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  1. @Leo Gura working on this. It’s certainly does make a difference, seeing how your body absorbs a lot of the water in the shower, but you probably already know. It’s definitely worth the money.
  2. @Chris365 this is true, but also your body is deeply intertwined with your consciousness and energy, at least on one level it is.
  3. @wk197 it’s a matter of degrees. Be careful speaking for others.
  4. @StephenK while I agree with your point, I don’t see how they are the same, communism could be high consciousness or low consciousness, it still is an ideology which you shouldn't buy completely into, but I don’t lump in white supremacy anywhere near as close. You can point to leaders (Stalin, mao etc)and the blood on their hands but if you read Marx and then read say David duke there is a distinct difference in the level of consciousness. criticizing from above vs criticizing from below maybe communism is inherently flawed and cannot function in this century or the next but I like the ideals of it for sure. I’m not so much of a pragmatist to say that since it can’t be done in 2020 to forget about it. white supremacy however has been proved to be very toxic and oppressive many many more times than any one Stalin or mao or Chavez could ever do
  5. @Preety_India well you have to believe it to think it’s a threat. It’s like the first step of Alcoholics Anonymous, you have to admit you have a problem before you can work through it kyle Kulinski made a great analogy the other day saying that trump is the coach in sports that if you’re down 20 points in the fourth quarter would just say you’re not really losing and doing a good job, which is what is so disastrous, a good coach would admit you’re down 20 what adjustments you need to make to come back and motivate you to do it.
  6. @Forestluv i think you do a great job of perspective jumping and are a good healthy example of yellow/strategist from reading your posts for a little over a year. I feel like this thread was pretty honest and loving regard trump tbh, onky one person explicitly wished suffering on him(apparently as a hypothetical) and basically I said I agree with whatever nature does. also I asked myself would what a highly conscious persons, a saint would do in this situation, well I think they would express love and compassion for trump. they would also condemn his leadership and say he needs to change while giving that love, which is what I believe the forum has nailed, I still think we are quite conscious people, it’s hard to detach from emotional catharsis that comes from people wanting karmic comeuppance schadenfreude and all that, but I think we have. I could be wrong. I don’t think anyone would deny that the ACB hearing without masks and social distancing was irresponsible and that is the result like it or not, a potential super spreader
  7. I stand corrected. Pakman is definitely more of an Elizabeth Warren progressive which is fine, and I like his mature approach but sometimes he comes off like a Pete buttigieg supporter to me. yea I wouldn’t mind it if the centrists of tomorrow look like pakmans of today. I don’t want everyone to be a socialist but I certainly want people in this country to worry about a bit more than money, probably going to need a bunch of fixes but it starts by seeing how much better Biden will do compared to trump Netflix just came out with a great 3 part series on voting “voting explained” and it delves into why democrats have been losing so much, mostly because they have to win by huge margins to win elections because of gerrymandering electoral college etc
  8. @Leo Gura the fringe left seems a lot better than the fringe right. The fringe left might offend you on Twitter or go to a neo nazi rally to punch a nazi or destroy some property, but it’s rare that they kill anyone, where as the fringe right is nearly always just fascism and executions. Not say I’m taking sides but it just seems like one side is a bit more toxic, vaush is a good guy, I listen to his content and I think he has a rather developed political perspective, but sometimes he can go overboard haha. Would still prefer listening to him over a more centrist David pakman but sometimes the sensationalist edginess has its day as well as the centrism has its day i can’t stand people equivocating Biden and trump like a lot of leftists and I also don’t like people licking Obama’s boots
  9. @Leo Gura fair enough. I misspoke, I guess he just wants to WIN and I can’t blame him the us hasn’t had an organized political left and it’s real power since like the 1920s. But I read his chats and I really don’t like what I see but I guess it’s just par for the course
  10. @Lyubov this shit is crazy man, all of Capitol Hill should be quarantining
  11. The more and more I think of this, the more that I realize that some leftists are toxic and want to win at all costs, like vaush, and then others care more about decorum and principles and honor, like Biden and your typical democrats, and then you have someone in the middle like an aoc or Bernie who I think does the balancing act really well, they are certainly not a doormat but they also don’t make it vicious like trump. It’s tough to find that balance but I would say a more conscious mind would at least be trying to balance it out
  12. @Preety_India you have good takes! And we need more conscious political commentary.
  13. Very good news, but also we need fact checkers. Fact checker should be a new job lol
  14. Just wanted to clarify on my post earlier. I certainly DONT want to trump to die, but if he dies I won’t question reality for one second. leo you made a good point, I don’t know if america is built to deal with an attempt at stealing an election. And maybe this is the only way it can avoid it, like we’re all know it’s a conscious mind and Ramana Maharishi said that the creator will take care of its creation meaning that the long game will always work out. I was also just commenting that trump has blundered the us so badly that people are questioning his ability to tell the truth about his own life threatening disease. also it was very telling to me that people had to be explicitly warned to not wish or celebrate the death or suffering of someone, where as I feel with certain other public figures and celebrities it just goes without saying and you don’t have to start banning people for most events of this nature. it’s just crazy how much of a polarizing year 2020 has been and it’s certain it been entertaining to say the least. I do feel for the that innocent child in trump too but I also believe the man cannot be president and if this is the way it happens so be it, I think we have all been giving a response to something of this effect which is the appropriate response. ideal situation to me is that he recovers and loses in a landslide and doesn’t have the legal authority to make a worthy challenge. sorry if I came off nasty I wish love one everyone but also I wish truth on everyone and yes I know they are the same but it feels like I need to clarify in this context
  15. @Rilles yep. 100% agree but I certainly understand the lack of empathy, sometimes the highest form of love is truth and truth is admitting that trump getting out of office is right for the country. don’t want him to die just want him to lose the election by a landslide
  16. @Forestluv @abundance @DocWatts looked her up. Gretchen is an absolute babe. So is hope hicks who gave trump corona. LOL
  17. Yea it’s so sad that a lot of people don’t even believe it because literally everything that comes out of his mouth is at best a half truth. people wouldn’t believe it if he dropped dead tomorrow and would think he’s forming a government in exile at the kremlin. He’s turned a decent percentage of the population into conspiracy theorists. I heard people say bolsnaro and Boris Johnson got sympathy for catching covid, I doubt it’ll happen with our president. Christ even the Reddit mods said “please don’t celebrate”
  18. @DocWatts same thing about the governor of Maine, look at our covid stats and tell me she’s doing a bad job.
  19. Watch Tony Robbins and jim Newman lol he will get sick of it. it’s great to humble yourself with the wisdom of nothingness/emptiness/darkness/void. But nothing to understand is only a half truth, because of you understand there is nothing to understand paradoxically you’re still understanding something. I haven’t had many mystical experiences or enlightenment/awakenings but I feel wise enough to say it’s easy to get stuck in the extremes of I’m god and love and everything and the highs or the lows of I’m nothing/ nothing matters/ no point/ don’t exist just got to constantly remind yourself that both are true and neither are true
  20. @Lyubov it’s a cute story but trunk had many enablers and had considered running many times. It still shocks me he won but it also is so annoying that someone like Hillary could win over Bernie. joe Biden somewhat deserves the nomination, because he is a real person through and through and I disagree with him on A LOT but he’s a genuine person who possesses compassion, Hillary was not that, of course she was to an extent but politics warped her into a Pete buttigieg “square” so to speak, people could feel that. sometimes it’s just so obvious when people love you for the right reasons, people have a subconscious sense of trust and yea they can be manipulated but the gut has an intelligence and something didn’t feel right about trump or Hillary, I don’t blame people for staying home. unfortunately or fortunately we don’t have that luxury this go round, but I think Joe Biden will win, potentially big, because like Obama, he is a real person behind his public duty. somtimes politics is much more simple than we think it is, who feels right to us is often the correct answer because yes qualifications are super important, but don’t put the cart before the horse, the reason we want qualifications is because we want the most capable person who can effectively lead because we love our country and want it to improve, it all boils down to compassion in the end
  21. @Preety_India very well said. Trumps politics are a politics of hate, fear, cowardice, barbarity, sexism, racism, xenophobia, exclusion, division, violence, white supremacy, egocentric narcissism, regression, authoritarianism, fascistic ideals, science denial, anti-intellectualism, laziness, aggression, entertainment, con artistry, toxic masculinity, toxic stage blue,red, and orange, projection, denial, toxic sexuality, bullying, and braggadocio that has all been vicious and unwarranted to be thrust on the American people Even if they voted for him. It’s been an exasperatingly long four years under trump and it’s been so bad I would gleefully celebrate the election of someone like Joe Biden, we need to a return to love and I feel love will win, I am not pessimistic about this at all, I think people are sick and tired of trump and his lies and craziness, I will send energy out before the election with all my hear in order to imagine a better future, the collective consciousness needed to see how destructive the Republican Party was to a peaceful livelihood and how fragile everything we built actually is. america needs to redeem itself to the world and while Biden isn’t a visionary he’s what we need to elect to get us to that visionary. Baby steps. I hope all of you will send out loving energy into the world and hope for the best, it is certainly a crucial election and we need to tell all the fascists that work under trunk that their strategies will not work in the long term because they are based off of falsehoods like genetic superiority and hate being stronger than love. we will get there if he wins again we will make sure he feels our pain. I wish everyone the best in these times and to get through this
  22. @Hardkill he won’t win. Moore was right in 2026 but I disagree with him this time, everyone thought Hilary would win and likely she would have without the emails even as piss poor as she did on the campaign trail, she was just too arrogant and elitist and it rubbed people the wrong way. Trump isn’t the outsider this time and he doesn’t have a fresh new feel, Hillary lost that election more than trump won it if that makes sense. Yes Biden is very milquetoast, he doesn’t have the energy behind him like Obama but he has the anti trump vote and virtually no baggage beside his bad policy and a rape allegation. Your worry will send negative energy out, just focus on what you want law of attraction style, it’s just as helpful to consider the best possible outcome as it is to worry about the worst
  23. Yes undecided is another word for uninformed. You can look at that as bad or as an opportunity, I like looking it as an opportunity and having a 50 state strategy like Bernie says, no one should feel shunned by a party’s ideals unless they are supporting hate and division. Politics just needs to be more sexy, like people should be taught about it in schools and have a government class required just like social studies which teaches about different methods of governments and philosophy and voting etc etc, ultimately it just needs to be more personal to people , at the federal level it’s too out of sight and even at the local level it’s hard to have a sense of community if you live in a mid size to big city. I definitely support mini collectives within cities like neighborhood planning with officials that give updates on local activities and news. The news does a good job but it’s still through a tv, I think with a stronger communal sense we would feel a lot more involved and motivated to vote. the threat of trump is a good motivator but the joy of community and individual symbiosis is far greater. going to work this into my life purpose