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  1. ????? What does being alert/concentrated/centered in the world have anything to do with dying? I’ll be MORE alert, not dumbed down to the point where I’ll cross the street without looking both ways
  2. Why does asking why corrupt my observation process? Hm, what comes up is... I cannot answer that, because it kills my observation process! It has the potential of smearing pure observation with all kinds of wacky assumptions. It feels like I could sit here in observation mode forever and never ask why.
  3. lol that means you haven't "accepted"/realized it
  4. Everything so weird and different yet so similar
  5. I am because I am because I’ve always been and always will be amen
  6. To fix stuff in your house
  7. Some types of dreams in the "Calling stage" (characterized by a streak of nightmares)
  8. Here's something from the book. Usually nightmares (the Calling and Quest columns in the picture below) are inviting you to learn how to release some ego strategies: distraction, control, judgment, attachment, impatience. You have to embrace all dream characters, because they're all inside of you, they usually carry a lesson with them. You‘ll have to pick up the book if you want everything nicely spelled out for you. The book goes into great detail on how to release each one of these ego strategies. Take it easy, it’s a lifelong process Adopt a playful mindset towards your nightmares; like a movie director directing a horror movie. Fun and exciting
  9. Your subconscious causes them. Usually it reflects some "stage" your going through in life. When you're getting a streak of nighmares (at night and waking life), you're going through a "calling stage". I've also been having some pretty weird nightmarish dreams lately, because I'm going through confusing times in my waking life as well. Check some of these out: [The "journey stage", "predominant mood" at the end of each dream is something I'm learning from the book "Mindful Dreaming" by David Gordon] Drunk Weirdo Lurching Towards Me: This drunk guy starts following me, lurching towards me, pointing at me, as I walk awkwardly backwards with my arms stretched out in front of me. I was very scared of this weirdo. I even try a couple of punches and kicks to scare him away. Then I find myself at a public space which is bustling with people so I feel safer. At a stand, there's a guy wearing a suit preaching about how it's important to have empathy with kids. -- Journey stage: calling | Predominant mood: fear | Predominant behavior: escaping The Crazy Car -- I was watching the news with my mother. They were showing footage of this car in a big city that drove onto a big rubber band that stretched across the street. All of a sudden, the rubber band snapped and sent the car flying up towards the sky as if projected forcefully upwards by a slingshot. It didn't go up too high, though; the car hit an invisible cealing and came zapping back down towards the ground. The car got smashed completely flat on impact, and it now looked like a flattened out soda can. It bounced off the ground and shot up again. It bounced up and down, rolling forward over and over, getting more and more flattened out and destroyed. When the car finally stopped going crazy and disoriented, I looked at my mom and joked: "And the driver is alive and well!". The camera showed the inside of the car, which somehow wasn't flat anymore, and there was no driver inside. "Oh, the dude desintegrated into nothing", I joked. -- Journey stage: calling | Predominant mood: confusion Dark Maze: I suddenly find myself in a very very dark room. I don't see anything!! I force my eyes, but nothing. Then I can barely make out the outline of a glass door, I slide it open and walk through it, only to end up in yet another dark room. Then another... Then another... Then another... I walk around very disoriented... It's very fucking dark. Black Lives Matter Heaviness: I was walking down my street and there was this black lives matter sort of protest going on. The atmosphere felt very scary and heavy. People were angry. I asked this girl what she was protesting about and she couldn't tell me. She just looked at me in silence, with a closed off face. -- Journey stage: calling | Predominant mood: fear, mistrust Hellish Agony Trying To Get Dad To Quit Smoking: I got into a huge argument with my dad because he went into my room smoking. I was screaming at him so loud, but it's very hard to get my words out, it feels like I'm screaming under water. He's completely brushing off my yelling, looking at me as if I'm losing it and my anger towards him is unwarranted and over-the-top. My voice doesn't come out as loud as I intend and it makes the agony even worse. He's slowly walking around, keeping some distance from me, eyeing me up and down cynically, as though I'm going insane. Then he lights up another cigarette. And that does it for me! So I start going around punching things, breaking things, trying really hard to express my anger, going off on him hard. I almost turn over a table with my mom's stuff but stop myself as none of this is her fault. The highlight in this dream was the extreme agony that I felt, not being able to get my words out as loud as I intended.| Journey stage: Calling | Dream type: Control (powerlessness) | Predominant mood: frustration, powerlessness, anger Poor People Give me Money: I'm at the backyard of a group of poor-looking houses made of bricks. It's the backyard of my friend E*'s house I think. It's muddy. I look around, confused maybe as to how these people live. I see my friend T*. He walks up to me and hands me 50 dollars. I don't understand why I'm deserving of that money. I have a sense that he's splitting an amount of money with family and friends, but I don't understand why he'd do that, given that he already lives in such poor conditions. -- Journey stage: calling | Predominant mood: confusion | Assumptions: "Poor people have nothing to give", "I am not deserving of someone's money" You're Not The Savior: Teenagers are at school walking down the hallway. Then this guy comes walking down in the opposite direction. I could feel in the air that he was about to start a school shooting. Then this other dude, let's call him the school savior, walks up in the direction of the potential shooter. Then I find myself in the school savior’s POV. His life flashes through my mind and I see everything he went through. He used to have thoughts of a school shooter as well. But he got his act together. He used to be awkward and ugly looking. Then I see how he improved over time. He started working out, got bigger, got rid of his dark fantasies etc. So now here he is to save the day. He walks up the potential shooter, snatches the gun out of his hand and shoots him down. The school savior is standing over the dead body, looking down at it smiling triumphantly. Then something very strange and sinister happened. The dead guy's body slowly opens up and there's this eye in the middle of his entrails which seems to be looking directly at the saver of the school. Then this dark, deep, booming voice emanates from the guy's dead body, worms its way into the school saver's head, saying: "You want to do it too! You want to shoot this entire school too, thinking you're the saver." He chuckles trying to shake off the thoughts going "I'm way over that". And the sinister voice, getting louder and louder, chants: "Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!" Awkward Dancing With a Ghost: I was dancing with someone. A ghost, I think. I couldn't make out who at all, but it felt female. There was a dance instructor and he had said something about swinging back and forth. I felt like we could continue dancing smoothly, each of our shoulders smoothly taking turns touching each other choreographed in perfect sync, but each time we swung off from one shoulder to the other, I felt very dizzy, feeling like I could miss her shoulder and slide off and fall to the ground. And that's what happened. -- Journey stage: calling | Predominant mood: disorientation Slippery Dolphin: I was at the supermarket. I ran into my friend A* from high school. I hugged her. Saying "hey! Longtime no see!" Then our convo becomes extremely awkward. Then there's this creature, I think it's a dolphin. It's very slippery. It's sliding across the supermarket disoriented and wanting to play with me. At first I'm disgusted by it. But then I start to get into the game, but still kind of cringing at its texture... It feels very weird to the touch.
  10. No, do not read this one. Not enough practicality to it
  11. "Mindful Dreaming: A Practical Guide for Emotional Healing Through Transformative Mythic Journeys", by David Gordon Take your sweet time with it. It has a lot of information to take in that absolutely have to be paired with deliberate practice and open-mindedness. The book should be read with your whole body, not just your analytical mind. But don't worry if you don't know what that means, the book will guide you towards that end. The book might rub you the wrong way at first by coming off as too esoteric, but like I said, take your time with it Also, if you don't keep a dream journal, what are you waiting for? You can't get into it without having some dreams recorded in a journal, and that will take some discipline Yes, we absolutely can.
  12. In your opinion what are the main characteristic that shine more the more psychologically healthy a person is?
  13. It’s possible, sort of haha It’s like visualization. When you do it right you ACTUALLY do it. Like, when you visualize yourself in a place YOU ACTUALLY GO THERE. You don’t “imagine” the place... you ACTUALLY go there? I was playing with “imagination” once... I was trying to really SEE a bird. I imagined myself ACTUALLY seeing the bird. Then I put on some audio of birds fluttering their wings. I closed my eyes and LOOKED at a bird, effortlessly, I wasn’t forcing anything... And then I got to a point where I swear to fucking god, that if I had a little bit more power the freaking bird would materialize right in front of me right then and there... The bird wasn’t “in my head somewhere”... It was sort of taking form right out of my consciousness and it was in “physical space/field of consciousness”, dunno how to describe (It happened quick though, I wasn’t able to hold it for long because I got too excited and distracted)
  14. Oh god the real vs. not-real debate again...
  15. Let's agree to disagree and let us both have a good night. I love that!
  16. @Blackhawk Open your mind Ego transcendence is possible. And it's the ego that wishes for 50 big houses for itself You not being alive when that time comes on Earth doesn't equal "not possible" Without ego, one house suffices. The rest of your energy is spent on sharing love and wisdom, not coming up with ideas on how to get 49 more houses. You really think that's not possible? Why is it so far-fetched to you
  17. Lady Gaga in a concert in Russia risking getting thrown in jail.
  18. In a love based society no devil would want freaking 50 big houses
  19. ask him to kill that elf looking woman next time she shows up
  20. You absolutely have to read “recovering from emotionally immature parents”. I don’t know to what degree your mom is emotionally immature, though... The book will help you clarify But I read that book and now I understand my dad a lot. I’m still mourning what I didn’t get with having him as a parent... I’m still struggling to accept there’s not much I can do to help him… I see my dad as a grown-up bratty kid now... What I used to think was just part of his personality I now understand comes from deep suffering. It’s really bad. Can’t rely on him for emotional advice or advice with my life purpose or anything really...
  21. ok dude think whatever u will...