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  1. @No Self Thank you for clearing up the confusion about Meyer's, there wasn't a lot of real conversation I could find about what he was toting as a "water powered car", but I guess he was just a delusional fraud that spewed some semi-truths about government corruption.
  2. I'm a Jimmy Dore follower and on the side of starting a People's Party. As long as we have a two party system in the US, neither democrats or republicans will bring real change that we want to see. I didn't vote in the last election, because you're not supposed to vote for the lesser of two evils. That's not how the system is supposed to work. Your vote is supposed to be earned. We will continue to have the same problems until it's realized that you don't have a real choice right now. It's either corruption or nothing.
  3. There are some very real truths to the substances of each one of these responses. You can follow your heart and instincts to decide what will help you.
  4. Then what the hell is Meyer's talking about here? Is this just conspiracy mumbo jumbo?
  5. I gotta disagree with some of you, I think Windows 10 is an awesome OS. Xidax makes beautiful Windows 10 laptops, wouldn't buy a computer from any other company.
  6. I would just simply keep this experience noted in your mind. It seems you may be seeking deep answers. It's important to be patient with seeking, sometimes it takes months and your brain will sort of just connect the dots, it takes time for complex personal questions like this that you can't really put into words. Even if you forget about this concern and it's deep in the back of your head, it will just resurface itself with a semi-answer along with it. Usually, the answers aren't full answers, but kinda like clues. You just need to keep experiencing life and connecting more dots.
  7. Is it actually possible to make a car run on water? Why does this seem like such a niche topic? Many people seem to support the notion that it's actually possible. If that's true then why doesn't someone work on this? The most common answer I see is that people just simply don't care. The whole thing just doesn't add up. I got into learning about this after watching this video, Troy Casey talks about free energy.
  8. What are your thoughts on the Muse Meditation Headband? Do you think this device would provide useful data or aid in better meditation? I'm considering buying one, but I'm also wondering if it would even be worth it.
  9. @The observer im just reading over this old post and found your comment insightful
  10. That's quite an interesting take. I'm going to keep working on my meditation.
  11. Okay, thanks guys, appreciate the feedback @Consept @Swarnim
  12. I’d like to share questions I have about this video, and contemplations I wrote while listening to it. So, I remember learning about the process of contemplation a while back and how Leo said not to consume any information while contemplating, just derive your own answers. However, I find I contemplate, and connect the dots better, while I listen to him speak. Is this something I should stop doing when I contemplate? I feel like it helps me think. Usually my contemplations always feel really mediocre, this one kind of felt like I was on to something. These are things that just hit me out of nowhere that I jotted down fast during the video: ------- Am I consciousness? All that exists is my consciousness. God must love me, because all that exists is my consciousness. God is infinite. I am infinite. Consciousness is infinite. I am consciousness. I am all there is. ------- I could try to contemplate this more, but I want to keep this brief, and this is what really hit me. How do I really get it? I feel like I’m trying to catch the snitch from Harry Potter. It keeps slipping away, but I feel like I’m almost grabbing it. I know I have a lot of work to do. I haven’t been meditating consistently or doing my spiritual practices. But I’ve been working at this stuff seriously for around a year and a half and I’ve been watching Leo for 3-4 years and consuming all of his content.
  13. I'd like to talk about "The Sneaky Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories": I watched this video at a point where I've been seriously following Jimmy Dore content, as I believe he is the most accurate source of political information out there. With all of the corruption he revealed to me, I was for once going to take the initiative to organize a protest with just a simple message of saying "fuck both Trump and Biden", to maybe do my part in helping people wake up. I even messaged some people in my college precalc Whatsapp group, asking if they’d want to join. Then I watched this video and did a 360, decided not to watch anything political or fight. I interpreted this video as I shouldn’t even bother watching politics or protesting, because the world will only change when we change ourselves from within. But this feels more and more like I misinterpreted something, like I shouldn’t just watch the world burn. Did he just mean that although activism is necessary, not to get lost in it and be blind to my own devilry? Was he just saying not to let the outer world take over my inner world? To take action or not take action? I derived some truths from this video, but I ultimately found this one confusing, and it’s causing me to have a personal crisis with my worldview without a straight answer to any of this.
  14. Anything from Smartervitamins seems great. They have a lot of stuff Leo recommends combined together.
  15. If the point of basic meditation is to have no thought at all, then how does it make sense to listen and interpret something? You have to think about how to integrate the information, which ruins the meditation. Right?