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  1. I've done it twice but not a full dose yet. For me, however, it's so hard physically and mentally that I just want to be normal again in the end. Like I just want to be sober and clean, maybe that's why it helps so much with addiction.
  2. Between 0.2-0.6g. It’s more like mini dosing
  3. How to change your mind by Michael Pollan. I haven’t read it but everyone says it’s great for newbies. Also available in german
  4. In my experience the tolerance with shrooms isn't some linear thing that builds up, I don't really understand it. But with your dose, I would always do one day break, or more. The days in between dosing can be the most beautiful ones. As I already said, experiment with it and see what works best. I don't weight the powder, just fill the pills completely and they end up with around 0.2mg shroom powder. No special tool, just a small scoop and my fingers and nothing goes to waste. I don't know
  5. Experiment and see what works best for you. Some do it every other day, some every day, no need to plan it better by feel. I grind mine and make pills, that generally works best for me.
  6. @Carl-Richard Very interesting! Yes, you are right, I can see that.
  7. I googled it and it says the woman snorted 55mg LSD crystal. Still a lot, but not even close to 3g. You can't start snorting 3g of LSD and still mistake it for coke after a few lines lol...
  8. But isn't the myth that if someone with schizophrenia was born into a culture that integrates them into its society, the "disease" will not be experienced negatively? Would be interesting to know if there are schizophrenics like we know in indigenous cultures. I think it highly depends on culture
  9. Yes, I understand. That's a good starting point for going deeper. Sounds good! In my experience, breaking it down over and over again makes it more and more clear.
  10. In a way they are imo, I mean don't you see different faces? But yes, absolutely, it is only God looking at himself, if you mean that. I would say it's happening in the same space but I am not sure if I exactly understand how you mean that. It's both for me. The two bodies look at each other, they are both God and this interaction takes place in the mind of God. In my view god imagnes both bodies so that it can explore those perspectives. Yes, basically you believe the science and don't rely on your direct experience.
  11. Your post sounded like you avoid going deeper so you won’t lose your blissful state. Maybe I just read it like that because I went through that a few years ago. And sorry I was replying in the wrong topic, it was meant to your last post in the god realization books topic. I mostly agree with what you said here. But for me, freedom from suffering does not mean the end of suffering.
  12. I do it similar to him and switch between them. But I think there is some truth to the flashlight metaphor, in that God is in a way exploring Himself through you. @Water by the River I think you're missing the point if you make spirituality about avoiding suffering.
  13. There are now some people who have consumed LSD more than 1000 times and are absolutely healthy. Everyone is different but generally there is nothing to worry about.
  14. Any psychedelic can help. It's about becoming more conscious. My energetic system has changed permanently several times. I haven't completely resolved it yet, but it's a lot better than it was a few years ago.
  15. Consciousness is like a gift that keeps unwrapping itself for eternity
  16. If you keep tripping sooner or later, you're going to have a bad trip. Out of 200 trips I've had about 5-10 really bad ones. Also if you keep your dose low there is little risk. The higher the dose, the more likely it is that you will have a bad trip.
  17. Fine as long as I don't have to listen to some shitty edm.
  18. @Arthogaan Doesn't surprise me, he has a bad taste in music also
  19. mind blowing what kind of lyrics he wrote in his early 20s
  20. So much happened over the past 3 months... I think I cried more in those 3 months then I have in my entire life combined, and it's not like before I held back my tears. Life completley destoryed me and there was literally nothing I could do about it. Yet even in my darkest hours I never lost trust in God. As I write this I realize I should recognize my growth more often. As I said in my first entry here: I keep underestimating myself whenever I face a challange. This will change now! 4 days ago I started media fasting again. That means no more Youtube, Facebook, movies, Netflix etc. for the next 6 months. I can already feel my mind becoming more meditative. Podcast, music and this forum are allowed but also restricted. I'm still not 100% sure what to do with Allison... I know it must have taken a lot for her to get back in touch and tell me these things, so I want to honor that in a way. But I don't really want to reconnect either because it would feel like a step backwards. However, I still think about her every day, but it's different... I think the best thing to do now is to do nothing, just let go and see what the future might bring. I've said what I wanted to say and I've stood up for myself and kept my self-respect, so what's left to do? It's really wild how radically my state of being can change from absolute despair to an ecstasy that has been exploding in every cell of my body for the past weeks. I feel better and clearer than ever, but I found myself clinging to this state. So I'm going to do an LSD trip tomorrow, I think then I'll know where I stand.