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  1. Arent I, who is, in general, a person with a healthy body, telling her that God is love and just be happy and enjoy existing, sound sarcastic because due to the nature of the situation I'm in a privileged position compared to hers?
  2. You, don't forget a crucial thing, people ARE different, its not surprising that if someone likes to make people laugh others might not enjoy that. And it might most probably be a false generalization to assume that ALL enlightened people are a certain way and non-enlightened people are a certain way.
  3. While making such remark, you are trying to say that one thing is better than the other, when in fact both things are a creation of God and are both his "children", and it is like asking which of your child is your favorite. I think You too said in one of your recent videos, that for God gold is not more valuable than shit and etc, however, You are assuming here that a dancing monkey is something that should be used a comparison to God in a derogatory sense when in fact it is another aspect of God, if God didn't even imagine a possibility of a dancing monkey existing, it wouldn't even exist, but because it exists we can conclude that it is too a part of God.
  4. Leo, God says that everything is relative and yet God also says that God won't go down and be mucking around in the mud with unenlightened people and their friends. But if everything is relative, and as God said the difference between a unicorn and a cheeseburger is relative, then why God has no will of going down to the mud with unenlightened people and their friends and God wants them to go up to God? If everything is relative God should not have problem of expecting people to be there in the mud with them mocking around, however, it is, of course, true if everything is relative. If God says don't expect me to be there with you in the mud all the time then everything is not relative. And God makes a distinction between up and down, mud and something being better than being in the mud. I'm sincerely and humbly here to learn what truth is, however, because I respect truth, I have to ask this question because for now, it seems that it is inconsistent.
  5. As much as people hate suffering/hardships, it is in suffering/hardships one grows the best as a person. When one lives in "happy-times" at all times, one doesn't grow as a person as much as one does in hardships. Maybe pleasure its not the friend and pain is not the enemy...
  6. I gave you arguments and you are just saying "do actual work", when in fact you don't know if I did or did not. I did and I experienced, but the individual experience is not always the truth, even if at the moment of experience it feels very true. People with schizophrenia have experiences that are very real to them but would you accept their experience as real-truth because he/she experienced in first hand? What is the point of writing here to each other if one party gives arguments and the other party just says "do work" when they have nothing to answer to the argument because if they had answers they would answer it because others who read this conversation see that the person refrained from answering to the questions when the other party was engaging in a conversation and taking things said seriously and gave genuine response and further elaborative questions? When people have experiences and accept everything that they experience in the experience as real-truth, we might have a problem here. Because experiences might be deceiving. Not everything that is experienced equals of it being a true representation of truth. One stops learning when one is sure of that one already knows what's true and what's not, what am I doing is staying open-minded and questioning, even direct-experience.
  7. It is for sure a disadvantage because then we won't be able to communicate. Now with the thinking you present, you could say but this is because we compare to someonewho has an advantage, but You don't need to compare to someone else, because it will be our quality of lives decreasing from our own starting-point, which included the visual and audio sensory input into our minds. However, the general problem with such thinking is that if we to think this way, it will eventually boil down to the final question "why do anything?". Which shows the self-defeating narrative of this kind of thinking. Because if duality is an illusion, then there is no subject/person and an object/the world around, then why do anything? But I guess you are still alive because you are able to have this conversation on the forum, then it means you are still not forgetting to eat and drink water. Which shows that you are not really fully believing in your own thinking. In other words, you are still doing an action, such as drinking water at least, which shows that you are still differentiating between subject v object, a mouth, and water, to make an action you need to differentiate between a subject and an object. I wonder why? Maybe because you still think that maybe this kind of thinking is not the representative of the true picture?
  8. We can say whatever we want but if lose our eyesight and hearing, we won't be able to have this conversation on this forum. That's a disadvantage, however we call it , "good", "bad", or "neither" etc.
  9. You know you could say a few more things that suffering is not real and it is your perspective, but I bet nobody (sane) here would want to get captured and get tortured for the rest of their lives. Or get their eyes got bulged, and eardrums too, which means you could no longer interact with the people on this forum for example, which again shows that "some" things are indeed "negative" it will give you suffering/lower your quality of life. Sorry for such as a graphic example above, it was needed to talk about the reality of things that things can get "not-so-good" and any sane person would not want these kinds of things to happen to him/her. But "HEY" , if there is no such thing as duality then You could easily accept anything written here. And there is no point in censorship, and if all categorization is illusionary, then why do anything? Because any action is done from a perspective of a subject and an object, which cannot happen before one makes a differentiation between a subject and an object.
  10. They were light beings made purely of light-energy, they told me that they are very sorry many-many times. But they said that it was an order from their leader. Thye showed me some type of a system of hierarchy. Like you know like a King/leader to someone else than to someone else and like that. So I understood that there is a hierarchy system amongst them. Like Kings etc.
  11. Once, in my communication with Elohim, I asked them why I have my health issues which worsen my life quality on earth, and they genuinely told me they are many times that they are very sorry, but in the end, they said that the reason for my ill-health it is because of them. Those members of Elohim who I talked to they said that their Leader told them to inflict these health-issues to me, but they did not explain to me why. What do you think, why would such good individuals as Elohim inflict health issues to someone on earth like me?
  12. Why sex and the human body is looked down upon by a big part of the world? The very act that gives life somehow is seen as something to be ashamed of, this makes no sense. The very our own bodies which are designed so impeccable we see as something to be ashamed of and generally there is some type of "shaming" taboo regards the body and sex. Why is that?
  13. How is that God is about love and yet most people have unhappy lives? I mean... it kinda looks like God is doing pretty "shitty" job at creating a universe where the people in it would be happy. With due respect Leo you yourself say "God is Love" and at the same time say "most people are unhappy" God could have created a better reality than ours, but yet he chose to make all kinds of diseases part of this reality. Heck If I was God the first thing I would do I would choose to delete disease from this reality all-together. At the least, I would save a good amount of suffering for many people just by doing this. And thats just one little thing God could do.
  14. I think you are going into a not a "not-so healthy view". Not all things are good. You would not eat feces for a lunch today am I right? Would anyone here? Or go rape children? Of course, you could accept the people who do this and not be angry at them, but would you do it yourself? Do you see? Or if asked by someone "hey buddy, tomorrow we will give you a chronic disease with chronic pain or we would give you a billion dollars" Which would you choose? If as in your own words "nothing is wrong and everything is right" you should/will be happy with getting a chronic disease accompanied with chronic pain as much as getting a billion dollars. But would you? Of course not, at the least if your thinking is healthy. We can do all kinds of mental-gymnastics but in reality, there are things which make our stay on this planet "sucky" and there are things which make it more "pleasant". Of course it is easier to say about this world and its systems of things relying on consumption of others as "its all good", but the irony is the mere fact that you want to see things as "all good" means that you still want to be attached to the notion of "goodness and acceptance", so things are not as relative as you would like to believe.
  15. U sure about that? Some of us are beutiful whie the others ugly. Some are smart whil the other not so smart. Think again
  16. Still, it shows that God created and sustains a universe in which most of its people are unhappy majority and select few are happy. Then, of course, we can talk about accepting this fact as it is (absolute love as the video description says) or not accepting it, but the fact still is the same. Question is if you were god would you create too, such a universe where only select few are genuinely happy? When you literally could create any universe imaginably - you create like this?
  17. Hello, I really need to get some answers to this question, because I contemplate a lot and still not sure what the answer is. Question: If as we see the earth is a giant multiplayer-open-world-game, there WILL be people who would be dealt with bad cards in life and live in total misery. My question is if there is no death why cant these people who are trapped in very-hellish/painful lives, why can't they just commit suicide and be reborn as someone else? What does a person who`s life is total misery have to lose? Why not just start-over? I know suicide is a "taboo" topic, but I can see that this question is relevant for a good amount of people on earth. So please dont take this question as some sort of "trolling", I'm genuinely interested in an answer as to why this cannot be used as a "respawn" as we see in video-games?
  18. If I am content with my body when I have it, it is because it fit into my idea how it should be. When it goes astray from that ideal it makes me not be content with it. If I also choose the body to be ill then I would be content, but I did not choose, therefore I am not content. If I did choose then I would be content, but Im not. Of course I could convince/force myself to be content with it but then it would not be "true" spontaneous content. If you think being content with whatever happens is a truly healthy way of Being, then think about it again, why do anything at all and keep on living as a human? When you feel content with something spontaneously it is because it aligns with your Being, when things are not the way you want to be then you don't feel content. Of course, you could try to try convince your mind that you are content, but then it is not real content. If you were really-content then you wouldn't need to do any "work" to convince yourself that you are content.
  19. Look if Your mind is its own entity, and the body is just like a short-lived avatar. Who da heck cares what happens to the body? Do I mourn and cry when my character dies in a multiplayer game? Of course not, because the real me is being untouched by anything, it is un-destroyable. We know by now that the Mind is outside of space&time. Thus the bodies we see in this world are not real, the minds controlling those bodies are though. Therefore you would not want to inflict pain onto another person because the mind of that person is as real as yours. However, if your vehicle/body in this realm is really giving you unnecessarily a hard time and malfunctioning, why put up with it not just leave it? Think about it...
  20. But the pain is real. Can you not feel pain when you feel pain? You could deny it all you want but you would still feel it, like we all would.
  21. Leo, therefore I ponder why make a big deal out of destroying something which is imaginary/the body, whereas your Mind which is real Youll have with you for eternity? It's not like the only way to exist is by being attached to an animal host, in our case it is being the homo-sapien bodies. It is like people have no confidence in their being and they rely upon an animal-host to exist, no matter how much pain/suffering this animal host gives to the Mind. Especially when your Mind advanced enough to not be "content" with whatever pleasures the animal host can provide, be it sexual, food, any other forms of carnal entertainment.
  22. But the thing is The Mind is not the body, not at all, the body is just an imagined "vessel" the Mind is attached too. Just like the bodies you have in your dreams, where you can be another person entirely. The Mind is not made of the body.
  23. Leo, however people suicide not always because they hate themselves and cannot finish a human life. People also commit suicide because they feel a lot of pain in very long periods of time and the future just holds more of the pain and even bigger. What then has this person to look forward to? Like for example if someone has some degenerative disease which turns his/her body into a 24/7 torture chamber and there is no cure so they can only look forward to more of the pain and worse. What can I say to them to their face if they ask me "But there is no death, I'll be just reborn so why can't I put to stop to this, living in constant pain is also not good for the well being of my mind/psyche" What do I say to them? That they just "just live with it?" Of course, I have the luxury of saying it while my body is not in the same mess as theirs. But if I put myself into their shoes, wouldn't it make sense for them to euthanize their current body?
  24. How would Leo answer these questions and can he answer all of these questions?