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  1. Yeah, look at this TV-show for children in Palestine. Its all about how to attack and kill Jews: People dont seem to understand that this goes way deeper than just some fight about land... The "axis powers" of Russia, Iran, Turkey etc. are all involved with this and its all a preparation for some kind of global war against Zionism (and the West). Radicalised, indoctrinated Islamists are being used as some kind of attack dogs/suicide troops.
  2. Im at peace with that. Jesus Christ is the way to true salvation are my final words.
  3. Yeye, I used to think like that. Sin is real. Light and darkness. God and the Devil. Selfishness and selflessness. I know I wont be able to convince you. No christian could have convinced me before either. Only Christ could. And only you can reach out and accept the free gift. Christ died for you to show his love and forgiveness. God is not forcing anyone to take the gift. If you refuse the selfless gift, you can try to relativize about how evil doesnt really exist as much as you want when you go to the darkness. It wont comfort you.
  4. The New Age view of Jesus Christ, as some enlightened person who was trying to show us the way to become enlightened by ourselves, is a deception I used to believe aswell. Jesus Christ IS the truth, hes not pointing to the truth. “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Nobody enters the kingdom of God by themselves or their own work. Only through Jesus Christ. This is because no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you meditate and try to be loving and selfless, you will always have some selfishness/sin within you, because its in our nature. No such thing is compatible with Gods holiness. All sin/selfishness belongs in the darkness/hell. And all humans have sinned. Thats why God came as Jesus Christ, lived without sin and died on the cross for you. To open a way to get around this curse we all carry. The will to do it ourselves was the very cause of our fall/separation. Stop thinking you can, stop rebelling.
  5. Ive been to the Amazon and drank ayahuasca with the tribes, they are being decieved aswell. Do you think the Devil cares about fairness? If you actually woke up to the reality of our sinful/selfish nature you would realise none of us actually deserve eternal bliss. We are all little devils and you would throw up for days if you realised how much so. Eternal justice/wrath is another aspect of Gods eternity. We are forgiven through Christ. All sin is cleansed through his work on the cross. That is the truth.
  6. Its not a coincidence you will feel a resistance and cringe when you hear the truth about Jesus Christ. Thats the Devil inside trying to prevent you from getting saved. I used to be the same. Used to think christians were dogmatic, and closeminded, stage blue etc (and many of them are). This is not about religion tho. You only need to accept that Christ died for you (personally) on the cross and rose from the dead (ofc God can raise someone from the dead, God can do anything). No religious dogmas are required. I was definitly not raised christian so this is not something Ive been indoctrinated with. You can be born again and freed from worldy desires over night through Christ, no matter your background. There is no need for long meditation, no need for psychedelics or nothing. God already did the work and selflessly died a very painful death for you and gave salvation out for free. The Devil is doing everything to prevent people from realising this.
  7. Done them many times. This whole "oneness with creation" is a deception to lead us astray from true salvation. True salvation comes from no work of yourself but from the work of Christ. Once you truly experience God you will know there is no way to reach that by any psychedelic substance. You can reach the god of this world tho. Who is a great deciever and who is capable of giving very convincing, but false, enlightment experiences.
  8. They do lead to false realisations. Dont underestimate the Devils ability to decieve.
  9. Truth is we cannot do it ourselves. Its about humbling ourselves, dropping the pride that caused our fall/separation from God. We have to get cleansed from the sin/unholiness we all carry in order to be compatible with God. This can only be done through Jesus Christs/Gods totally selfless work on the cross. All we have to do is drop the pride and accept the free gift. There is no way around it. No work of ourselves can save us. Doesnt matter how long you meditate or how many psychedelics you take. You will not live up to Gods holy standards, no human can. We would get incinerated by Gods holiness if we still carry sin/selfishness on the time of judgement. Its just not compatible as long as we are little devils. Jesus Christ (and only him) overcame sin and gave us the opportunity to get free from our curse through him. All you have to do it reach out with an open heart.
  10. Im aware of that. But since Ive before shared the same worldview as the community here, before the salvation from Christ, I felt obliged to write it here. Perhaps it can save a few souls. Im not here to argue.
  11. Before we recieve Christ and accept his work on the cross, we are sons of the Devil. And share same destination.
  12. The point is not to change that. Default destination for humanity is hell in this story. Because we rebelled and sinned against something eternaly holy. We can only be cleansed from sin through christ and thereby avoid that destiny. You cannot escape it no matter how many experiences of oneness with the universe you get during this lifetime.
  13. They do work, but the spirit that is causing them to work is not the Holy spirit. Be very careful with anything that doesnt come from Christ.
  14. You can get cured from whatever youre suffering from today if you recieve Christ and accept him as your Lord and saviour. Its way more powerful than any new age healing or anything like that. Its about humbling yourself. Our will to do it ourself caused our fall.