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  1. “You don’t owe this world anything and this world doesn’t owe you anything. “ That sounds nice to say but as Sadhguru would say half of your lungs are up in the trees. We actually need bees and other species of animals and plants to exist to survive, we do at least owe them proliferation. the fuck everyone but myself attitude has been tried by every 16 year old ever and it usually fails.
  2. Conscious sports coaching regimens and dieting programs which also acknowledge pranic foods like sadhgurus cookbook and Ayurvedic medicine and trying to make meditation and lung wim hof method exercises as essential as stretching prior to a workout and after
  3. Designing programs and courses based on current social issues like income inequality or systemic racism or predictable ones. integral education(teaching or contracting yoga and meditation to schools or at least exposing them to it in American public schools) conscious and mindful children’s books creating sound boards of 444hz tones for ringtones and text tones. education and destigmatization of psychedelics through schools and non profits/ tv. WE NEED MORE TIER 2 news and independent media which won’t judge and shame people and just report the story from a spiral dynamics perspective like Gaia news network or something haha.
  4. Don’t really think there is a clear answer to this. I’m sure there have been cases like this were nobody ended up dead. Both sides have merit to their arguments. I liked Trevor Noah’s comments that armed men shouldn’t be sent to a confront a drunk person who was asleep at a Wendy’s drive through though. I think so much of these situations are subconscious, maybe he wouldn’t have tried to run if he wasn’t drunk. Maybe he should’ve just been given a ride home and arrested the next day. definitely not a clear right and wrong in this case. But I think 3 shots is excessive.
  5. I loved his appearance on I think it was morning joe. ”the us wasted 1.5 trillion in Afghanistan war while China has been building their infrastructure.”
  6. @Johnny even if it is is propaganda, what’s wrong with cutting carbon emissions and transitioning aggressively towards new and renewable energies that don’t cause planetary degradation or destruction of ecosystems. Sure the scientists could have it wrong, but I think the real propaganda is thinking that the status quo is okay and nothing needs to change.
  7. @Andrew Rogers as leo says... ALL of politics is voting to redistribute resources. What do you tell people under imminent domain when the government builds a new road or football stadium. Is that robbery? No taxes aren’t theft that’s a shortsighted argument, you overlook the Social contract, if there was no social contract and I still had to pay taxes I wouldn’t like that, but it’s an exchange, and an exchange you won’t get out of and a silly topic to argue about. lets argue about where our taxes would go and how redistributing those taxes would benefit society. you don’t have to “steal” anyone’s money if you fix the system designed to NOT redistribute unfairly and unequally in the first place. billionaires used to effectively be taxed out of existence in the USA in the FDR era (a very economically equal period, social issues aside). and now there are numerous amounts of them. billionaires should be taxed out of existence. workers should get higher wages and a percentage of profits in other benefits. if that seems radical to you then you’re part of the problem.
  8. @Leo Gura watched this and laughed when yang attacked him when he said a federal jobs guarantee does more than a ubi. In an ideal world I want both. i don’t think a federal jobs guarantee is “indentured servitude” because it’s not like you’d be forced to work, it would just be an option right? i am very worried about the plans and how we’d get them passed with Moscow Mitch in office, however, I think Bernie winning the election would be so much of a miracle that getting those things passed would have a domino effect. It really is a great movement and it’s refreshing to see a candidate so honest and in touch with people. He literally goes the picket lines and scream with people. It’s inspiring.
  9. @Serotoninluv most arguments I see online go along the lines of “ that business man has worked hard and earned that profit, taxing him and giving it to the poor is literally theft.” I personally think being a billionaire is immoral but beside the point it’s hard to get to that level of wealth without devilry. are there good and kind billionaires yes in theory but hoarding all that money is dangerous. It doesn’t do anyone any good besides to reinforce a class structure. unfortunately communism is what is demonized, and while state ownership of everything would be too extreme for this day in age, I would like to see how it could be implemented in an extremely highly conscious society. I think capitalism works so well because it promotes greed which is rampant at stage orange, like The point Leo made on his Venezuela blog that socialism could only work in a green + society. and then in his chart of political systems on the spiral, world government is yellow, something about world government screams communism esque, but the good parts of it. the best way to have a thriving economy is to have income equality, and it would be radical but it could work with the right consciousness.
  10. Yea man I think we should throw it all into space. The stuff that can’t be biodegraded and recycled. He also says that like 90% of potentially recycled materials aren’t being recycled. I really don't see the downside to it. How could you pollute space?
  11. Hey all, been reading the forum for a while now and excited to finally post. So I subscribe to YouTuber called Meta Sage and definitely identify him as a stage turquoise+ individual. Basically this video is a criticism of pollution and of stage orange capitalism. What caught my attention was the solution he has for all of this which he words in two brilliant questions. Now I’m no scientist and the ethics of these proposals/statement are up for debate but logically it makes sense to me. #1. What if we could turn waste (any type) into literal currency? #2 Why don’t we launch our waste into the outer atmosphere aka space instead of burying it? (Non recyclables) ...”space is literally made to occupy junk” haha, this will also incentivize space conscious society and could potentially help attract alien life. Sage and I may be way wrong in this question but I’d like to hear some perspectives on this and why it’s not seriously considered today? Here is the video
  12. Yea absolutely. I mean I think this a position that should be taken seriously. There is like very minimal downside to it. It would cost $$$ but think of what you’d save.