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  1. Because, maybe most probably it doesn't make people feel warm inside? Let's be honest, who Really is after the Truth? What if truth is the opposite of "good-news"? But, I guess that would be too much to handle, and people rather want to listen whatever makes them live one day longer.
  2. Suffering showed you the right path, but it could have showed with you needed to go though suffering, you know God is capable of everything. Stockholm syndrome?
  3. Javfly33, it is just tragic to see Individuals/Beings giving up their own individual-existence, and all because of the suffering it brings. Yes, right now we are existing as humans on earth, and it brings a good deal of suffering, that's undeniable. And when people get tired of the pain/suffering people start to give up on themselves and choose to relinquish their own Being, which is the worst thing you could literally do to yourself. It's NOT Selfish to want to exist! God is intelligent enough to create entire realities, but You think God was stupid enough to create your individual-Being? Here is an open-minded thought, look at the fact of your existence as an individual-Being as a Gift, not a curse or something that should be ashamed of. Therefore, it should be only sane/logical for a Being to attain immortality an existence which is not in vain and does not lead one onto deletion/death, as if You never existed to begin with. Achieving a status of immortal existence, would mean to finally solidify your existence as a Being, which would mean literally achieving REAL life. Is this life, when your existence could be ended at any moment? Don't we realize how fragile our existence is on earth, its a sinking ship. The goal should be Immortality, there is no denying it.
  4. So what You are after, is relinquishing your Being? So God is stupid enough to give you an individual Being, for you, in the end, to give up on your own Being and relinquish it?
  5. Yet, here we are on this wonderful forum. If you are infinite awareness, tell me what was before your human life?
  6. But yet, you and I are humans who have only memory of life as humans since the day we were born into these lives. Do you remember anything of your existence before your human-life? Then on what basis do you make the assumption that you will survive the death of the human?
  7. Yeah, but the movie is not erased from your memory after you are done with it, or the knowledge that your read from the books. But in the case of your human-you, it will die and be deleted from existence forever and ever, as if it never existed. in turn making all of its aspirations, goals, growth of character all to be in Vain. Evryone, it loves, will face the same fate, eventually, all those people one holds dear and loves, deleted, like with the press of a button. It is more of a curse, to love things which born to exist for a second.
  8. However, with the world view present here guys, it is all in vain, all the struggles of the ego, its growth all its in vain. And you know why? because you guys, say that the ego`s final destination is death-non-existence.
  9. It seems like he is a highly impressionable person. So he gets influenced by others infæluence, be it God, life ciircumstances. You as a Being, how can it be killed when it is existence itself? People tend to mix ego with being egoistical/uncaring/animalistic towards others and themselves.
  10. Well, then that means that God created my ego and me being able to have own will and desires but at the same time does not let me to live out my wishes/dreams, not so loving of a design in this particular case. Well, at least when I'll die God would stop making me suffer in a life that I wish was better.
  11. And yet again dear Friends, these revelations change nothing. We still here, projecting a an existence in which we exist as fragile and weak animal species. What do we have to look forward? Getting older, more ill and senile? So the question then is, why da heck are we projecting this? For example Jesus said that if one has a miniscule of faith, one can do things greater then what Jesus did. But do we do? Nah, we still are in the form of vurnurble animal species. But if We are projecting reality, then we should be able to project whatever da heck we want
  12. Something appears doest not mean it is. Because it appears, this way, can be due to the limited level of perception we possess. With higher levels of perception, there might be no question about that I , you and others exist as individual-points-of-consciousness.
  13. Truth can be multifaceted, from my individual-point-of-consciousness you are an appearance of an account writing things. From your individual-point-of-consciousness the same way I am an appearance of an account writing things. However, we both exist.
  14. Reason why we people go after something more than just the reality they are in itself, that they go after "spirituality" etc, is enough proof that peoples re not really in heaven. I you was in heaven, would you be using your time and effort on mental masturbation, on trying to get better lol. You would be enjoying your existence.
  15. Yes, but I would rather experience heaven than hell.
  16. Call it an illusion or by any other word, doesn't change the fact that we are still experiencing the same reality.
  17. We keep saying that "would be convinced that we are humans", but ask yourself please, why the nessecity to be convinced that we are human beings, in the first place?
  18. Yet you are talking with us, not through the universe, but through a human who has an account on an internet forum with the name Nahm, typing the reply to us
  19. If we use a computer analogy, yes we get it every-reality out there is imagined by Consciousness, which makes them as real as it can get. The sober-reality is a special type of hallucination because it is like the same server, to which you keep on coming, day today. Compared to other hallucinations where you step your toes and then leave those places. Which means that as long as we are here, this is our home, because we are not in reality number 0009 or 3749, but we are in this server-reality, and we keep coming here for some reason we keep coming here every day, the same place, WHY? Why is a good question,
  20. Bro, I follow what you saying and get it. I too had "out-of-the-ordinary" on psych, in which I too realized that I am projecting reality all around me, Im imagining reality. But what does it change? NOTHING MAN. changes nothing, all the stuff in my life that "sucks" any joy in me, still there and they wont go away. So I even realized that I AM imagining the reality around me, but I cannot imagine it the way I WANT IT. Is that too much to ask for? Yeah, I want to exist, but I want to enjoy my existence.
  21. The difference between reality and hallucination is also testable with empirical methods. For example, a dude on a psychedelic sees a beautiful popsicle and starts eating it, his hallucination tells him it tastes sooo good, so he just kept eating this magical popsicle for an hour or so. When his high wore off, and he looked in the mirror, he saw that just been putting in his mouth a kitchen knife and tried to eat it as well for hours. Now he cannot eat and talk normally, not to mention the multiple scars all over his face /mouth. There is a difference, but you are being naive guys.
  22. Remembering my previous lives, would not make this ego/life non existent lol So why cant we remember, I can give another possibility, because this is our first life,
  23. Why cant we remember our past lives? If we been existing since like forever lol.
  24. James123, then why cant we remember our previous infinite amount of lives? Think about that. If we know that we are not our bodies and brains. Why we don't have those memories with us?