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  1. So I had this random thought. We know many success stories. We know all about how people almost had to sleep on streets and they were almost about to give up and then make a break through and after years of hard work get recognition and are successful. What about the people who don't make it? Suppose there is a person named Jacob, who knows football is his life purpose. He dropped out of high school to concentrate more on football. He used to play for small teams thinking it would get him somewhere. But now he is 28. He is on the street. He has no source of income and now he has few hundred thousands in debt. What happens now? Don't tell me stuff like he didn't put enough effort or he must never give up. Tell me examples of people who really "failed in life" if you can.
  2. You not getting your shit together is one reason you never had a girlfriend. So focus on building a personality cause any day a girl is more likely to prefer a person who has his shit together, who has a purpose in everything he does. And not having a girlfriend isn't a problem, on the other hand having one is a very big problem, so be happy. And get your shit together.
  3. Honestly I've never been in a relationship. And I'm glad cause I've seen my friends break up and how they suffer and how it is a pain only one who has experienced knows how bad it feels. I don't want to feel that pain, that's why I never engage myself in such tomfuckery tbh. So whatever happened to you, grow above it. You've got a bigger purpose in life, you've got greatness ahead of you if you Have what it takes to move beyond this pile of mess. So, do you have what it takes? If you have got it then great! And if you don't then sorry, nobody can help you but yourself.
  4. I would recommend " How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Im currently 3 chapters into that book and jeez, that book has already begun to make my conversations more interesting. I'm sure it would get you places.
  5. The first thing I do when I get up is I put my right foot on the ground ( there is no science involved in this but it helps psychologically I guess. ) Then I brush, take a bath and I meditate for about 20 minutes. Then I have cereal and read a book along with it. Currently I'm reading this book called "The Road Less Travelled" by Scott Peck. Would love to hear about more exciting morning rituals I can add to my list.