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  1. I usually hike during the summer vacation, and it always strike me it's too hot, that actually autumn temperatures makes it the perfect hiking period
  2. Spiral Dynamics: Coral
  3. If he truly got it, I don't think anyone win here.. 1. He recovers from mild symptoms, "See I told you, fake news, it's just a regular flu" 2. He recovers from serious symptoms, "See, I'm still strong and healthy, Biden would never have survived that!" 3. He dies, at the edge of an election I assume this would cause complete chaos in the republican party and among his followers?
  4. Is it easier to grasp if I tell you physicality is part of the dream, that touching something and perceiving it as solid is part of the trick?
  5. Time is a gift, in order to make stories
  6. I guess it's good practice for the future when another virus spawn which is way more deadly and acts quicker
  7. Sometimes this forum is 1000 years ahead of its time
  8. Sure if you are just comfortable and have never really suffered in life I guess you can enjoy an "ignorance is bliss" state of the lower stages. But many advance up the stages because of deep suffering, they are seekers and "have no choice", with such an intense suffering that nothing external is enough to keep them distracted. Then the methods that actually heal are revealed and you start to see the limitations of your current stage/paradigm and advance to the next stage. If the suffering is deep enough, your seeking will eventually end up in turquoise as only the Truth will suffice, all delusion is revealed as the lies they are as they can't touch the deepest suffering. That people can live good healthy lives in lower stages is not something many disagree on, but haven't you seen these people still chase "the next thing" live relatively spoiled/privileged lives surrounded by lots of material comfort, or maybe a group of like-minded people that just confirm their comforting beliefs?
  9. Absolutely. First guest: Peter Ralston
  10. But think about it, if your favorite method for distraction from looking inward is criticism, Leo is probably the most juicy target out there, he must taste so good to him
  11. And Jim Newman isn't that old, 50? Ethan Kahn It depends on how deep these youtube channels reporting on their spiritual journey/psychedelic reports go in their own time, if they continue into the depths, there can lots of upcoming guides. I don't know if you define a "guru" as someone that are good at explaining their awakenings, or have lived in a cave for a few decades
  12. Why start with a high dose of any psychedelic? If you're doing it to show off how "good you are at letting go" or being "spiritually hardcore", it's going to kick your ass. I'm still integrating the experience of Ayahuasca, and the day after 22 grams of magic truffles, taken 6 months ago. Rediscovering what meditation and breathing techniques actually is trying to open you up to, bliss is already here, available even without psychedelics, they are just effective at showing you glimpses and revealing entangled barriers/delusion/fear. And 22 grams of truffles isn't even a mindblowing dose when comparing the psilocybin dose to dried mushrooms, no machine elves or cosmic surgery by aliens, still it was enough to synchronize mind/body/consciousness and make me roll around in orgasm for 3 hours just by pinching my ear tips. There i so much to discover between the beginning stages and the other-worldly dimensions you read in high dose reports. For example, after that first magic truffle trip I naturally felt like forming different kind of Mudras with my hands, even though I've never been trained in any religion, or Hindu/Samurai/Egyptian/Indian culture and symbolism where they do that all the time, I come from a mechanical/calculated/materialistic 1st world culture. But when you feel there is an energy in your body that want to flow through your hands in specific ways, you surrender to that and let it, and the field of Mudras is something you can study and experiment with for a long time. What if you take a higher dose than your level of development, and all these discoveries blast over your head, and you get no insight to contemplate or take with you when you do non-psychedelic inner work? And after reading lots of reports I think I was overly prepared compared to the average first timer, even though I had a complex PTSD diagnosis from a hellish childhood. Very little fear like you describe. Absurd levels of open-mindedness. Years of different kind of intense exercise, building discipline and getting to know my body. Hundreds of hours of intellectual/conceptual research on psychedelics and non-duality in general, which is still important even though the experience is beyond words, as your starting point is only made up of concepts and intellectual delusion. And during the 12 months before my first psychedelic, I had 5 months of solo "retreats" in Norwegian national parks and mountains, where I just walked without any clear goal, breathing and being mindful and living simply in silence, that also prepares your whole being without directly "doing" an advanced technique, getting away from distractions so you can discover what it is to just be, maybe some bad habits or resistance surface during such a hiking trip, and you can meditate on it or even scream it out in the mountains, working through the intense negativity without psychedelic influence first. So even I with all this preparation got profound heavenly insights and experiences from just a medium dose of psychedelics. And if you know you carry a lot of fear and negativity WITHOUT the psychedelics, you can easily pull this shit out in a simple meditation session, try sitting for 1 hour and see if you go crazy, if you can't deal with 1 hour of simple meditation in your normal state, how do you expect your psychedelic trip will be.
  13. It's just his teaching style+passion for Truth. And anyway, he's just 1 of 100 different spiritual teachers you should lean on. If he truly is turning mad, it will be an interesting perspective to observe as he's a master INTP, researcher and philosopher, and you will still have 99 spiritual teachers left to walk with you on your path. At the end of the day, the real work happens within you and all this guidance and lectures are nothing but vague signposts. Your own direct experience is the highest authority and should be nourished by thousands of different perspectives, not just
  14. I guess from my shallow understanding you should just ram through the college degree to avoid energy wasted on worrying about being a "drop out" or if it was the right choice. Depends on the cost and how many years you have left of it, here in Europe higher education is often free/extremely cheap in comparison which changes the scenario. Other than that, there are universally good habits/skills you can develop when you are lost in life, like experimenting and mastering a healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutrition that suits your body. Investing time in health and lifestyle will never turn out to be a waste, no matter what you end up doing later. Health and synchronization of mind/body/consciousness is even more core and is something that affect your every moment no matter what, and in the clarity the healthy habits often bring, a clear direction can pop out. Just listen to all the rich "successful" people word in different ways how health is the true wealth, and how little importance money is if you sacrificed your health for it. he Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”
  15. Why are you painting the illusion and "game" as something lesser or bad? Each moment of experience is an artwork that can be experienced from every perspective, dimension, sense, intensity, each moment is the point. This universe is one of an infinite amount of galleries. The limitations and "negative" mechanics of this universe like survival and death, is what enables a specific type of art influenced by the laws of this universe. In other universes where the beings are immortal, infinite and all-knowing, they can't genuinely create the experiences and artwork we do here. It's all a type of art only possible in a universe like this, even though it's all illusory and painted with only 1 "substance", consciousness. All their stories, pursuits of happiness, delusions, personalities, struggles, ideologies, bonds and networks. And especially the very limited type of art heavily influenced by the human perspective. The more God/consciousness/source can limit itself, the greater the artistry, it WANTS to get lost in its own creation and be fully immersed in the illusions, like you want, or previously liked to be totally distracted by a great movie/video game/musical composition
  16. Turquoise: Sadhguru / Adyashanti Yellow: Bill Gates / Andrew Yang / Nelson Mandela Green: Bernie Sanders Orange: Mark Cuban Blue: Father George Coyne Red: Donald Trump Purple: Your mama Beige: The squirrel gathering nuts for the winter in his little "tree cave" ?
  17. Maybe you've gone up a meta level or two, and is not as easily tricked as before. In distress there is the suffering right there, and then there is all the bullshit we project on in afterwards that can amplify the suffering to infinity, but you don't spiral into it anymore. I had complex type PTSD from my childhood, but then died on psychedelics, and the network of thoughts that made up much of the PTSD dissolved, and even though I remember all the trauma and darkness, I can't take it seriously anymore as I did before, even if i try. Now I'm too present to fall into the illusion, and even though I can bring back a bad memory and observe it in my mind, it's not any more distressing than a sad movie that stops being sad when the movie itself ends. I can still cry, but then we're talking hardcore stuff like World War 2 documentaries. Or maybe finally seeing people who have crawled out of the mud get what they deserve after years and years of hard work. Or when the absurdity of existence truly hits me on a deeper level, not what it is, but just that existence exist
  18. You sound entitled
  19. lol, this attitude of "what can be better than that" is EXACTLY what makes Green, and all other stages, eventually go blind to its limitations and eventually turn evil again. The attitude that nothing else can do better. Of course every stage looks at itself as the One True World View, that's what Spiral Dynamics is trying to remind us of, and that as consciousness in people grow, they flow with the world in different ways. Yellow's individual expression might not find its place in an over-saturated Green society. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let's say you actually are a healthy green and get a well deserved leadership position and do a lot of good, as Green take over and the hundreds of millions of people around you adopt it, the limitations of green will start pouring fourth. All stages can stabilize in a healthy way and lead people into good happy lives, we as humans probably fit right into Purple with our little family tribe and guidance of a humble shaman and their plant medicine, but Purple fell apart once the amount of people in its society grew past its boundaries, higher stages are better at governing more people and diversity. After a while Yellow would try to answer the problems of a Green that has grown out of bounds, and the blind Green collective identity would see Yellow's help as an attack on its existence, even though Yellow is considered "higher". No one has the full picture and can define what's best for everyone, especially when that everyone is 7,5 billion people. Yes, mass genuine adoption of Green would be healthy for the 1st world countries right now, but eventually the limitations would show themselves, and Yellow could actually "do better" in many ways
  20. Then practice "dying" by going into a period of cutting out the anti-depressants, just eating the essential foods (blend and drink oatmeal, spinach and eggs ), exercise and meditate as good as you can, NOTHING ELSE. Then surrender to and bathe in all the resistance, boredom and suffering that rise up from this hardcore period. If you really want to die, you shouldn't have many attachments left to a comfortable lifestyle and eating habits. This is what I did when my depression was at its most intense, to the point of not feeling anything at all, "ok so if I'm just a robot now, I guess I can just make all decisions based on what's most reasonable." And why are we talking about 5-MeO to begin with. Have you researched psilocybin? Why not synchronize body/mind/consciousness with magic mushrooms, or legal truffles in Amsterdam if you live in Europe? Even 22 grams of High Hawaiian truffles, which is considered a high dose by the Smart Shops down there can be guided by you for the 6-7 hours they last. And they can give you 3 hour long orgasms in the shower, which really is not based in sexuality, but this synchronization of mind/body/consciousness, which might be exactly what you need if your depression disconnects you from even your own body. Today it's like my earlier depressions and complex PTSD never has existed at all, a few of the depressions was also simply just my paradigms dying to make room for the next, based on the Spiral Dynamic model. You can deprogram/program anything you want, some things just take time, and sometimes it's your world view/paradigm which has to die, not you literally
  21. The "point" is simply to be and experience each moment fully. But you are still stuck in the ego veil, so a lot of limiting survival neurotic nonsense is mixing in and making a mess in your mind. Existence is a gallery, and in comparison to human art like paintings that can just be enjoyed visually, each moment is an artwork that can be experienced and enjoyed from every angle, sense, intensity, dimension, level of positive/negative, and the "meaning of life" is simply to experience and savour this artwork fully, whatever there is you end up doing, there is no morality or anything you "should rather do". Right here we are limited in a physical human form, but that gives us the opportunity to experience this artwork in this exact unique way, and create "limited art" based on suffering/pleasure and other dualities, which is not possible in other parts of creation with other rules. However, you could say that indirectly this means that a good plan or goal to pursue, is to synchronize mind/body/consciousness and develop your ability to savour each moment more intensely, up to 100%, where reaching 100% presence/awareness/mindfulness is what many cultures has labeled "enlightenment". This could mean something as big as going to college and mastering a whole field, because you want to see the artwork of the experiences that degree unlock. But there is really nothing you rather should do or rather be, let go of all the morality of Blue, expectations of Orange and rules of everyone else. Whatever you do, you'll just end up creating the unique artwork that is your life which will be placed in the gallery of existence for creation to enjoy. Become an eccentric artist and paint/write/compose 20 hours a day, or have children and watch life grow nourished by your love, or become an average Joe that barbecue and play video games with your friends every weekend. You are free to do whatever, and once you surrender to it all, you will naturally just flow, create, play, dance. Surrender does not mean "giving up" or "stop living", when you are able to, it will be like coming home and the realization will be the most obvious thing you've ever "seen". Just be aware that the more seriously you take your thoughts and identify with the ego, which is really just a tool, the more you choose suffering, confusion an delusion, which is basically everything everyone is trying to get away from
  22. I guess this is where a healthy Yellow comes in? They see that the world is a bunch of self-developing systems, and that if everyone just cleaned their room and focused on mastering their specific field rather than going out protesting and storming the government in the name of revolution, we would reach a healthier world more quickly. So the Yellow minimize his/her life and typically focus on a quiet life where they can focus on their mastery to improve 100 other lives rather than trying to just touch thousands