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  1. "Definition of a new age person - someone who is generally ignorant of science and philosophy, but is happy to proclaim with certainty on the most difficult questions."
  2. the law of one is one of the biggest bullshit ever. You can start by watching those 5 parts.
  3. Note the circle jerk by Rubert Spira.
  4. you will find it on google. i think there at least one other nondual teacher who has killed himself.
  5. One of the grandfathers of nonduality killed himself when the suffering got deep enough. He´s beliefs literally flew out of the window when he was really suffering.
  6. I finished Sapiens last night. What a fantastic book. It´s not for new agers thought.
  7. You dont need psychedelics to have hallucinations or "spiritual" experiences. Go few days without a sleep and you will start tripping.
  8. Darryll Anka a.k.a bashar The king of bamboozle
  9. Martin Butler is great. Been a follower for quite a while. Unfortunately he recently closed corporeal fantasy which was his main youtube channel earlier. He kindly delivered all the videolinks for download before closing the channel.
  10. Where is Leo wrong? Nowadays pretty much everywhere, except storytelling and marketing.
  11. You need to fucking leave at all cost. Does your mother live in the same house? Do you have any relatives where you can go?
  12. Never heard of gettting Blackbelt in mma, lol.