian if everything is already in you.. Cmon man, do we really need this kind of battle here? Your first point was solid, when you guestioned that is promoting psychedelics controversial, but then you went retarded.
  15. People who drink alcohol might drive. The odds that someone in actualized org jumps to the car under the influence of psychedelic and kills somebody are probably as high as winning the main prize in lotto. That is what i am saying. You shouldnt worry about people dying, it happens every second.