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  1. Hey @Razard86, would you mind sharing the books in this thread? I think a lot of people could potentially benefit from them (including myself)
  2. yes. sometimes it gets slow or won't load at all.
  3. hey @Blackhawk, im gonna try to help you out a bit. I have watched only a few of the videos but I think what Leo is trying to point at is very simple. People who have worked in the US intelligence for very long periods of time have witnessed flying objects with properties that no known current technology on earth could replicate, such as suddenly moving at speeds way above sonic with outstanding ability to control its trajectory without displaying much resemblance with flight technology known to men. This kind of stuff has been observed by many different people at different moments and even by people who were not UFO advocates at all. So by logic, since there is no known technology on earth that could do any of these things, these flying objects are very likely not from this world. However, this does not mean the exact nature of these objects and where exactly they come from is known. There is still a lot to be discovered, but the evidence it is not from Earth is simply too great. Also, to complement. Just because someone is a former something, does not mean they've suddenly lost all their knowledge and prior experience once they've left their formal role. It is still much worth listening to what they have to say about whatever it is that they've done for a number of years.
  4. When living in New York City, I listed a piece of furniture on craigslist. I immediately got a message from someone interested and they even wanted to pay a bit more to secure the deal. So he said he would pay by check and that the check would have a bit of a higher value in it so that I could pay the difference to the movers who would come to pick up the furniture. When the check arrived, it turned out that it had a value of over $1000 dollars extra. I thought it was a bit weird but I put the check in the ATM and it went through fine so I thought it was ok. Fortunately, I talked to a friend who told me that in the US even though you get the value of the check immediately on your account, after a few days the bank does a proper validation of the funds backing up the check and it may eventually bounce back. So I told the scammer guy I would wait a few days and sure enough, it did bounce back. I told the scammer to f*ck off and never heard back from him. I learned that the bigger the city, the more there will be people trying to take advantage of the naive. Gotta be very careful when moving to a place like New York.
  5. @Leo Gura Do you consider the first interview a pre-requisite for watching the second interview or are they completely independent?
  6. For people who just want a well functioning phone that will be consistently updated and maintained and provides a smooth consistent user experience without a ton of room for tweaking, the iPhone is totally fine. Not everyone has the time or interest in tweaking and jailbreaking their phones.
  7. I am also very interested in that. I think you have a point when you say amateur notes have the potential to be a lot better than professional ones. Unfortunately, I don't know of any amateur notes aggregator website or anything like that. Would love to hear if someone knows where to find such a thing. When it comes to professional notes, other than the well know professional paid apps/websites such as Blinkist, I can also recommend this book: 50 Self-Help Classics https://www.amazon.com/Self-Help-Classics-Inspirational-Transform-Contemporary-ebook/dp/B01HPVHE6O/ It aggregates professional summaries of 50 self-help books and you can buy the kindle version for a few bucks. You can also find this series of books on other topics other than self-help. The summaries are not super well detailed but are decent enough and the book is pretty cheap.
  8. I would love to see a video like this
  9. has anybody watched it and would be willing to share their thoughts on the documentary? is it worth the watch?
  10. I am sure a lot of religious people are very serious about their practices and put a lot of effort into it. I was specifically asking about people who don't make any conscious effort and still claim to feel God just naturally. There are a lot of people in this category and this really puzzles me. Sorry if I sounded arrogant, it wasn't my intention. Great reminder! I actually did hang out with a lot of serious religious people. I myself went to church for a while to see if I could find any truth in it and I also spent a good portion of my young adult life going to places of worship of various religions as part of my quest for truth. I eventually realized none of that was for me though and I became an atheist. I stayed a materialist atheist for a while and things changed for me drastically when I found you on youtube in 2016 @Leo Gura so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for opening up my mind to new things.
  11. So you would say that the typical case boils down to a mix of wishful thinking and delusion? Maybe there is a little bit of intuition that gets strengthened by the wishful thinking?
  12. @dimitri The people I talked to which told me they could feel god were typically people my age at the time (teenager to young adults), who definitely didnt do 5-MeO or any psychedelics for that matter. They were simply kids with no spiritual ambitions (average people). So restricting the target of the questions to these kinds of individuals, it makes it very hard to believe they could actually feel some sort of mystical thing
  13. So how come I never felt anything? (until I tried very hard)
  14. let me be a little more specific on what I'm trying to understand: how can someone raised in a religious tradition (think average churchgoer), who has put zero effort into their spiritual growth, who simply goes to church on Sundays and prays to God before they go to bed still claim that they are able to somehow "feel" God? What is it that they feel? Hard for me to understand since I never felt anything before I started putting a lot of effort into my spiritual growth.