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  1. there is only space
    there is only space
    My definition of a tulpa is a thought form that is semi sentient, has personality and is actively hallucinated onto your waking reality by your senses. If interested, go do your own research.
       Sorry to hear you're scared (although spirituality and enlightenment for you, as a concept, should also be scary). This is just normal for me. Some people, with little to no training, do have imaginary friends. See Leo's episode on crazy people and self bias. You might then be more open to these sorts of concepts.

  2. Best Psychedelic Trip Music Mega-Thread
    Best Psychedelic Trip Music Mega-Thread
    I have a couple of suggestions:
    To calm down for first trips, I recommend just searching youtube for relaxation/meditation music mixes.
      "Carbon-based lifeforms" has good mixes.
      "Man Of No Ego" with tapes of Osho and Watts in the mix.
      Middle Eastern melody.
      Space ambient
      Chillstep mix