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  1. An important thing that helped me was instead of searching for "the one life purpose", just start looking for the little things that give you purpose in your day to day life and build up on them. Also try out a lot of new things that interest you or maybe that interested you as a child? There is no way around going out there and trying things, especially if you say nothing really excites you. How does your current daily life look like?
  2. Good points, i had a great shift in my attention for the last weeks. Removed nearly all online consumption which doesnt serve me and was mainly boredom (news, youtube, twitch) from my day to day live. Replaced it witch alot of reading, working on my vision for the future ,connecting with people the way want it and cooking.
  3. So besides all that angry talk, whats your reasonable solution? Are you going to make it a law how woman have to feel?
  4. You know, even your explanation sounds creepy the way you blame it on women. They have every right to feel whatever they want towards you and by your defensive reaction to some good answers here they might have a good reason for it. How about you take some responsibility for yourself instead of blaming others?
  5. I suggest reading the Book "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem", havent finished it yet but alot of very important lessons and understanding. Definitely one of my Top 3 Books so far.
  6. Thanks, that resonates with me. Im currently still a bit in the fear "mode" depending on my mental state but im also exited and happy to find out where my decisions will bring me! :-) Thanks, i will check that out!
  7. Hey guys What are you favorite tools, tipps or tricks for decision making? Exercises on paper, meditations, important questions whatever... In the coming year i have to move and find a new place (and probably city) to live. Since i have no idea what i really want atm, im looking for help in this process, where i wanna go and why. I remember Leos Video about this topic and will definitely watch it again but im also looking for your personal experiences.
  8. @Danioover9000 What do you personally gain/satisfy by doing it? @Rafael Thundercat Sure it is but i wouldnt say its a cruical life choice or why did link that article? Just looking for ideas and other peoples motivations.
  9. I often get a bit annoyed, angry or sad reading news and i have to admit i do it too often when im bored. While its up to me to change that, im wondering if there are really any good reasons to consume "regular" news? Most of the stuff doesnt affect me anyway and im also unable to change or better 99% of it. If its important enough i will get informed through people around me anyway. Its seems news is just entertainment mostly.
  10. Just saw this insane documentary about the "blob" which is a one cell organism, found all over the world, mainly in forests. They are doing different experiments which show how this organism can learn, teach and interact with its surroundings and having scences. All while just being made from one cell. What other expermients would you recommend doing with this organism? Its in german / french, but english subtitle are available. I really recommend watching this!
  11. @Leo Gura Im not saying its RO water, heavy metals mainly come from old pipes and thats not a big issue in my town. I also check the data from our water provider from time to time and heavy metals are very low.
  12. Here in central europe where i live, tap water is perfect quality. It really depends on the country and what kind of pipes they have, filtering etc. they do.
  13. If you are not into tech and dont need any wild customization on your mobile, i would suggest an iphone.
  14. I have been thinking about this too, seems like stimualtion through touch and caressing is a universal language.