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  1. I am also very interested in that. I think you have a point when you say amateur notes have the potential to be a lot better than professional ones. Unfortunately, I don't know of any amateur notes aggregator website or anything like that. Would love to hear if someone knows where to find such a thing. When it comes to professional notes, other than the well know professional paid apps/websites such as Blinkist, I can also recommend this book: 50 Self-Help Classics https://www.amazon.com/Self-Help-Classics-Inspirational-Transform-Contemporary-ebook/dp/B01HPVHE6O/ It aggregates professional summaries of 50 self-help books and you can buy the kindle version for a few bucks. You can also find this series of books on other topics other than self-help. The summaries are not super well detailed but are decent enough and the book is pretty cheap.
  2. I would love to see a video like this
  3. has anybody watched it and would be willing to share their thoughts on the documentary? is it worth the watch?
  4. I am sure a lot of religious people are very serious about their practices and put a lot of effort into it. I was specifically asking about people who don't make any conscious effort and still claim to feel God just naturally. There are a lot of people in this category and this really puzzles me. Sorry if I sounded arrogant, it wasn't my intention. Great reminder! I actually did hang out with a lot of serious religious people. I myself went to church for a while to see if I could find any truth in it and I also spent a good portion of my young adult life going to places of worship of various religions as part of my quest for truth. I eventually realized none of that was for me though and I became an atheist. I stayed a materialist atheist for a while and things changed for me drastically when I found you on youtube in 2016 @Leo Gura so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for opening up my mind to new things.
  5. So you would say that the typical case boils down to a mix of wishful thinking and delusion? Maybe there is a little bit of intuition that gets strengthened by the wishful thinking?
  6. @dimitri The people I talked to which told me they could feel god were typically people my age at the time (teenager to young adults), who definitely didnt do 5-MeO or any psychedelics for that matter. They were simply kids with no spiritual ambitions (average people). So restricting the target of the questions to these kinds of individuals, it makes it very hard to believe they could actually feel some sort of mystical thing
  7. So how come I never felt anything? (until I tried very hard)
  8. let me be a little more specific on what I'm trying to understand: how can someone raised in a religious tradition (think average churchgoer), who has put zero effort into their spiritual growth, who simply goes to church on Sundays and prays to God before they go to bed still claim that they are able to somehow "feel" God? What is it that they feel? Hard for me to understand since I never felt anything before I started putting a lot of effort into my spiritual growth.
  9. Back when I was a very annoying atheist, I used to question the faith of religious people I knew and engage in debates. Often what I would hear from the religious stage blue people is that God was something that they felt and could not be explained rationally. To me at the time this sounded like total bs and I thought they were totally deluding themselves and thinking they were feeling something that came from God when it was totally made up by their minds. Nowadays I no longer engage in these kinds of debates and I have evolved to more stage green and above values. I have had many interesting spiritual experiences (meditation, psychedelics, tantra, etc...) that have changed my perspective quite a lot. However I was just thinking these days: never in my life have I had any special "feeling" in me that made me think that God exists until recently with some psychedelic experiences in which I had some sorts of awakening experiences that totally blew my mind. And it took me a lot of work to finally get to experience something like that. So my question is: are stage blue religious people really capable of feeling something that comes from God when they go to church or when they pray which I am not able to experience or are they really deluding themselves like I originally thought they are? Please don't interpret my question as an attempt to make religious people look stupid, but rather a genuine curiosity to understand where this feeling of God that they feel comes from. It is surprising to me that you could somehow feel God without doing any of the hard spiritual work and by simpling praying or going to church.
  10. I have had mushrooms at various different dosages from very small to quite strong (around 7g) and in most of the trips with mushrooms, I had this quite distracting body discomfort. There were other interesting phenomena happening as well like visuals, mild ego death, personal insights, weird feeling like time is moving slower, etc. But sometimes the body discomfort was so intense that it just swamped all the other phenomena. I don't have panic attack issues. I do have a recurring theme in my trips of being acutely aware of the mortality of the people I love (especially my father) in an almost unbearable way. This has come up very strongly in recent ayahuasca and ketamine trips, which I have been learning to address. Maybe this recurring theme has to do with ego death fear, but I am not sure how it relates to the body discomfort that happens on mushrooms (and on ayahuasca). Thank you for the reply, but it is still not very clear to me how to do that. Please let me know if you have specific tips on how to achieve this. Do you feel like you have made any progress in overcoming that discomfort over the course of these trips? Have you experienced a similar discomfort on other substances? So you believe the way to go during the discomfort is to move the body as you feel like you need to in order to feel more comfortable? Will the discomfort start to gradually lower on consecutive trips? Does it help to take a massive dosage and then let a big catharsis happen?
  11. Can you elaborate a bit on this? How to make one's body loose and smooth and get rid of energetic blockages?
  12. thanks for the reply! In the context of feeling a lot of body discomfort, what exactly does it mean to let go one's body? I don't really feel like I am trying to resist anything, I just feel like I am simply feeling a lot of discomfort. I am confused as to what I can do about that. Do LSD and DMT have these body discomfort effects too or are they much more mind driven experiences?
  13. I have tripped a few times on mushrooms and I find that for me it creates a lot of body discomfort which makes any consciousness work very difficult to make. How do I describe this discomfort? First, it feels very cold. Not only cold but there is an overwhelming craving for warmth. Then the body is very restless and it is very hard to stay still in one position. There is this constant feeling of discomfort in the body that is rather unpleasant. At some point in the trip, this starts fading. Weirdly I don't see that described in many mushrooms trip reports. So my questions are: Is this normal or do most people not feel that on mushrooms at all? Is there a way to overcome this obstacle? Are mushrooms even a good tool for consciousness work? For more context, I have had really deep insightful trips on ketamine without any body discomfort at all. On ayahuasca, I also feel a very similar discomfort. I have not had other psychedelics than the 3 mentioned here, but I would appreciate also if someone can tell me which substances generally create body discomfort and which ones don't.
  14. Try Duolingo. It is a fun little language learning app that can serve as a good introduction and help you form a foundation.
  15. I have a friend who has access to a lot of psychedelic substances and has been able to provide me some of them. I asked him if he could get me 5-Meo-DMT to which he replied that he could but he wouldn't because he doesn't think I am prepared for that. He even hasn't had it himself for thinking he is also not ready too. Is he right to think that one should be very experienced to try it? Considering I take it responsibly (starting with a very small amount first, doing it at home, etc), should I really be worried about it being too much for me? For more context, I have done mushrooms many times and ayahuasca and some other things, so I don't consider myself completely inexperienced with psychedelics.