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  1. You have to have courage to do Iboga (or any psychedelic for that matter) But, it does have healing effects and being fearful won't help you. Being skeptical won't help, either. Just be confident that you will have a good experience and give the psychedelic the ultimate respect. Otherwise, shit will hit the fan.
  2. @Giulio Bevilacqua None of what he's saying is useful. Ignore it all, take psychedelics and stop trusting humans. @Batman You probably have dog shit genetics and karma. You probably need 100's of more psychedelic experiences because of it. My 1 dose of ayahuasca have shift my consciousness so significant that a full ceremony of ayahuasca would take me to planes of consciousness that you can never imagine. The highest-peaks are temporarily, but the lessons and conscious shifts are a lifetime. That DOES NOT mean that there are not permanent shifts of consciousness. It could take month(s) to year(s) to reach such permanency or shifts. Ayahuasca, by it self, has completely altered the way my body functions, spiritually. Stop associating tripping to God Realization with psychedelics. Psychedelics can 100x your contemplation and meditation efforts without tripping. Don't project your genetics or karma or psychedelic failures on everyone else. The only person deluded here is you.
  3. Moral of the story: I have no balls, so I watch videos about the effects.
  4. Extremely badly. But, now I'm interested in Iboga. Very ancient psychedelic used by tribes. They are usually VERY strong and SPIRITUAL. I would stray away with putting man-made psychedelic to nature-made psychedelic unless thoroughly researched.
  5. After a few days, I'd take a higher dosage (maybe 4-4.5grams) and see if there is a difference. It may just be weak shrooms. Find a new provider or different type of mushrooms and work your way up again.
  6. I went through this last night and its has great insights.
  7. @Jannes Yes, a large drink for a visual breakthrough. I haven't personally done a super large dosage yet, but I plan to in the near future. 15-30ml is more than enough for micro-dosing. I would experiment slowly. With me, a few drops and I'm already put to sleep. By the time I wake up, I'm fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Just beware that Ayahuasca is a spiritual medicine. It's direct access to infinite spirit. At higher costs, Ayahuasca takes big balls to do alone. For micro-dosing, it's best to be done sparingly (every 2-3days) and take a few months off. It also may take a few months to really start to see peak benefits, such as increased memory recall, clarity and improved vocabulary. You may get immediate benefits, but peak results will take time to transform. Morning glory seeds (LSA) are also a great micro-dosing alternatives. There is a TEKK that allows you to attract it with alcohol and you can micro-dose the liquid in a secured bottle without throwing up or having severe diarrhea or other side effects. I intend to actually share it on the forum. And no, I haven't micro-dosed Salvia - heard the devil made it himself.
  8. For me though, even a small drop, I feel the effects. So, it does matter person-to-person. I would try and start with 5 drops from a syringe (or whatever method you are using to micro-dose). If no effects in a week, I'd increase to 10-15 drops from a 15-30ml bottle. Even with smaller amounts, ayahuasca works on your body in weird ways and still may give you insight on how to improve other thing(s) further - which will directly increase work performance and other goals / ambitions for the long-run.
  9. Initially, it was a micro-dose, because those experiences took months to build up. Of course, I've taken more and gradually pushed for more direct experiences. But yes, you can take a few drops of Ayahuasca (from a 15-30ml bottle) and gain clarity, increased memory and focus. So yes, you can take much smaller amounts and gain benefits without the mini-trip experiences.
  10. Psychedelics is not a pointer, but a pre-requisite for any profound and radical insight to consciousness. Psychedelics can also create increased states of consciousness, which are permanent. But, you wouldn't know that if you are still scared of the dark and still leave the lights on at night when you go to bed. Morale of the story, most of you are scared shitless of psychedelics and finding anyway to avoid it with bullshit.
  11. I wouldn't mix LSD with Iboga unless you want to go to spiritual hell. If you are already questioning it, don't do it - unless you are extremely confident in yourself. You have to be 100% self-assured. Keep that shit separate for now. Alternatively, you can take Iboga and after a few days or weeks, take LSD to see if it improves your experience. Then, gradually scale it with micro-dosing Iboga + LSD. But, both probably binds to the same brain receptors and could 100X the LSD experience. Be careful.
  12. Yes, Ayahuasca is suitable for micro-dosing and hardcore contemplating. Ayahuasca also loves to play on fears, so you may come face-to-face with them. You may even gain profound insights and/or trauma releasing experiences. Only micro-dose Ayahuasca if you are looking for intermediary psychedelic experience that does not give you insane trips, but you will have mini-trips. So far, the biggest benefits is trauma release, mental clarity, increased intelligence and memory recall.
  13. IQ is extremely overrated and disrespectful to what psychedelics can actually give you. It's like asking Lucifer for a cow for your soul.
  14. I concur. Slowly work your way up and get a good trip sitter. I went to eternal hell the last time I took a big-balls dose of LSD.
  15. @kamwalker I HIGHLY recommend that you take a break and contemplate your fears. Fears is a blockage and you won't go any further with being afraid. Then you have to ask yourself if it's worth going beyond. If yes, start tackling those fears. Otherwise, you can experiment with those psychedelics. Ayahuasca is a great alternative. @catcat69123 Crossing your legs with your eye closed with a Buddhist dress on is worse than psychedelics. I would never depend on my ass going numb, waiting 10 years and climbing on a mountain just to experience 0.0000000000000001% of a psychedelics trip. Get real.
  16. Yes, you can develop gut-feeling by doing prana-breathing exercises that focuses primarily on your stomach. You can clear blockages with your breathe, so you can feel intuitive more deeply and intuitively. Of course, nothing beats psychedelics. Also, trauma and depression can live in the gut and block you from further intuitive thinking. It can also block you from profound psychedelic insights.
  17. Very interesting trip report. Weed is the most underrated psychedelic and for some odd reason, I'm ultra sensitive to it. I cannot smoke weed without getting a psychedelic experience, it's impossible. For me specifically, I get insane visuals. Visuals that you cannot human-imagine. I had become God's infinite imagination, but with more visuals that differs from prior psychedelics. It was God being a infinite imaginative psychopath. Sad I didn't write down this trip after it happened.
  18. Sounds like DMT to me. You can always buy a DMT Spot kit which will color code and identify if it's DMT or not. Best of wishes and good journeys ahead.
  19. OP: I would ignore anyone that does not believe you. Alien can be states that are so radical that you cannot explain it. But it's also radically different than any, yet utterly powerful and infinite. It DOES NOT necessarily mean it's Leo infinite-alien. But, if you have not even attempted to take a psy and is scared like a tin-can-man, you won't understand. You'd just call it parroting Leo, while parroting each other. OP has already actively admitted that he did not reach infinite alien, but obvious contemplation of its possibility. The beautiful thing about this awakening it's basically infinite / absolute love - which, by itself, is very beautiful when directly experienced. Thank you again for sharing.
  20. @Jowblob Very beautiful. Just trying to contemplate all this can be very challenging. I'm still trying to figure out my last LSD trip a year ago. Best of wishes to you.
  21. With Spirit Consciousness, you can actually have direct experience to all forms of paranormal and supernatural powers. This stuff is VERY real and VERY powerful. But, can also produce existential karma, as a lawful order. Various of spiritual entities can grant sacred and hidden knowledge. Before, psychedelics, they were usually performed in rituals and other ancient practices. The only thing I can recommend is Ayahuasca (DMT).
  22. Beautiful trip. Question: what psychedelic was this? Thank you
  23. Also, consider this: Most of what non-psychedelic users says is a regurgitation. But, they are foolishly parroting themselves. How many Inliytened1 can you fit on a tractor trailer? Some users have also claimed to have experienced God or tripped far greater without psychedelics. Any person that half-asses psychedelics know that you cannot have 1% of a psychedelic experience with your brain - even if you were monk level of enlightenment. There are serious trip reporters on other forums that don't take God realization or spirituality seriously that is more open minded and understanding about the radicalness of consciousness more than users on an actual spiritual forum. It's actually sad. It's also boring that the spiritual section gets more attention than the psychedelics section. It's all rooted into fearing the unknown and not having enough balls. Because you must have some big balls to do it. And if you are scared, you will find a multitude of excuses and why your "brain" is unique and better, when it's not. I've come to a realization that most people with less than 500 posts here are more kind and understanding and usually take psychedelics. I'll stick with speaking to those people.
  24. Stop parroting me. Better twice, why do I keep hitting feelings about psychedelic? Why are people so scared to use psychedelic?
  25. Sounds like a great trip. Bliss, joy and love is the best feeling during or even after tripping.