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  1. there is a thin line between waking up and going crazy. most of her students probably had some sort of awakening and were not able to ground themselves. but yes, psychedelics in wrong hands can be dangerous. but in right hands they are quite safe.
  2. he is like a crack addict in many ways if you take a closer look. deals are the crack for him. grant cardone, gary w, tony robbins, tai lopez, any of these, very high on orange, slight doses of blue/green/yellow
  3. i dont believe it was a "suicide". Look up whats been happening. he was taken out by weinstein&clinton mafia
  4. Been running for 23 years straight. I dont do any marathons although i could. Jogging, soccer, tennis, sprints
  5. 200k sounds quite a lot 200 dollars sounds better
  6. I bought Leo´s life purpose few years ago, when it was released. I got stuck in the end and couldn´t pinpoint my niche. I then thought that i will revisit the course at some point. It was still very much worth the cost and i recommend it. I don´t think anybody can say it is a scam. Some might think it´s too expensive, but i think it could have been way more expensive. Leo is not some greedy internet marketer. I would also recommend reading Newports books like BjarkeT.
  7. wont do it. Has Charlotte always been Charlotte? Is Charlotte same as dna, or fingerprints? Are you youre fingerprints? lol
  8. This one is easy. One good teacher used this with me. Imagine you are brought to a court house. The judge wants you to prove that you are Charlotte. He wants hard evidence (note: piece of paper wont do it). How are you going to prove that you are Charlotte?
  9. That sounds very good. I can see that your idea could get donations (you need to think about the money also) easily, but you need some marketing and exposure. If you call Bill Gates, he probably would donate you a million Call rich people when your product is on the finishing line.
  10. I have to agree with this one. I did few years bjj and muay thai, sometimes still muay thai. but for self defense you dont need to learn to kick. Learn to punch and wrestle.
  11. Probably still coaching. He doesnt need to do youtube, he will have plenty of customers.
  12. I doesnt matter what you believe. There is enough science nowadays that porn is very similar to coke as far as brain is concerned.
  13. You need to kill youre parents, not physically but metaphorically. Break away from them locationally and dont talk to them. Especially your mother. Give them 0 power over youre life. Do you want to become like youre parents or something else?
  14. Hi Bro, i got IBS diagnose 10 years ago. I still have "weak" stomach, but most of the time im somewhat ok. It´s been rough at times. Stuff that works - meditation - yoga - sleep - fasting - exercise and swetting (i wouldnt necessary recommed to do extreme). Get youre lymphatic system moving everyday - learn about food combinations. Try not to mix proteins and carbs too much on the same meal. Meal Examples: Chicken with salad. Or Sweet potato with salad. Dont eat every 3 hours. - water - sauna or cold exposure therapy - cut out milk, wheat, junk meats, alcohol, coffee. It´s not easy to cut them all out at once maybe, but do youre best. there are glutein free beers and coffee´s that are less acidic than normal so if you have to sometimes do those then go for those. - avoid too much stress
  15. Nice one. Dark room retreat sounds pretty hardcore. Did that experience last or fade away?