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  1. It’s framed but it’s still funny, and it undermines Giulianis image of this super serious mastermind or at least make people laugh at him, you could argue trumps grab em by the Pussy comments were of the same caliber which were leaked. it’s not a scandal but it certainly isn’t going to win him any points lol
  2. Socialism has many faults, but I think we need idealists to always keep people working towards a goal, until most of the population gets to green/yellow and maybe even turquoise I don’t think there can be a socialistic society that works. I don’t think socialism/communism is perfect by any stretch but I don’t see social democracy going far enough and I advocate for an even better system than all three I still think social democracy will have the problem of corps deciding and influencing government and I think that ultimate the plant will still be polluted and destroyed. what are the answers we have? I’m actually all for creating a new system of government, after all Marx lack of foresight and brutality of Stalin and all of the bastardizations of all those ideas were pretty recent in terms of human history. I like the idea of spiral wizardry or just different governments and environments for different levels of development but wouldn’t know how to express it or market it. I think that is the worst part of and idealistic system like socialism or communism is that you’re only as good as your weakest link and a lot of it is based on strong principles and consciousness/love and frankly there hasn’t been enough conscious people doing it through history. Im guessing Soviet Russia and Stalin was stage red/blue core I have recently been studying the yugas in Hinduism and in the golden age (sattya) yuga it seems as though most people were are stage turquoise/coral (approximately 11000bc and scientific evidence to suggest those humans were quite conscious and descended into ignorance) and that they do not have a government but small communities that make up a giant eco system kind of like nature. my question would be how to get from late stage capitalism to a sustainable system of government that isn’t far left socialism/communism which isn’t sustainable but also doesn’t exploit workers and keeps the planet alive? do we just create it ourselves? what would a stage green, yellow, government look like and what can we learn from Russia that would allow us to make progress to a new golden age? I think marxs critiques of alienation and dehumanization are very true about capitalism even though socialism and communism has failed when implemented. a couple big problems with capitalism is that is values gdp over happiness, and it expects economic growth to be infinite with finite resources, recessions are built into the system and property and industry is owned by a minority of the population while corporations can lobby government and throw money at laws being implemented that they choose. Im doubtful regulating this would solve alienation exploration and dehumanizations there has to be a system that doesn’t have the problems of capitalism but also doesn’t drop the nuclear bomb and start from scratch. maybe you need a bit of both but ultimately a government is a collective I think and you can’t progress with the rugged individualism capitalism we have now, ultimately we must transcend left right government and maybe even politics altogether, but we will need more and more conscious implementations of government to get to that stage like the training wheels on a bike Overall kotkin was a good listen, but I disagree with him that there will always be violent mass scale war
  3. Fox News is a really big thing stopping a healthy green revolution. I wouldn’t say combat it with a left wing propaganda wing because I don’t like propaganda but if they were a bit more honest. CNN has a bias too but it’s a lot more subtle, Fox News is extremely biased and easy to see, yet they are both corporate news who lie so people equate the two. the biggest sham isn’t Fox News being propaganda, I think people know that, it’s that most people equate Fox News and cnn and msnbc as the same. yes all lie and are biased but one is literally living in a different reality
  4. I don’t hate green voters but the Green Party is a failed party, we need a new party. Parties aren’t built from getting extra percentages at national elections every four years, parties are built from grassroots movements that elect local officials and then electors senators congresspeople etc. people would take the Green Party more seriously if they actually started winning seats
  5. @Opaltri no stage is superior progressive and green is just a tad more conscious but yellow is leaps and bounds more conscious than all of them
  6. @Husseinisdoingfine imagine regressing into yellow ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Angela davis Joe Biden has moved from center right to center I think maybe I’m wrong. (Greenish) al gore Noam chomsky Russell brand (red to green and maybe even yellow) Chris hedges Ryan knight amazing atheist as someone mentioned. abrham Lincoln had letters written to him by Marx and evolved quite a bit MLK went from orange to green mike Tyson (the boxer red core to green core) some of these aren’t intellectuals but all prominent influencers in society who had a clear trend from orange to green. I think maybe you are missing the rule for the exception, I’ve been green since about high school and had a bit of a regression in college but that’s all it is, if you give someone long enough they eventually will see the futility of pursuing personal freedom and success to no end which is the hallmark of orange, people who tend to “regress” maybe never got to full orange and healthy green in the first place, many hippies aren’t healthy green and many teenagers aren’t either, most yellow academics Have a very clear and obvious evolution from orange to green to yellow, I don’t think SD is mistaken but with individuals it’s a lot more tricky. zizek, jung, freud, maslow, Einstein, tesla (maybe even turquoise) jane Goodall, bohr, all went from orange>green>yellow Might want to check out the examples of green thread to see some of this
  8. Diplomacy is possible, but you can’t bullshit it, it has to be genuine.
  9. Leftists should vote for Biden, Howie Hawkins ain’t winning the presidency and I love the ideals of the Green Party but they have no strategy to win
  10. I get the “if you don’t vote your values now then when will you argument, but I think the answer to that is actually work within the system to form a third party that’s competitive, otherwise try to reform the Democratic Party but good luck with that, I don’t think it has the infrastructure to be a left party although I could be wrong. I like a lot of the green parties ideas but they have shown they are quite incompetent as a party, they don’t have a single governorship or congressional seat and they are supposed to win the presidency? Give me a break, also you don’t build a party from national elections getting 5% you build a party from the grassroots and there is no reason why there couldn’t be a left party with real power. and there actually are movements happening to make this so, the Green Party is like hopes and dreams or a nice car without an engine, they look nice but without a strategy and the energy/vision/people power to get there it’s not going to make it happen. trust me the Democratic Party sucks too but it has elected more left leaning people in the last two years to congress than the Green Party has in 60 years. by all means don’t vote or vote your conscience but don’t act like it’s going to do anything but be a protest vote, which is fine but a Biden presidency is a much more fertile soil for a left Overton window push than a trump presidency. And there’s really no shot of anyone else winning in 2020, I’m actively working to make there be more parity beyond two parties but in three weeks we gotta choose and we really only have two choices to actually win the presidency. It’s really that simple hoping this will change.
  11. Sustainable ubi only happens in a social democracy early or solid stage green. I don’t think in a socialistic society you would even have one, or maybe if you changed currency. right now society is structured to produce and employ, for a ubi to work you’d need to prioritize other things like happiness and an economic bill of rights. you can still have the produce and employ aspect but you can also have the expression and education aspect, you just have to look at is as a right now a privilege. Like water air and food, we are close but far away and it is a very complex issue that would need to be means tested
  12. @TruthHurts false equivalence, antifa can get violent, but it’s not going to create a plot to overthrow a government and execute people, that’s a real terrorist organization. And BLM is a largely peaceful movement, yes there are occasionally riots but it’s disingenuous to lump every person who support the movement as a rioter and then say that protesters are the same as armed terrorist militia groups
  13. @Proserpina care to explain what you mean?
  14. Support the ban, the internet is the née public square, and if companies like Facebook and Reddit Twitter have such a huge user base and allow shit like this to exist they need to be regulated, I think the fcc chair is a lot to blame for this, if we had a competent fcc chair there would already be regulations and standards. Facebook already has a huge compliance department but they certainly need more regulations like anything that is getting too out of control, it’s always a balance
  15. @Chakra Lion I don’t love Biden, I am rather left wing In my Political views and Biden isn’t going to make big systemic change, but I can tell you there won’t be 2 parties much longer and also Biden is just a stepping stone to a progressive, trump is much worse than Biden on many things and it’s not even close I will be voting dem until there is a nationally viable third party. but there is not way to undermine and obligation the oligarchy if republicans and democrats are equivocated. The dems have actually socialist in their party ( few) and no Republican will likely ever legalize marijuana or psychs before the dems and progressives advocate for it first. yes dems are corrupt but to a lesser degree, and some dems aren’t even corrupt at all I can name at least 6. I vote down ballot progressive as much as I can as well, we are making progress in congress and have a couple senators too
  16. @TruthHurts yea gotta look out for BLM or antifa, they might kidnap the governor!
  17. there is a reason stage turquoise people by and large don’t eat meat, it’s connected with the energy of the body in some way and also what you eat becomes your nature and there is no life energy in dead food. As sadhguru says “I like to eat based on how alive the food is” yes we are harming plants too, but they are alive when we eat them and the plants want us to eat them in sense, they want to proliferate and providing fruits and vegetables helps them proliferate the plant itself and it’s roots and consciousness, all life simply wants to live on this planet, and when we kill to eat without necessity it has negative impact also a good point is that when you are eating fruits and vegetables you aren’t eating the whole plant so you’re not really killing it, plants/trees don’t die if you pick their fruit.
  18. Increase division and decrease love and compassion and consciousness, delegitimize the media, delegitimize the election, demonize people who disagree with him, support Putin, ask foreign governments to spy on political opponents, like you mentioned ruin covid, deny science and evidence, tear bomb and gas people to take a picture with a Bible etc etc etc grab women by the pussy, make fun of the disabled, insult prisoners of war, refuse to commit to transitioning power of their is a loss, attack governors etc etc etc, incite violence, ban Muslims and take away trans rights etc etc I could go on if you want
  19. As much as I hate to say it, he dominated Super Tuesday with having set a foot in most of the states, people in america vote like a cult sadly
  20. @Leo Gura it’s like not even hate of trump it’s just when you break up with an ex and she starts to let herself go but you can’t interfere in anyway and you see her destroying herself from within and it’s not her new boyfriends fault although he has a huge part of the blame, it’s almost like we hate trump because we love what the government used to be and now it’s so hollow it’ll take years to get the stink out of our mouths. trump makes the neoliberalism of Biden and obama look like Moses parting the red sea
  21. @No Self the loudest voices are the ones you see or read, there is still a lot of level heading people among the cults, why do I care what someone devoid of reality cares about truth. It’s all subjective to some degree anyway but there’s never going to be a time in history where you can make an appearance to reason to these types of people you’re describing XD. Still think fact checking is important, it’s more significant when tweets can have sources or citations options or independently verified with standards like Wikipedia. Twitter gets a lot of shit of course and it’s not there yet but it could be, this is a great first step
  22. @Parththakkar12 it has to have independent standards. Look up an ombudsman, is sort of like that
  23. Great thread! I have my own ideas which mind you aren’t heavily research but come from a more intuitive sense. I’m hung up on currency and how to make currency better, we want to make the world a a better place and invest in better companies and the banking systems are really corrupt so I’d have to say we eventually have to revolutionize our currency, does it always have to be m1/m2 (paper/gold/bonds/ credit cards connected to a bank, could you do a social credit system - like China but was less authoritarian(less 1984 more Star Trek) I sort of like the Star Trek idea, credits for pooping, sleeping well, eating healthy, walking around, making love etc. this is a turquoise idea or maybe a high yellow one, I doubt turquoise would have currency at all. employment is the biggest issue and we need to first pay people a ubi or at least a living wage for even the crappiest job and make sure big banks charge lower interest to consumers because they barely if ever charge interest to each other, I don’t like the idea of credit scores and maybe they can be improved an reformed, and I don’t like the idea of accruing medical or educational debt of any kind. maybe ^ this needs to be done before a revamp to currency but yea I like this thread and your ideas. I think via the law of attraction and so it makes sense that when you are in alignment with your life purpose and having fun in your work and life that more abundant energy will pour out of you attracting the same energy to you. maybe that’s too woo woo but in my direct experience is 100% accurate, I think finance as it’s taught is also maybe too cold and dead and maybe in a higher society “spiritual wealth” can be taught. also with money I think eventually shifting the conversation from “ taxation is theft” to “fair taxation” is our duty is a great goal
  24. @Leo Gura I’ve always loved the ideals of communism/socialism, but feel like it can be improved upon/made more pragmatic/marketed better by a creative visionary thinker, I’d love to create/improve a system which is kind of a spiral wizard government that identifies a the need for balance between the collective and individual aspects of human society as its core philosophy kind of like what the us government was getting at with the checks and balances. buckminster fuller/Venus project is a nice inspiration and end goal but the means need to be achieved and I guess the only way to do that is to study through experience which is something a lot of philosophers and economist that created these systems did not do. getting off topic but yea white supremacy or the proud boys don’t care about looking forward, perspective jumping, or problem solving, ethnic/nationalist/stage blue toxicity/ white supremacy primarily cares about subjugation....not liberation and commiseration/love/truth/consciousness which I believe should be the ideals of humanity, these aren’t socialist or communist they are just the human heart and that’s where the marketing needs to be improved.
  25. It’s hard to believe all these teachers who come to same conclusions - ralston, sadhguru, this guy and others hate on psychs so much by focusing on the physiological aspects of it. I’m guessing most of them just realize it’s a state and then say you cannot gain anything from it because it’ll go away, but isn’t a “human” life the same way just way longer? there’s certainly potential damages and meditation is a lot safer and I’m not wise enough to say it won’t affect my energy systems in an adverse way but I suppose if you want to cut to the truth at all costs regardless of potential damages to your human body then they are for you. i certainly want to try psychs a couple times but I am afraid that they can harm the physiology of the body and the energy systems etc. probably not more than a bad diet and other vices.... and really if you’re conscious enough I do believe you can heal yourself of any potential damage. it certainly sucks to see so called “enlightened people” shitting on them having said all of this I doubt I’ll have the balls to do dmt/salvia and other radical psychs but I will most like regret it if I don’t.