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  1. Nice to see everyone joining in the WHM wave 😁 Little warning - no more than 4 rounds guys, and don't do this underwater! Happing Hoffing
  2. And what more of a better reason is there to now start regularly practising the Wim Hof Method?
  3. @electroBeam I've been a reiki teacher for 6 months now, and a reiki practitioner for almost 2 years. The best way that I know how to get people to experience Reiki if they're not suffering is to give them their Attunement, or Placement to make them a healer. This is an energy transmission that enables one to be able to connect to Reiki at will by opening up the chakras in their hands. During this Placement, many of the 24 people that I have taught have experienced things like flashing colours during the transmission, very very hot hands, strange dreams, a change in either their physical health (such as not being so tired during the day any more) or a simply engulfing sense of relaxation at the time that it's done. Whilst many of the people I have taught haven't gone on to regularly heal others, they still managed to experience Reiki in the transmission itself. If anything, I hope that the work I do shows people that there's more to life than gross material form, even if they don't heal people with their new ability. So in short, just learn from someone and hopefully that'll satisfy your interest!
  4. I've read this version mate... I can't say I really enjoyed this. My path has been Self Inquiry, and Prabhupada focuses on bhakti (devotion to Krishna) which I can't really resonate much with. If you resonate more with non-duality, get the Bhagavad Gita but from a writer who has a non-dual commentary. I'm afraid that I don't know precisely what authors do have non-dual commentaries of the Bhagavad Gita, but I'm sure someone on this forum can help
  5. It just doesn't ring true to me that one could be like Jesus or the Buddha if one swallowed enough pills, or injected enough stuff into their rectum. Sure, you could temporarily visit the state of consciousness that they may have been in, but to stabilise there...? I'm also in agreement with the earlier point made, about it potentially being the drugs that are taking their toll on the body. Massive respect to Leo for all that he's done to help me on my path, but I find it difficult to get behind this.
  6. I wouldn't really say all religions are detours on your path to enlightenment... I'm not part of one myself, but various practices and techniques from different religions have helped me along the path. Whilst religion might be corrupted to some extent, I think that it's important not to overlook the golden nuggets in them.
  7. @actualizing25 I'm speaking from my own experience, but from what I've seen and read, it is a common thing to initially seek to end suffering, and then realise that there's so much more than just your ego's needs
  8. I think that's how a lot of people, including myself 3 years ago, begin the journey: with a deep dissatisfaction with life, or suffering. How attractive a life of not suffering would be! However, with experience, insights and spiritual practice, the motivation gradually changes. Now, the most important thing to me is knowing who I actually am, for Truth's sake.
  9. @Gneh Onebar Nope, not 'finished' yet. I did make a promise to myself before starting to heed Leo's advice and not use the LOC map as the final word on whether I have "finished" - it does seem like giving away your authority to your facilitator if someone from another part of the world says "you're at 1000" and you think "right! That's that, then. They've said it. I'm there." So what I'm going to do is once I'm declared to be at 1000, just follow my intuition and see if I do feel that there is more, or if this really does feel like I've found what I've been seeking. If I do intuit that there is more, I'll carry on with the spiritual work.
  10. Glad to see some more fellow RASA recipients on here... Looks like @LfcCharlie4 has done a good job getting the message through! @wavydude Evaluating my own experience and putting on my ultra sceptic hat, I could possibly say that the relaxation and tingling I feel on my head, hands and feet whilst receiving the transmission could be placebo, but I wouldn't know how to explain away the moments of expansion I felt in the 700s. I wouldn't be able to say that the Divine Love that reduced me to tears on multiple occasions in the 800s was placebo. It'd be tough to argue that the Spiritual Heart on the Right awakening, along with the bliss that comes with Being in it, is placebo, or the natural dropping away of a lot of my desires. @Gneh Onebar the purging face is definitely no joke... The transition from the high 500s to the 600s absolutely kicked my ass. Well done for running the test guys!
  11. I wouldn't necessarily say so, no. I think being able to identify that there's some aspect of yourself that needs to be worked on is a fantastic opportunity for you to do the spiritual work needed to heighten your consciousness (such as meditation, to help train yourself to be present as much as possible throughout the day) and then as a byproduct, assist you with your particular issue.
  12. @SriBhagwanYogi I think it's best that I stick to self inquiry, as it's been a part of my sadhana for a long time now, and I've managed to perfect that technique over some time. @Aaron p I'm afraid I'll have to stay well clear of any psychedelics... I'm in the line of work where I'll lose my job if any of that gets found in me hahaha. But food prep is a great suggestion, thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I'm planning on making it an aim to find at least one week in 2020 where I go off somewhere outside of the city that I live in and do a Self Inquiry retreat. I was just wondering how I'd go about structuring it, and so I thought I'd get you guys' opinions (especially those that have been on any form of spiritual retreat in the past) on how best to go about it eg. How much sleep? How long per self inquiry session? Mix it with meditation or no? The many other considerations that I'm sure I'm not thinking of etc etc... Thanks!
  14. @Amandine as horrible as that sounds, what seems to be a commonly recurring incident with children that have suffered abuse from their parents is animal abuse. Perhaps this could be a way of understanding the person in your example a little more? The human psyche is a complex enough thing without having the people that brought you into this earth causing you physical, malicious harm on what can be a continual basis at a time in your life that you're absorbing so much information about the world. Perhaps it's this early introduction to violence from people that are supposed to nurture you that cause your 'normal' to be different to another person's 'normal'?