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  1. "Talents lose their luster if we become too familiar with them, for the outer shell of the mind is more readily seen than its rich inner kernel. Even the outstanding genius makes use of retirement so that men may honor him and so that the yearning aroused by his absence may cause him to be esteemed."--Baltasar Gracián (1601-1658)
  2. @Cody_Atzori Ask questions. Do not believe any one's opinion, discover it for your self. This works great for me. Check out leo's video on contemplation and asking questions.
  3. I'm from Bangladesh.
  4. @Nahm Um... Worth getting? I just got that insight. You said what can i do with that.
  5. I thought about it. At first my readymade answer was-' I'm getting them from leo,from other books''. Then when i thought deeper, how leo knows that,how i stumbled upon that video, why i practice inquiry in the first place, i realized something interesting... Everything that ever happens is completely spontaneous...
  6. @Moreira but leo also has video on law of attraction.
  7. But would that lead to various mystical States? isn't enlightenment the goal here? or those psychological improvements would oneday snowball to deeper awakening?
  8. I tried "do nothing" technique and self inquiry for 2/3 months. I was not very consistent and hadn't got any kinds of insights. I mean yeah, i understood them intellectually but had no direct experience. At least until yesterday. For the upcoming exams and heavy study tasks, i wasn't focusing on this enlightenment topic much. Yesterday I was at the mosque, attending the jummah shalat (Islamic congregational prayer), listening to the imam(preacher). I was thinking about the difference between the teachings of religion and non duality. One thought was leading to another thought and that to another. It was happening spontaneously. Then one thought led me to the question-' what are perceptions?' I tried to become aware of all the perceptions in my direct experience. And suddenly i felt a shift in my consciousness. It was a 3 second glimpse, but very memorable and 1000x intenser than any conceptual realization. I wasn't pointing it out, i became my true nature and experienced reality from a 'nowhere' perspective. Most beautiful experience i ever had. I didn't wanted any experience to happen. It came spontaneously. When i sit to do self inquiry, the questioning process becomes very mechanical. I don't spontaneously get them from inside. Thats why it gets very frustrating. And resists the answer to come up. Any suggestions about how can i become genuinely interested about the 'inquiry questions'?
  9. @Danioover9000 what is tulpa ? this concept seems scary.