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  1. And yet people deny that there is no such thing as no-expirience/non-existence.
  2. How does God justify the injustice in the world? We are told that we are all equal, but some of us are beautiful/noble-looking, while other of us look ugly/repulsive. Some of us are gifted with genetics that makes us talented, while other of us have genetic conditions that make life harder. Therefore, the proposition that God creates everyone as equal, is deluded. We aren't equal, some of us are dealt with "better" cards so to say. Of course, a good player can be at the game better, then a bad player with better cards. But the same good player would play even better if he/she had better cards.
  3. Why should the human me care about growth, overcoming struggles etc., when its destination its death? In addition when the God me is already perfect? It is self contractionary, all these motivational struggles and growth, it is delusional playing which is all ultimately in vain, because the ego dies. That sand castle, will crumble. So, again what's the point to spend time and effort in order to make better a "sinking ship", which will eventually sink?
  4. Brother, please tell me what is the purpose of existence, You must know I extremely open-minded person, the latest I try to be.
  5. Dont you understand, we are One, but whenever I deem a possibility to make a polarization between each other I will call you a devil. Dont worry, it seems that, only God likes to demonize others, who he created himself and is them. (Sarcasm) Also, calling you Devil, is like a trump card you see? Whenever you give me arguments, I don't need to give a counter-argument and explain like what a mature person would do, I can just call you a Devil and I win the argument by default you see? (Sarcasm) God works in mysterious way you see, wink, wink. Yes you have a mind, but don't USE it, You cant understand things, lol, like God gave you a mind, but you cant use it, its counter productive, but just accept what I say as true. (Sarcasm)
  6. Once I tripped, and I became 100% sure that one of my friends on an internet forum was Archangel Gabriel. Was it true, or was it my own conviction/hopeful thoughts which I projected outwards and started to be convinced that, that was the case. Therefore, Friends, don't assume that whatever you have direct experience of is necessary truth.
  7. Man, with all Respect, did You consider,that maybe the experiences that convinced you that you are not in the body, was a delusion that appeared real under the influence of mind-altering substances? lol
  8. Yes, I do exist, yes I don't need to belive that I do lol. But I am saying that we are not in control of many many things. So we aren't God in the sense that we are the ones who call the shots and have control over every facet of reality. We are more of a prisoners of reality, and whatever it wants to experience we have no choice but to expirience it even if I don't want to. I could have been a duck right now, and realize that I'm just a duck living a pretty meaningless existence, but I would have nothing to do with this knowledge other then just keep being a duck, you see? I am saying that we do t have control over the very bodies that we have.
  9. How does our world come into existnce? Don't you see the obvious design in the way the world was creates/operates? Therefore it makes sense that there is a Being/Mind behind the world. Thinking that we are Apex of being is deluding for sure.
  10. But we are in a relative world. And as long as we are in a relative world, we got to pay play by the rules of the relative world. The other option, is to leave the relative world all-together, but first please tell me how it is done. Therefore, while we are here, while we are humans, and we are being judged all the time, by the way we look, talk, behave etc, we still are confined by this reality. I agree, the freedom would be to leave this reality all-together, but I still didn't hear from anyone how it is done.
  11. We could find all the text verses from all kinds of books from the whole of galaxy. But it would still be hypocritical. Because, lets be honest people, when you choose your profile pictures, in this forum, why do you choose cute-looking, aesthetically pleasing pictures? Or don't, tell me that when you choose/buy something you don't choose the thing that aesthetically pleases you.
  12. Yea Ok by your definiton God is just "is-ness". Ok. Then, what do You think, what decided/decides for our reality to be the way it is? (the physical laws, the way our world looks, the design of the creatures etc)?
  13. Saying our world exist "just because, for the lols" is not a answer or an explanation. Look at the world, even the smallest of microbial or an insect has a purpose that exist for. There are bacteria, that has the purpose to digest certain vitamins in our guts. Tell me on thing, in nature, that exist "just-because", and yet we are native to believe that entirety of reality exist "just because"
  14. Nothing happens wihtout God willing it , yes? Ok. Our world exist and we exist, yes ? Yes. Therefore, there must be a reason for why our world and we exist.
  15. So all of ours existence was a delusion, at in addition it was all in Vain? Do you really believe this? There should be a "need" in the first place for God to bother creating reality.
  16. If we'll be honest on paper it is easier for us to say that God is everything and to love God we need to accept everything. However, when the same start to expiriences some truly twisted things on salvia they back up and say "nope, never again, at least not in the near future" And they go to other psychedelics, because you know.... They are much pleasent and sane compared to Salvia for example. But... The things Salvia shows, does it pull them from somewhere else other then God's source? Everything is God. But peoples fears hold them back from exploring this side of God's many faces. At the same time, I think all the intesently scary, insane things that salvia makes one go through its like a filter, a test of some sorts, to see if one is truly ready and worthy to see what ELSE Salvia can show someone. I believe it's another tactic to filter out the weak hearted/spirited persons from going further into that dimension of God. And who knows if someone "ballzy" would go very-very deep into the salvia dimension, and what things he/she could find? ???
  17. If people here, really think that all direct experience = truth, need to think again. Do you then, accept that everything that mentally-ill people experience is "truth" and not "delusions"?
  18. I did not start an argument. Leo, yourself said this : "A human is an idea within the Mind of God. It's not the human Mind which realizes God, it's God's Mind which realizes itself." So Gods Mind realizes that it was not a human to begin with, and that it is itself-God, and yet you say that after the realization it cannot do things which would be "supernatural" abilities for the limited-form. If you realize your full Godhood, there should be no "not-possibles" because full-awakens means the imagined-limitations are seen for what they are, "imagined".
  19. Leo, could please-please, explain why did You say "no!"??
  20. But if Mule realizes it was God all along, it should be able to things that are "supernatural" for a mule to do right? If we truly realized our Godhood, we would do things that Jesus alleged miracles would look small compared to.
  21. Very interesting, allegedly Jesus told that in order to enter Kingdom of Heaven, one needs to do something similar to what You are describing with sindie/outside, Please take a look at it, and see if You can crack the code : Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper as the lower, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is not male and the female not female, and when you make eyes in place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then shall you enter [the kingdom].
  22. Was the expirience induced by a psychedelic, if I may ask?
  23. Does it make sense that the brain which is made of dead matter is you which is a living conscious person? In other words, something dead gives rise is the source of something alive? lol