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  1. New age horsehit. There are certain limits for the character and the body. You are not either of them. Never seen anybody fly or walk across the water and no good teacher will ever claim they can. New age "channelers" and bullshit artist will claim all shorts of things. None of them are enlightened.
  2. Well, Netherlands isnt so far away from Uk.
  3. I dont have time to watch the video, but it makes perfect sense. I actually have that book in my home. Psilocybin for example reduce blood flow to certain areas of brain. I suppose meditation does the same thing.
  4. I have no personal experience with tm. I lost my interest because its commercialism and mainstream popularity. Here is an excellent video on tm and other subject as well from 2 awakened dudes.
  5. I dont know, but it´s an amazing book. (the original) costs 12,60€ in my country online.
  6. Like i said, be carefull brother. There are rumours that Bruce´s low body fat might had been linked that he´s brain disfunction and death. Body needs fat for organs to work properly.
  7. If running would open my third eye it would have been popped open 15 years ago 7% body fat is low, unless you want to be in some fitness magazine. I mean for some people it might be okay and they are healthy, but i wouldnt recommending go that low. if you do aerobic (running) on the morning fasted and fast 4 hours after that running be ready to lose all your muscles. I do morning runs fasted put i put something on my stomach after that. One of the best athletic coaches in my country said that you always want to train eated, because otherwise the energy will be taken from the muscles. I know a lot of bodybuilders etc. suggest training fasted (yeah, you will definitely get lean) and fasting but that is just a neurosis. You should eat when the body wants to eat, that´s it´s function. A lot of people (me included) dont always notice when it is the body that wants to eat and when is it the mind.
  8. For all the mental masturbators, this is funny. Zzenn´s channel is actually great.
  9. PMO

    I dont think he has discussed about pmo in any video
  10. Cmon man. i have taken a break from coffee multiple times. You can get bad headache for few days and be tired as fuck, but then its done. same with any addiction or substance, 3-5 days and the detox symptoms are over. Your mind might think ang crave, but ur body is fine after 3-5 days
  11. Not that this really matters, but of course Bruce Lee wasnt the best martial artist of his time. He was an amazing athlete and martial artist, dont get me wrong. I liked he´s philosophy about taking in what works, so he was quite well rounded and learned from many forms of martial arts, but he wasnt a black belt in many martial arts unlike somebody like peter ralston for example. I would say most high level olympic wrestler (close to Bruces weight) would have fucked upd bruce in a mma / no holds barred fight back in the day. But Bruce had the right mindset to be succesfull in anything, but he´s main focus was in acting and making money in his prime. I mean he trained like a madman on the side. But it is just impossible to be a) the best martial artist b) brain surgein c) actor at the same time. You get the joke..
  12. Pick up coach can´t change youre personality. All he can do is give you hints, tricks and manipulation tactics. You obviously dont have a problem with cold approach if u have approached 1000 times. What are your motives? What do you look from pickup?
  13. There are teas which does not involve caffeine. I would use those. I think black teas usually have caffeine.
  14. 4-5 tabs could mean anything between 100 ug - 1000 ug. There´s quite a difference I have tripped 1-6 times a year, last 3 years. So not that much. Mushrooms from 2grams to little over 3,5grams. Lsd only between 125-200 ug. In 2018 i will try to trip at least 6-12 times. And hopefully experiment with 5meo at least once. There´s my new years resolutions.
  15. From someone who has mediated last 2 years little over 1h / day on average i can tell you its not that much. Whenever i have time off on weekends and bang 3-4 hours a day whole weekend i see difference. Like Leo said, next time meditate 24/7, you will see a difference.