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  1. @SourceCodo It sounds to me like you have to go deeper to see God in everything. This will then erease all your doubts and your mind will unify. I don't think you will solve this intellectually with your current understanding.
  2. around 200
  3. Dylan probably has the most perfect songs, he's on a whole other level...
  4. This is bs. It is almost impossible to overdose on LSD, people have taken up to 10000ug without dying. If you aren't already doing so, use your body awareness and focus on relaxing your body during the trip. You should come to a point where you are completely relaxed. Just like you, basically a mixture of meditation and contemplation.
  5. I mean I know what you mean I sometimes feel dirty at the beginning of a trip but by the end I usually feel very clean and pure. It's like an energetic cleansing for me.
  6. If you trip enough you'll learn to surrender. We all have traumas but if you think you can't handle it then I wouldn't recommend doing high dose LSD trips. Or start with 250ug and when you feel you can handle that take 300ug and so on... Another way to make your LSD trips more interesting is to smoke some weed at the peak. That way you can keep your dose low and trip more frequently but maybe not a good idea if you don't want to lose control. Wow, for me it's the exact opposite. When you trip, what do you do?
  7. See for yourself. I could take LSD 1000 times and it would never get old for me. How much do you usually take?
  8. take more N-N DMT makes me the least horny and ketamine, but it's not actually a psychedelic.
  9. Munich for sure and cologne probably too! Would be fun to see you there
  10. psssst!!!🤫 🤭
  11. = original poster, the one who started the topic
  12. It depends, a major one like op had will change you in my experience. But i've had smaller ones that didn't really change much, if anything.
  13. @Leo Gura In your 'What does Awakening feel like?' video you describe your highest awakening as becoming a point in geometry, a perfect singularity. How many times have you become this point? And did you have higher awakenings then this one? Is alien consciousness beyond that?
  14. very cool!! thanks for sharing
  15. 😂 nice one, congrats!
  16. It's not overrated if you want to dissolve the ego, very effective imo.
  17. @something_else Maybe you have OCD? Grof had patients with severe OCD take up to 1500 mcg with no significant effect.
  18. In his last podcast he said it's much better than it was a few years ago, but still his sleep could be a lot better. According to him, he has to live with that.
  19. The German language is next level, there are so many cool words and phrases, I collect a lot and will make a topic about it in the future. For example when i went for a walk in the forest a few days ago and someone came towards me, i was aware that there was nothing but me and she greeted me with "grüß gott" which translated means "greetings god". Old people in Bavaria often say that as a greeting. Another one I really like is "servus" which means something like "I am your servant" or "I serve God".