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  1. @Guest SirVladimir thank you! saw your reply just now. wow... what i learned? i cant smoke weed like snoop dog. i dont need to. i dont want to. now that i live alone again and face survival problems ( kind of in a hole) but its ok im breathing, and now that its painful i get it, i will keep on keeping on, thanks a lot again. i let go of the bitcoin stuff btw, my idol now is bob dylan, slowely with awarness is a line which guides me now. thank a lot again i really appriciate you.
  2. music is great men, its a really hard one for me too. i really love, movies music and pictures. i can narrow it down to music. and thats what i did because i see that i play the guitar actully. and not shooting movies. but i still love it,would love to shoot, direct, write, and work in this type od job. so maybe i will go study cinema. i still dont know. this or litreture. good luck!
  3. hey everybody, i stambeled upon the life purpose before couple of years and i think i is really good, i went threw it twice to make sure that music, words and combining them is my highest passion, and it is i wrote it down on my Mesheet, i try to do the 90 days and didnt succed, will try again, after couple of fails. i had some difficulties trusting myself it is my passion, as i went threw life i always had phases when i did something got serios and good and then went to other thing which captured my attention and seem to bring more joy. always. i think this ersistence this root is now whay im facing. a year ago i didnt know what i should do in life so i started Digital Marketing course, i almost finished it, i know how to build a website, promote on google,facebook not a master becasue i dont have much expirience but its nice, im learning it do be a master in that, i created a website that suggest there my Photography and Videography services too, for buisnesses who want to promote theit looks online. so i almost done with that, but some offer came from my fathers work to do a free PHD in any univesity, so i decide to take if the world gives. i didnt know what i would like to do but as now, naturally i really interested in Litreture, music and reading books. so it looks natural to me to study litreture and hopefully i could get a job and manage my survival needs with the website buulding thing. the thing is im evereg in the sevices i offer with my webiste, its called onestopmedia because you can get all the services in one place, i can do cool photographs and videos if needed. and i see how the LP course is all the opposite to try to create the one thing that only you can do. my friend told me yesterday i should think about the litreture thing cause its not afffordable, but when i was thinking affordable and tried Cybersecurity Course i hated it, and he told me i should follow my passion and i was couple years ago with photography( i was shooting portraits for couple of years).. its the same friend i work out with, and now we start a toxic project with bitcoin, affiliate marketing. he has connections and i know how to build and promote landing page so...theres that. my intuition tells me i should do what i like. i should get real serios and disciplened about it, i transformed my body in the last 6 monthes i started working out almost every day. with my friend and i see if i invest in myself result come. its translatable to others areas. i dont have so much background with music, i play guitar for couple of years but nothing serios most time jamming and learning songs. i think that the literture thing will help me with the lyrics and then i just need to really master the insturument and what makes that sound i like in certain songs, anaylyze how it works and why so i can play with the insturument like sculpt my melody. my mother is supportive to about the litreture PHD, she actually did it, didnt really did something with it, my mother is extremely good pianist she played from young age, published one songs book ( single project) other times she teches piano and playes for kids bands. her main thing now is yoga, shes a really good passionate teacher. and she thinks it will open me things if i go towards what i want. i see other friends of mine. so sure of themselves, study physics, and computer science and cybersecutity and i dont have this sureness about my path which i really want and the LP was the main thing for it, i guess i still really dont believe i can really do it, so i dont try with full zest and effort. i guess confusion, dought is in all of us, we just need to learn to create a much bigger vision and story about ourselves so we get run to that direction. and not worry so much... also i leave with my parents i back actually becasuse of covid. and i feel like i too dependent. my fathers things that at 20 years old you should live parents house. and im 22. if you read all of this. thank you. that was a lot
  4. @UNZARIdude i very much love your energy, great words thank you! i was waiting for person like you to inspire me, this type of stories are all i needed right now. i am sure you inspired more people here, take off towards music just me and the guitar starts right now. i wish you the best moments you wish to have and to take your art to a place you dont know you possibly can. and to the rest who is reading this too, keep working hard and be the best that you can.
  5. Yea Aurum, so you work at a job for now and working at it the rest of your time? btw i just replied to your Estas Tonne playing on Instagram, i think i will not go for this digital marketing business, too much time consuming and money. i already took digital marketing course so i will learn to make website and how to market, maybe i will transition later to job at it, if not i think i continue to work at part time jobs, work on project for cover show, playing as much as i can and maybe after decade or 4 i will be so good they cant ignore me.
  6. Jayson, you have good points but you see i think the LP course meant for you to realize it and then minimize distractions and detours and i think both of us will agree that we fear most about goin at it will all of our efforts and never looking back. in a sense if you put the music career on hold and go peruse something else it will stay on pause and you never start it until you just go to the unknows. Hendrix for example played all day for two decades, he was sleeping with his guitar, making breakfast with the guitar on him and playing , singing to himself and walk at the streets while playing it, all the time. when he started to have big shows he would stay all day on the bed and play with his girl. come on time to the show and giving his best. you see how that is a bigger leap, he didn't play it safe, music was all that mattered to him. he said that he realized that at gigs the musicians get the least money but with the girls it is the opposite. people thought he was freak and year later people interviewed him and he laughed because of that. i feel more passionate thinking that i will focus on it with full power. those big names acted much differently going strategically didn't cross their minds i think... anyways it sound nice to be able to market products from any place in the world and later get the business atomized. but i know i will have to work and put money on it to market and fail until i succeed, and its even more work for couple of years and less time to practice. for example my sister had a product on amazon but she told me its just like a job you have to put the hours it just that you're at home. i think the really serious musicians are to busy perfecting their sound and we will not hear from them in forums. reading that book about Hendrix just gave me that sense of his spirit. and you right today bands like tame impala which is Kevin Parker band he is not world class he is genius. to be realistic i think you can always get a job to have enough money for basic needs, work part time, live minimalistic. if people will say or think that you failure they right, to them its looked like a failure, but you know where you are going towards, you already succeeding you cut all the bullshit. Logic worked a two jobs and all night was writing songs and imagining he performs in front of millions of people i went for the marketing because it can be helpful to market my stuff later, but it seems kind of backwards now. anyway i wish you best of luck with you're business and i really hope that this conversation is helpful. i realized that i wait for someone to tell me yea i do it, so i will have the courage to do the same. one life...zero regrets
  7. i found my LP, i feel that music is the thing i most passionate about. now life presented me with crossroad and i need to decide. if the plane is ship is going to sail toward the purpose and let all the energies go there or... to put it more concretely start selling some products on internet and moving and creating a job where i work for myself and then do the transition. i know it will take some time, energy and money. and losing of it at the start. but i gotta tell you this, today my father told me how my grandfather went threw a period of hunger from 33 to 35, that's a real life struggle right there. i read about Jimi Hendrix now, the dude used to walk all day with a broom cause he had no money at the start, people thought he was crazy. it took hem two decades until he got hits and started play his music. he used to walk with all of this stuff in his guitar case, sleep outside, not eating for several days.. you see what i am trying to say? glary vee talked about it, ''go get enough money to pay your shit and the rest of the time work, do your own thing'' Charles Bradley sold records at 62! but he did it! i dont care if it will take me that long too, i have no fear of what my family and friends will say i am willing to put it all and i hope you all too hope you all doing real good making the most of your time, especially if you at home because of the virus. any thoughts ?
  8. interesting stories there, was disappointed i didn't find any techniques
  9. @MarkoK1 i think a good option someone said to test it about the visa is good, i get it you feel like there is the environment you need but you really know once you ger there. also notice that you can bring to where you live what you like in America and share it with your locals you see? i get your point i want to go to a more music city or country too i live in israel, i play the guitar and want to live out of that. i remember when i was in America for a short time that you can get good money and live nicely, and then maybe do it full time, performed, get a show going or something test and see what happened.
  10. @AudibleLocket hey men ! you're in a really good position! and you really good on those drums bro! you can still get some income, and its a family buisness so its even better you work with them and support each other together! see how lucky you are, just keep goin at it. be so good no one could ignore your drumming! and you doin it from a relly young age which is awesome. i want to become full time musician too, and i am thinking on a way to get enough income to do it and i am not playing for so long, keep mastering it wish you the best! you are young, play good and very lucky recognize that
  11. @omfar001 yes, because i didn't use the momentum when i had some skills like photography to think on the business side of it. 95% of the jobs i worked so far was physical or mindless just for the money, so now go for bigger paycheck, and conditions. so i can stop the stress of trying to self actualized and find and stay on LP, i didn't choose anything so now i choose to choose something which will have less stress if i will succeed in the course.
  12. @Ross Labby it actually crazy we have almost identical obstacle, after listening to good musicians like Hendrix, bb king, Radiohead, Dylan and some awesome albums i had lots of moments when i felt like yep this is it. then i would think twice about the film..i love it so much to and had a moment once that that's what i need to do. i also had droughts weather if inside music its mastering the guitar, writing songs, singing... its all awesome i want it all but best way would be to choose and just go... and now i have thoughts that songs and movies you can write and do and sing once you have the great idea for that movie, or have that muse to write a song. but again its not laser focus so then i thought that being best guitarist and go full on that until i master it, then i could do other stuff i hope this wasent no too all over the place and you might could have get some value from this exchanging information i think what i am tryind to say that you can master a musical instrument, you already have a value. writing epic movie, beautiful song you need to read some books, become philosopher, have a greater understating of yourself the world and the vision... this specifically goes for movie script
  13. @Leo Gura Leo i am watching the LP course again, the thing you said about going the path of least resistance is so right i thought that not doing it and giving any excuse would mean i am too lazy and not really want it enough. but for me as one who worked on a physical 9-5 job most of the time i just want better conditions now, i decided to do a course that get me a secure job and paycheck so i can leave my parents for good, worry less about survival needs because of better paycheck too. and then work on a way to shift to passive income in something like Airbnb and practicing every day on my passion to keep the fire burning and the eyes toward the bigger vision and possibility of greater life. i just feel like i wasted so much time, opportunities. that i need to stop wondering and going for a way the will have some good effect if i make it would be good, to make sure i am not backsliding. now i just need to get that vision board, me sheet, finish those last exercises and decide what i want to master, to pick one, because i have two but i think since i bought the guitar, amp, and the good ones, when i kind of shouldn't, because money situation not ideal. was me being brave/stupid... to know i have this is check and i can practice and play everyday and i can perform outside, do gigs once i ready was Subconscious choice from heart and again just commiting to it. ( just thinking out loud here) my other passions is film, writing.. specifically doing films, writing scripts, books.. but i think its something that requires such a big vision and knowledge of oneself and of the world the you can pull something turquoise level of these when you free yourself almost completely from a job to the the inner work, philosophy, spirituality, deep studying ,and you can always do it at the moment you have the idea. any thoughts would help, maybe will show me some trap or wiser way looking at things. god i need to stop being needy, i had that thought yesterday that maybe some people get better results while talking about it with others, people they trust, like that's how they recharge...because that's how i felt after a conversation with mom, but deep down i see that self reliance is wiser way...but we are social creature..
  14. @omfar001 huh its kind of funny, i choose to learn ethical hacking because of the good job i can have afterwards to support me. but it seems to me you have passion to it, just keep doing it. if not, i think wise way is to thing of a smooth transition to work on your passion until you can generate value and live from it, or other way to finance yourself, i think about buying and then renting a house. its good that you do it to have a good job, i did not was wise enough to see i need to do it too first.