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  1. What is Leo´s study background? I remember he said he studied philosophy but somewhere else i read mechanical engineering.
  2. Great post OP, i have been saying this same shit for 2 years. I would have 0 problems with Leo if he actually would be honest where he is coming from. -everything is not love -the whole universe / every living thing is working for the Service of the self. (You wont be ready to sacrifice your life for somebody else. If you are, you are free to demontrate) -I want to put Leo in real life test where he´s ideas are challenged. Easy to sit on your couch and make philosophical rambles. You are free to fight against me on any combat sport. Let´s see how you react. -Leo has said he would not have to work a day in his life anymore? Do you morons think that is because he has no ego? He has a massive ego and god complex.
  3. Kundalini? Hang in there and breathe. It will most likely eventually go away
  4. Am i not my body? Do i live consciously in some form or formless form after death? Did i exist in some form of awareness/consciousness before this life? Am i something else than human? Does consciousness exist separate from the brain? Or does brain produce consciousness?
  5. Channeling is for children. Or adult children.
  6. Bj was training full time. Something like twice a day 7 days a week. He came from a pretty wealthy family, he´s father said go to school/work or train full time. So if youre training 5 times a week, you should train about 10 years to put as many hours as bj did. bj sure was talented but he put 10 years of training to 3 years. I know few other blackbelts that went full in and got the blackbet in 3-4 years.
  7. Did you read it or are you dyslexic? I said that the moon would be there (with no name) if there were no humans telling stories about it. I don´t have problem with materilism,
  8. so the moon stops existing when there are 8 billion perceivers minus one? If whole humanity would be wiped away i think it still would be a moon. It would not be called a moon since there would be no language but it would be what it is.
  9. You did not get it, did you.. where did i say it matters? i just wanted an answer.
  10. So the moon wont be there if you dont look at it?
  11. Never heard anyone with no brain activity have any kind of "spiritual" experience. The spiritual doorway in the brain by Kevin Nelson.
  12. there is a neuroscientist with 30 year old study who found out mystical experiences and near death experiences can be triggered by stimulating certain part of the brain. the exact same thing happens when you take psychedelic (chemical). So you are your brain in that sense. No matter how much you trip Leo you will always come back to default self. Or you might go psychotic that is also a option.