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  1. It is high time to face the man in the mirror. It is high time. Time to make a new human being. Time to hear a new noise and see a new sight. Time to think a new thought with a new mind. Time to reach new heights with new legs. Understanding that this is going to be a monumental task, that this is nothing other than the creation of a new human being, I will accordingly approach it with a heavy degree of humility and self skepticism. I have already tried hundreds perhaps a thousand times to do even simple relatively easy goals and have completely failed. Sometimes later I find I accomplished the goal, but that I did it unconsciously. I would like to accomplish my aims consciously and literally make a note of it. It is a thing that should be remembered, our small victories. Because a big victory is nothing other than a conglomerate of many small victories. I would not only love but admire the ability to be awake even at night time. Let me become a watchman of the night! A good pessimist as I have defined it. A good pessimist is one who confronts themselves and the fact that they are a shadow of themselves: that they are not what they could be. Their future selves mock their current happiness. Their greater happiness can’t help but feel contempt for their smaller and vice versa. Archaic peoples knew this as a playful game, at least the ones who won it, but now we are without an enemy. The thing that is lacking is however not lacking in disavowal and demonization. Warfare as I know it does not exist today, however it is still demonized by my peers almost necessarily as I can’t imagine agreement on the topic of defense of suffering. Let us then commit warfare on ourselves!
  2. @axiomfyi this book is a confusing one to source. It was translated from Latin into Greek and was housed in Arabic temples. So I wouldn't say it is of Greek origin-although simplistically it is, so for the lay man it is easier to just say that. Terence McKenna was saying how others thought it came from Egyptians before Christ but then that was proven wrong but that there may be some truth in that because during the Hellenic period there were Egyptian hierophants in Greece that most likely transmitted this kind of knowledge lets say. So it isn't just simply Greek. It is actually more like Roman-Greek-Egyptian. I know it is confusing. But if you have a familiarity with Greek culture post Plato( this book is 600 years after Plato) then this book will stick out like a sore thumb, it is completely strange compared to Aristotle and Hegel, at least. It seems like a book outside the history of philosophy and in that way helps immensely in the understanding of the history of philosophy.
  3. @Something Funny "would be wasting my prime years on it instead of spending this time developing myself" How is working 10 hours a day at a slave job for 15$ dollars an hour really going to lead anywhere without me taking some kind of drastic action to change that situation? For example: living in the wild and going to school. I can understand why it seems like that is ungrateful and in some sense I actually agree with you that it is so, it is also kind of stupid, literally. Although words can be deceiving. It is actually ungrateful and stupid, but if one persists in their 'intelligent gratitude' lets say, how can you change for the better? How can you do the self development you claim is so important to you if you are so concerned with being smart and happy. Fuck happiness and intelligence. You will never grasp my joy in suffering and my love of gods stupidity!
  4. @Realms of Wonder With due respect, nothing like him. I have nothing against making money in an ethical sense. I honestly don't care much for ethics whatsoever unless it is the practice of. That is besides the point though, No I would hate to eat out of garbage cans and what? what does that guy even do every day? Meditation is great but I would get bored with only that. I am a writer and a reader! I Will be very busy with my work and I will always buy or catch my food. I couldn't live like him, it would kill my pride and I am not a Christian. That was a great documentary though because it is proof of concept that one can 'escape wage slavery' through asceticism provided one is radical enough.
  5. @Ulax Appreciate this : because I have been looking into nutrition quite obsessive and I've come to the conclusion that raw-paleo i.e. eating what you hunt /fish (especially raw) is the greatest way to preserve health. Along with exercise which would come as an affect of living in the wild. So besides the issues of weather and animals which requires minimal ingenuity and self determination health doesn't seem much of an issue so long as you are willing to drink blood and eat raw meat and rotten meat like the Eskimos do. If you are unlucky and get a viral infection than you are going to die though, or get a bad cut that gets infected, etc. ad infinitum.
  6. @Jacobsrw yea I agree. Individuality as such is illusory, it is necessary one "re-enters society", even if only metaphorically.
  7. @flowboy Yes. But I feel that I am very distant from others in my interests. Therefore I can't have a genuine connection to someone. This sounds arrogant and it is arrogant: but I feel I am superior to others and all intercourse is bad intercourse unless it is with your equals.
  8. Here are some remarkable excerpts from this little-known book from the Hellenic period in Greece: " They rise up to the father in order and surrender themselves to the powers, and, having become powers, they enter into god. This is the final good for those who have received knowledge: to be made god. Why do you still delay? Having learned all this, should you not become guide to the worthy so that through you the human race might be saved by god?" That is from the 6th page las paragraph of the :"HERMETICA The Greek Corpus Hermeticutn and the Latin Asclepius in a new English translation, with notes and introduction BRIAN P. COPENHAVER" It goes on beautifully: "As he was saying this to me, Poimandres joined with the powers. Then he sent me forth, empowered and instructed on the nature of the universe and on the supreme vision, after I had given thanks to the father of all and praised him. And I began proclaiming to mankind the beauty of reverence and knowledge: "People, earthborn men, you who have surrendered yourselves to drunkenness and sleep and ignorance of god, make yourselves sober and end your drunken sickness, for you are bewitched in unreasoning sleep." [28] When they heard, they gathered round with one accord. And I said, "Why have you surrendered yourselves to death, earthborn men, since you have the right to share in immortality? You who have journeyed with error, who have partnered with ignorance, think again: escape the shadowy light; leave corruption behind and take a share in immortality."..." P.S. I got this book free of charge by simply googling the title and then pdf and clicking on some pages , as you can do with most old books
  9. There is nothing I love more than the fresh fragrant dry air of the mountains. Yet I am expected in society to live in a prison cell that costs a minimum of 800$ a month, when I could live freely in the mountains, provided no one knows I'm there. I could possibly hunt and fish for my food in the future and then even cut another massive bill out of my life. I think that if I did not try to live without money seriously at least once in my life I would regret it. What are your thoughts on achieving freedom from wage slavery not through becoming a high value provider, but through being a low value consumer-or even a no value consumer I.e., living off of 0$?
  10. @StarStruck I was thinking about this by chance, and I think that it is entirely the wrong way to think of wealth generation-true abundant wealth that is-as simply working really hard. I came to think in my line of reasoning that it is more likely that uber successful people in fact work less and less hard than average wage slave. It is not that they are working hard at all. It is that they are almost doing the opposite of that: thinking. One cannot sit down and work really hard on thinking, it comes through leisure and relaxation. We can see historically that this is validated with the Greeks and the Romans (they had clear achievements not only in wealth) both of which had a huge percentage of slaves in the population. Close to or actually half of the people, while the masters where able to spend plenty of time relaxing. With Thales the first philosopher being also a great Entrepeneur, there is to my mind a deep similarity between entrepreneurship and philosophy-philosophy being love of wisdom or the pursuit of truth. Through relaxation, counter intuitively, we can make way more money supposing that we don't simply watch tik-Tok and eat hot Cheetos. We should obviously be disciplined, but the real question is discipline enough? I say absolutely no. We need more than hard work to be intelligent and independent in our thoughts. To do that is not simply a matter of working hard alone, it is almost like an indifference that allows us to pursue what we want to create regardless of the practicality or even our own immediate survival. For Elon Musk to say we are going to colonize mars is the kind of indifference to practical concerns I mean. Although hopefully it goes without saying that you need to 'work hard' also, whatever that really means.
  11. I listened to this lecture about Spinoza and I was struck by the resemblance it has with Leos notion of god as self. To Spinoza, nature and god are one and all things are natural. God, though, is not a being or conscious. That is a difference. God is something material and infinite, so long as your conception of material is expansive enough to include imagination, even of the material nature i.e. god. I cupel this with a lecture I listened to by Slavoj Zizek-who I head of on the blog-talking about atheist Christianity. In this video he continually makes reference to what I conceive of via Nietzsche as the slave/master relationship, describing the emptiness of goodness for the sake of profit in the form of salvation. He talks about the fundamental problem of doing good for the sake of 'getting to heaven' referencing Luther's genius anxiety about the possibility of good actions even leading to damnation, because of gods disgust with the conniving self care of niceness. I hope these lectures will be of interest to somebody. It seems very abstract, but it makes Leos supposed insight into being god more comprehensive if you work on your definition of exactly what is god and things related to the notion of god, such as morality(If it is in fact related). Understanding Spinoza with Neal Grossman Slavoj Žižek. "Christian Atheism". 2017
  12. This guy apparently goes on a 5 month meditation retreat in Peru every year, doing meditation for 10 hours a day and also take ayahuasca and does asanas and pranayama( idk wut else). Pretty inspirational dude
  13. @Mu_ That's cool, for me also the times of depression are of great use in poetry and music and philosophy also. I am still functionally afraid of death as in if I was about to die id probably shit my pants, but I'd rather die than kill someone. I see death as a continuation of the metaphysical factors which gave birth to you to begin with, in other words death is simply the necessary step to reincarnation. So actually I am terrified of death, but only in so far as I have negative karma(action(s))
  14. This year has been amazing for me as far as how much development has happened. I have had depression sense freshman year(I'm a senior) and I am now seeing it genuinely as a great asset. If you are depressed, I highly recommend not fucking with the antidepressants. Just please eat some mushrooms. Despair is an aspect of gods love(I am a Buddhist more so than christian, but in my case I simply mean infinity by the word god). In psychedelic traditions around the world a shaman is made after someone is basically so depressed that they become suicidal, then the functional guru of said society guides them through a horrible period of torturous emotions and metaphysical confusion into a state of superior understanding and feelings. I'd love to hear if anyone has had a similar experience to me this year: being that my previous feelings of pain have alchemized into gold, a spiritual gold like a lotus necklace warped around the neck of avalokiteshvara( the Buddha of compassion). Name este