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  1. How can someone know if neo advaita is bs? To me it seems just as valid as any other spiritual school of thought. a sticking point for me is I just don’t feel like there is someone in a body on a journey that could do things to get me anywhere better, it’s all just this right? How could it not be will this change if meditation or psychedelics happen? And isn’t it me making up all the meaning?
  2. Quite the mindfuck eh, it’s all the story of the human race which could be acknowledged to be real or could be completely ignored. It’s the question if the news happens but there’s no one conscious of it did it really happen at all?
  3. Mostly just consistency of practices and the belief in such practices as means to get to somewhere better than what is already here and happening. I long for god realization via kriya yoga or meditation chastity etc but also have a hard time believing that it will all get me somewhere to fulfillment or “being done”. I resonate very much with the neo- advaita message which says that there is nowhere to get and no one doing actions, because of this I sometimes have no motivation and feel like there could be a reality where I do all of that work and get no closer to god. I want to run an experiment and see if something like doing practices and chastity can bring me closer to an awakening but can’t help feeling like it’s a game. Hope this helps!
  4. I loled at “McConnell is a Democrat plant”
  5. You gotta try something new man, I’ve failed at many jobs and the ones I’ve succeeded at have been unfortunately ones which are not available in my city or are far away, I have server bi polar too which sometimes makes it hard to focus, but yeah man there is something for you, maybe don’t do a job that is so time dependent where you can focus on your work or craft, personally I’ve switched from tennis coach to learning about music and starting my own business. User @Consept has a nice series on starting an amazon fba business which I finished and am finally about to start, I find it hard to be time pressured and micromanaged too trust me some things are out of your hands, just keep working man
  6. I know it has nothing to do with Biden, but it seems as though that election cycle did shift the Overton window slightly left, more politicians feel like they can speak their mind and really feel the people behind them, having said that a lot of what Biden promised progressives hasn’t been done and obviously Biden didn’t promise this but I could see a few states doing this, it seems that’s how things get to federal level in the U.S. usually it starts with the more progressive states leading the charge.
  7. Don’t listen to the haters. enlightenment can look any way imaginable we just get sold the yogi and mystic ways because it’s romantic. You’re crying tears of joy they say there is no Kensho if you can’t cry tears of joy.
  8. I certainly like the idea of winning an election and actually having it mean something, I get that the filibuster is meant to stop the tyranny of the majority but these days it’s not even tyranny because it’s like 60-70% popular approval of bill likes voting rights universal background checks and other things. If Republicans got into power it would suck having them being able to pass their agenda but I’d take it because they won’t the election. I like elections having consequences either good or bad depending on your beliefs and I like change happening. Ultimately the filibuster may be outdated for the current political climate just as I think the electoral college is, conservatives have many sneaky ways of holding on to power and this is one of them
  9. I can’t help feeling like this is the truth but still feel like a person with imaginary concepts and constructions. It’s not useful for anyone and it’s truth but apparently life goes on, I like this message but I disagree when these speakers say that you can’t get anywhere obviously you cant its just what’s appearing. but also obviously in this appearance I’m no longer a baby and so growth and experience and change happen, now the meaning and personhood assigned to it may be illusions but this could appear to be enlightenment or pain or anything but for nobody. bottomline is seeking is appearing to happen and personhood is too, it’s not wrong or right that’s why the message “don’t seek” doesn’t resonate.
  10. I think a healthy solution to this problem would be more social gatherings that are well put together and marketed well. Yes we have bars yes we have parties but those are too private maybe like a government contracted venue or even community sponsored events where people can come out of their shell. Something where it’s easy for shy people to connect I agree that you can’t see women as a commodity like money and so regulating the marketplace is tough. Personally the more social you are the higher your chances of getting a girlfriend or something casual happen. their advice to cold approach may be true but it won’t work for everyone. Sometimes it helps to be “set up” even though in a lot of countries it is done against someone’s free will which isn’t right IMO. Maybe bars are too outdated maybe we need a variety of safe social functions after the virus is gone. Personally online dating has been a boon for me and I don’t think I’m even that attractive. But truly it’s definitely a numbers game in the socializing and dating field you are likely going to have to talk to a lot of women to get dates or sex. This is fine in my opinion yea it sucks that we have to do the approaching as guys but it can be fun sometimes, and also we mustn’t forget about the needs of women, mostly they don’t want just sex and so they will be naturally selective. They want to make sure that you are going to be there in the morning so to speak. we want an animalistic conquest, personally I agree with Leo, most men just need to get the sex fucked out of them and then around 30 they are ready to commit this is obviously a generalization but it seems true for me. so it is valid advice to get laid enough until you don’t need to anymore but most people would be happier with a girlfriend and maybe the long term commitment can come once they have released enough sexual energy. just my two cents
  11. Bipolar mania is inherently spiritual from my experience. And I’ve experienced both loving and creepy hallucinations. But it’s all hallucination ultimately.
  12. I freestyle rap as a hobby too and it can’t be overstated how genius this guy is. It probably took him years to get to level of cadence and rhyme skill every thing is relevant and there is very little filler. mad respect
  13. @Salvijus I gotta a feeling it’s been repeated before but couldn’t you say emptiness is more the pure form of truth and all experience and sensations form etc are truth but “less pure” because it’s not void, I think Leo is trying to say that they are both equal and maybe they are in non duality but to a spiritual seeker I can see why teacher have referred to experience as untrue because it’s not void but really it is if you go deep enough I really resonate with what Leo is saying, Sadhguru and other gurus dismiss psychs but I think you gotta trust what they are showing you because if you don’t that’s the definition of insane trying to deny your experience. it’s hard to say x or y that mean something but the patterns and similarities of experience are too strong between users. you can’t say trust your “sober” experience and deny yourself the truth of what you’re conscious of in an altered state. however you can certainly have dreams just like psych trips that leave you more confused or trips or dreams which teach you a lesson or send you a message, they are very similar states of consciousness to me and I just don’t think you can deny someone’s dreams or psych trips as irrelevant when the very reality we base our life’s around is illusory itself.
  14. free will vs determinism is an endless debate after listening to some of sadhgurus book on Karma is obvious to me that every "choice" we make is just part of a larger program, string, or samskara. I notice this with my life, the past three years have gone down very similar patterns. I do feel as though collective issues and strings samskaras do a good job of explaining individual problems, but also resonate with the message that you can always "take responsibility" and make your own choices to change the outcomes for yourself individually even if it is an illusion
  15. Popular science channel on YT critiquing mysticism and targeting Leo especially saying he is cult leader, I have seen this critique in other places and I’d just like to make this post for anyone that needs to read it but I don’t believe leo is a cult leader after studying cult leaders and watching the cult psychology video. He can say radical and extreme things but by no means is he leeching off people to boost his ego or taking them from their families and loved ones or detaching them from reality to get personal or financial gain, you could argue from an outside perspective that the information is manipulative but then everyone is a cult leader I don’t think it’s manipulative it’s just radical and some people don’t want to hear it. Most of this video is just your common stage orange response about how you need a PhD or multiple bachelors degrees before you can talk about quantum mechanics maybe to understand it but not to talk about experiments. and how spiritual people shouldn’t talk about it and how energy simply is a scientific definition of it and nothing more. maybe better to go on the stage orange examples three but I kind of got a hair across my ass at the cult accusation cause that’s a big one IMO and not true. ego out haha
  16. @Husseinisdoingfine give it a chance there are some higher quality rap artists out there, lol nas x is not a j cole or Tupac or Kendrick Lamar. Listen to the Damn album by Kendrick Lamar it won a Pulitzer Prize.
  17. @Leo Gura after watching your new vid, I’d like to apologize for even posting this and feel free to delete it. it really resonated with me and my ego was getting hyped up and fed up. I don’t know if debates would be good for you other to get normies like you say. Imagine a super bowl ad where you say you are god lol. now back to my yoga and meditation work. work on your book take a break from the videos when you can. Lots of love. Alex
  18. @Boethius to orange love is just a bunch of chemicals in the brain or an emotion and there are not any metaphysical points. Also there is no understanding of the problem of being part of the world you’re measuring so you can’t create a distance from god or infinity or what you’re measuring you’re intimately intertwined with it. thanks for your insight I now understand this problem a lot better
  19. @Boethius good observations and I guess this is more of a critique of turquoise in the video. things that come to my mind is yea all those examples are just examples of radical truths that he asks you to verify for yourself, there’s nothing vulnerable about Leo’s audience and if there is it’s not because he needs to fill the hole it’s mostly truth seekers and those interested about spirituality. it just seems to me that I’ve never thought that Leo was saying he is the answer only follow him like many masters say or even the rare cult leader says, on the contrary I’ve always got the impression that it was your own direct experience that Leo teaches is king and you should verify everything for yourself, I know there a good amount of youtubers that criticize him exist so we can’t answer every one I just found this one particular user a more of a materialist.
  20. @Moksha well said. Yugas are just trying to explain the creation and destruction of knowledge and to a greater extent all creation which is cyclical in nature and not linear.
  21. More conscious than probably anyone on this forum and probably is enlightened I’m guessing. Doesn’t mean he will awaken you but I’m guessing if you keep digging the hole (doing the practices) long enough you will awaken. most yogis say it takes about 12 years of practice to awaken so expect it to be gradual, he’s great at what he does but you’d be right in saying his method isn’t for immediate awakening actually he explicitly states he doesn’t believe in instant enlightenment. if you want to be awake enough you’ll do al the practices and become a brahmachari, something I’ve thought a lot about myself. Each person will resonate with a certain guru and he’s not for everyone but it’s rare to have someone enlightened and making practices at all for all of humanity, it’s not a small thing. I think leo is a great teacher as well and they have a lot in common although Sadhguru is biased towards Indian culture and will not talk about the stuff Leo talks about because of his rep he thinks he will lose
  22. @Leo Gura yea that’s all true and a good point. The main reason I’d want to try them is to realize god just like Martin ball has but I don’t know if I’d risk negative side effects. I’m sure a bad diet is more harmful than taking most psychedelics. I guess the best way is just to try them and see for myself and not complain they could be bad for me. They could also heal me which would be quite good too
  23. Idk if I’d call it mythology after listening to the book called “the yugas” on audible, they line up very well with the Iron Age Stone Age etc and history and the book makes a good case for it. Of course it could all be bullshit but I’m actually a believer that humanity goes through a collective cycle or ignorance and knowledge and it’s not just a straight line. There are many examples of this through history, this is at heart what the yugas are saying. sri yuteshwar giri the guru of yoganana said that this was dwapara yuga and it started at around 1700ad if you’re interested in the yugas then I recommend that book
  24. @Leo Gura Sadhguru has said that psychs can damage the energy system as well, but I’d love to hear a better explanation on it, not the physical one obviously. I’m betting it’s not true for everyone because neem karoli baba took 10 tabs of acid and it didn’t affect him allegedly. I think maybe more research could clear this up and of course Sadhguru could be wrong. Still makes me wonder though.
  25. @mandyjw yea I guess but in the meetings they say it’s pointless to do anything nothings good or bad and there’s no one doing it and I guess I agree but that is also kind of undermining to an individual sense of self it’s true but an apparent body still have to apparently wake up and eat and live so it’s kind of not the message I would put out even though it’s a true message on some level