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  1. @remember I didn't know you were a woman. I thought you were a man, until now. I think that makes ALL the difference, for me, in any case, as far as this thread and this discussion goes. What I'm imagining, please correct me if you imagine something different, is that you haven't the slightest idea what boys' imaginations are like. You don't seem to have even the slightest glimmer of a clue. So, my question is this: do you? Are you, for example, aware that most, if not all, boys go through endless rituals of toughness? Endurance contests by which and through which, they test their own and each others' capacity to endure the most immensely and intensely grueling stretches of aggression and cruelty? I'm asking. This is not a rhetorical question. I would like an authentic answer. Lastly, I must tell you, my impression is that you completely misunderstood Leo's episode on Love. It is by no means "dark," in my personal experience. It is, in fact, the exact opposite. The exact opposite. It is Pure Light! En-Light. But this only confirms my suspicion that, what we are Really talking about is the Profoundly Gendered nature of both communication and experience. As a woman, I think your experience of life is Immensely Different From Mine, As A Male. Immensely Different. This is going to be something I'm going to be meditating on, quite committedly!
  2. To Develop Full Spectrum Liberation Develop Full Spectrum Imagination: Meditate In/On/Thru It..
  3. @remember What do you mean by "dark"? What are you referring to? I'm in the dark as to what you mean by "dark." Please site something that Leo has recorded that you experience as dark. So that I know what you mean. Regarding your use of the word, "filtered," my answer is, YES! ABSOLUTELY. Everything has to be filtered. Everything. I see Leo as a filter. An extraordinarily sophisticated and brilliant filter. Why else would I be on this forum? I'm not a troll. I'm not in any way insincere or inauthentic. Are you? Maybe the real question is, what darkness are we bringing here? And let's not point fingers. Let's just take the opportunity to use this as a confessional, or self reporting, or, at least, a journaling. My confession would be: I don't want ppl, of whatever age, to experience the darkness and confusion that kept me feeling so isolated for so many years of my life. That's pretty much IT. I don't want ppl, of whatever age, to experience the darkness and confusion that kept me feeling so isolated for so many years of my life. Addendum: I'm also wondering, Remember, whether you remember what it was like to be 13. I wonder if you remember just how active your imagination was. I feel pretty confident, given the immensely wide spectrum of violence and precisely: UNFILTERED and "vile" (to use his word, this particular 13 year old's) and graphic imagery most children are routinely exposed to ~~ that just about Anything Leo could Possibly say, would be so sophisticated, subtle and tame, as to escape most children's radar. But you would have to remember, Remember. (Just a little quip, here. Don't actually mean to be disrespectful, not at all. On the contrary: I very Much Respect the dignity and reverence of the word, "remember." In fact, it is precisely Because I Do, that I bring this up. This whole subject, actually!) So, yes, thanks for your reply and for your input. I look fwd to your reply.
  4. Very interesting dialog, above. I hear the word "careful," a lot. Leo uses it, a lot, too. To me, this is really the core issue: CARE. Love is Care. To live one's life carefully, is to be careful with one's relationships. Care begins with one's care for oneself, in one's relationship to oneself. Yes, many ppl come to this forum carelessly, despite the fact that ~ ~ & I can't imagine that anyone familiar with Leo would disagree ~ ~ CARE is precisely what Leo is ALL about. I love Leo because he really cares about what he's trying to convey ~ in every way. That's the ONLY reason I'm participating in this forum: I CARE.
  5. @remember Thanks, Remember. You make some excellent points. No, I have no problem with what you're saying, none at all. Two responses: 1. I've already let the cat out of the bag. I believe that this particular fellow is uniquely capable of handling it. Yes, I agree that MOST 13 year olds WOULD NOT. But this one, yes. 2. I also believe that, since the cat IS out of the bag, and since our relationship is ongoing, that I will be able to institute the basic message you so eloquently offer, into cautionary statements and exchanges, with him. For me, by far, the MOST IMPOSTANT CAUTIONARY STATEMENT IS: MAINTAIN ONGOING DIALOG. Because every individual is both unique and uniquely engaged with her or his own particular dialog with the universe. Identically, my dialog with this particular 13 year old is also, itself, infinitely unique. In conclusion, my dialog with you, both as it stands, and as it may continue, will also be infinitely unique. I'll be waiting to see what happens. And, as always, I will conclude with the universal ? Hope to get a response. Remember.
  6. Thanks, Remember. See below
  7. For me, his ESSENCE is RELENTLESSLY AUTHENTIC INWARDNESS. Paradoxically, I am supposing that this, itself, could be his/my/one's "EGO." Freud marked the birth of psychoanalysis as his experience of refusing to close his eyes to what the death of a loved one REALLY meant. And yes, I DO compare Leo to Freud, Buddha, God, Christ, etc. Why not? Who cares? In any case, I just posted this on my facebook page: "All Wisdom Points Relentlessly Toward This Here Now As It Is Unfolding In The Fullest Of Our Personal Experience As Universal" And I do believe that Leo is doing just that, nothing more, nothing less. While jogging, yesterday, I came up with the following mantras, "WISE HUMILITY, SERENE VULNERABILITY, INFINITE AUTHENTICITY, WARM TENDERNESS" That's what I believe we ARE. I knew a woman, a very eminent woman, in Davis, CA, Julie Partansky, whose motto, I do believe, was: ? And, although I knew her, and this, I never understood, and I don't know whether she understood, the immensity and the profundity of this symbol. I don't know whether she knew that she was referring to GOD and to the single most direct symbol for the HIGHEST DIVINITY IMAGINABLE BY IMAGINABILITY/COMMUNICABILITY. IMO, there is Nothing, nor will there ever be Anything, more Profound, Wider, Wilder, Higher, than the meaning of this little symbol: ? And THAT is what Leo represents, in it's highest, lowest, widest, most immense repercussions. ? And by "repercussions," I am referring to the vastness of his mind. His mind is like a magic wand, gracefully waving, in spirals and pirouettes, graceful symmetries, beautiful gestures, vast inferences, sparkling images, blessing the widest reaches of the very reaches of reaches, with that one gleaming, glistening, glittering, glowing emblem of pure vitality, creativity, nascentcy, birth and rebirth, pure passion of pure passion and creativity, the very birth of birth: ? YES: God Divinity Infinite Beauty Love Warmest Tenderness Enlightenment Universe ~ Very Birth Of Birth ~ All Encompassed By Tiniest ? There Is No Symbol That Unites All Of Life More Authentically That The Blind And Passionate Expectation Of ? This is what I see when I look in the mirror: And, during my last jog, this mantra REALLY is doing wonders for me. I'm thinking, "this will be my eternal mantra, fer sure!" "We All Live In A Mellow Question Mark" (As in:
  8. I Believe The Most Authentic Statements Made Begin W/ "I Feel" Becuz We R Organic Beings In Mortal Bodies Made Aware By Sensations For me, the moment I give myself over to thoughts and ideas, I abandon my humility and suddenly become self identified with "something greater than myself." For me, every moment, every instant of awareness, every breath I take, presents me with a choice: "Do I represent myself ~ to my own self &/or to others ~ as a tender/vulnerable/mortal/anxious body? Or do I represent myself ~ to my own self &/or to others ~ as a monolithic/invulnerable/immortal/unassailable spirit?" Even as I write, in this instant, I can see and feel that choice looming before me.. I can presume to insist that this choice that I am engaged in, as I type, right now, is The Human Experience .. Or I can, in all tentativity, in all uncertainty and pure suspense, merely pose it, in tender supplication, as a most intimate cloud of sensations blowing through me .. Nevertheless, I DO wish and find, that there is a Rock Of Gibraltar in the duality: Mind/Head/Thought/Vision Vs Body/Heart/Feeling/Intuition. And that there is that Immortal Certainty in that duality. And yet, nevertheless, that very duality, is merely the finger pointing at Truth. Like a lighthouse warning of a rocky shore. It is but a guide post. Because the real truth is this fleeting instant of pure feeling and sensation, my fingers over the key board, the exuberance in my heart, the looming forth of release and vastness and possibility, freedom coursing forth with breath rhythmically, gratefully, falling and lifting in my diaphragm.. For me Advaita, Nonduality, Enlightenment, Truth, Love, Deity, Ideal Is Pure t ~ e ~ n ~ d ~ e ~ r ~ n ~ e ~ s ~ s Mine Yours Ours Life's Awareness Existence Universe Why, then, the duality? Why then, the dichotomy between Head and Heart, between thought and feeling, between mastery and submission, between, good and bad, between, yes and no? If all things are actually connected, why not merely express that infinite interconnectedness without separation? Just ever express that exquisite, flowing, endless and ongoing seamlessness? What IS that betweenness that separates? What IS that "illusion"? Is it REALLY an "illusion"? Or is it actually just another truth, in drag? Just another truth pretending to be other than truth? Just another truth (not an illusion at all, not at all) inviting us to play, in lila, with our own fears, in order to laugh at them, in order to show that, surprise!, the snake was just a rope all along? Or not? Maybe enlightenment is both the play of release from our mortal coil AND confinement to it, both freedom and restraint, both infinite bliss and endless terror. Both. What then? For me, the "what then?" is πŸ’« i n f i n i t e h e a r t πŸ’– w a r m t ~ e ~ n ~ d ~ e ~ r ~ n ~ e ~ s ~ s πŸ•Š .. when I remember. Because I will forget. With every breath I take in, and breathe out, is both Advaita and Vaita, both dual and nondual. Both remembering, reintegrating, re-embracing, and forgetting, disintegrating, rejecting. Lightening and darkening. Both Avidyā and Vidya: The Dance Tandavam or Nadanta But, also, paralysis. Such is the uncertainty, anxiety, and therefore, bliss and beauty of our tenderness. IMO. In all humility. (Or, at least, some, nominal, tentative, humility..) And I believe, that for me, "enlightenment" is that profound humility that feels one's own heart, fully, entirely, in every moment, with all it's passion, both shock and serenity, both love and hate, both completely open and completely closed, both hot and cold, both warm and numb. And to feel one's heart fully, entirely, without reservation, is utter humility, complete meditative surrender to the whole of existence, both one's own and others'. And to cast one's glance, one's gaze, upon another, both in one's mind and in one's eyes, is to feel that other's heart beat, also, in the full spectrum of it's immense, vast, universal intensity and subtlety, pride and humiliation, guilt, shame and pride, love and bliss. "Enlightenment" cannot be described in words because it is not bound by anything that can be thought. Thought binds and creates boundaries. For me, "enlightenment" is a very subtle, yet intensely exuberant TEMPERATURE. It is a feeling of warmth. It is a thermal image that permeates awareness. We have very few words to describe the widest spectrum of warmth. But it is this very warmth that we communicate. It is the essence of communication itself. My experience of Leo Gura is that he brings the spectrum of his heart's warmth into language. My experience of Leo is the experience of his heart's warmth emanating with magnificent hues and pastels of wonder over a panoramic vastness. It is a physical presence recorded in pixels and vibrations that resonates into the widest reaches of the heart's imagination: thermally. Satori, for me, is that intense focus on both one's own, others' and another's heart beat. And "enlightenment" is full spectrum satori on the Universe's Heart Beat.
  9. Thank you, Serotoninluv! "Because we feel understood," yeah!, oMarcos! I believe "enlightenment" is a feeling of boundless warm hearted tenderness, throughout. πŸ’« i n f i n i t e h e a r t πŸ’– w a r m t ~ e ~ n ~ d ~ e ~ r ~ n ~ e ~ s ~ s πŸ•Š I believe we are both spirits living in mortal bodies, and bodies living in immortal spirits. Both. And I believe that the Feeling Of Tenderness Is Nonduality. I believe that Love is primarily a Feeling because we are primarily organic, cellular creatures. I believe that the highest level of consciousness is empathy for self and other, self as other, and other as self, both in relationship to others and in relationship to our one self. I believe that meditation is the key to enlightenment, and that both enlightenment and meditation are a state of profound humility, wherein one embraces the infinite vulnerability of living in a mortal body, made up, entirely of Pure Sentience Vulnerability Tenderness Mortality Feeling I believe that awareness is a Feeling
  10. Aeris, I thought I was sharing? Am I missing something, as far as being part of the community? I'm not praying for Leo, nor for myself. I'm not praying @ all. I'm just doing my thing, sharing my passion, nothing more, nothing less. Words ARE magic, tho, I certainly agree with That! πŸ’« i n f i n i t e h e a r t πŸ’– w a r m t ~ e ~ n ~ d ~ e ~ r ~ n ~ e ~ s ~ s πŸ•Š
  11. Thank you, Zig! <3
  12. LOVE that list!!!!! Can I add Tender Heartfelt ?
  13. Passionate And Exquisitely Deliberate ~ Panoramic Eloquence ~ Beyond Eloquence ~ Beyond Exquisite ~ Beyond Passionate ~ Beyond Deliberate ~ Beyond Panoramic. That's it, right there. I am 70 in earth time, and I have never, ever, read nor heard anyone as straight forward and in touch with actually connecting with people, without bull shit, on the highest, absolutely the very highest level, as Leo Gura. Ever. Period. He puts the "actual" into the word actualize, when it comes to actually communicating, in the real world. All, and I truly mean ALL, the spiritual teachers, gurus, intellectuals, philosophers, psychologists, leaders, whatever you want to call them, are so full of woo woo and mystification, and atmosphere, and fluff, and "credentials," etc., etc., etc. But Leo is the REAL DEAL. I mean straight fwd and to the point of every single issue he covers. I told a 13 year old friend that listening to just 5 minutes of Leo, is like having watched 5 full length movies, as far as impact. That was actually (there's that word again) an understatement. But I had to dumb down, a little, because my friend was so incredulous, when I said that. He would never have understood that that was, and is, definitely, an incredibly misleading understatement. HUGE understatement. Let me just end this little squib with this: even though I DO feel that Leo Gura's understanding of "progress," and of humanity's spiritual evolution, as Spiral Dynamics, requires dramatic revision, because I believe it to be an oversimplification, and naΓ―ve in many ways, nevertheless, never ever, the less, his overwhelmingly astute and intensely inspiring and mind altering and mind/heart, Heart Evolving Eloquence is, by itself, irrespective of it's exact precision, what I see as nothing short of exquisite beyond exquisite and mind expanding beyond mind expanding: Divine ART. (Btw, I read some entries suggesting that there be a space for Art on this site. I would have to say that, for me, Leo's delivery is, itself, as much Art as I can handle at any one time.) Leo Gura: Passionate Eloquence Way ~ Way Beyond Passionate Eloquence.