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  1. @Leo Gura I read it, but I have access only to ALA so Can I do it on ALA only?
  2. @Leo Gura can I detox on ALA only?
  3. @The_Truth_Seeker The problem is you will never die. You will just take another form. Instead of pursuing a fake death, pursue ending the cycle forever. What I mean is pursue Infinity and you will be it for ever. This is the only way. God designed it this way. You will never not exist.
  4. Is there a book like that in leo's books list? If not what would you recommend?
  5. That I need to be macho kind of a guy or more extroverted.
  6. I already know what true musculinity is but I still have these silly thoughts in my head that I really need to let go of, So I think reading such books will help me out.
  7. Thanks, looks promising, I will give it a read What about femininity?
  8. @The0Self ok got you, thanks.
  9. @Leo Gura how Important understanding the visual field for understanding reality?
  10. I took acid and it went all way wrong. I am calming down a bit right now but I am still frightened
  11. I mean Leo explained death as the ultimate spiritual death where you explode into infinity. but what about reincarnation? why didn't Leo talk about that? is not what will happen in most case scenarios? or did I just not watch the whole video? I am not sure actually. Connor offers some nice explanation for reincarnation in the images below.
  12. I tappred my medication fast and I am experiencing some hellish symptoms. It started by severe dizziness and fatigue. Now I am experiencing nausea and constant brain zaps. Also headache and fatigue. Fuck SSRis, they are not worth it.
  13. @nistake I got the first one, there is a face in the background, exactly how consciousness is recontextualized, nice. But didn't get the second one.
  14. @nistake I was not able to make the recontextualization, any hints?
  15. @levani santata gamana explanation is quite clear and easy. the author explored all available teachings and gives the most effective method in his opinion and from his own experience. So you might want to check his book about kriya yoga.
  16. @Leo Gura what about doing kriya pranayama solely? would you recommend that?
  17. I was watching this movie, apocalypto and it did great work in capturing the soul of what it means to be in stage purple and in stage red, and man! life was no joke in old days. Your tribe at any day might get attacked by another tribe/empire and your wife becomes a sex slave and your children get killed. diseases, famine, poverty, and wars. I asked a couple of months ago, why didn't God just started the imagination in civil society and Leo answered God wants to be and experience everything, and now I get it. God is not afraid of any of this, God is not love if it was afraid and that won't happen.
  18. What??!! This made me confused. I have always sought the Truth because it feels good, If God doesn't equal Bliss then How does it even be? If the Truth doesn't feel good, who will seek it?
  19. This thread feels very stupid when you realize you can make an interview with God at any given time whenever you want.
  20. Don't you chase the truth because it feels Good? Isn't the Truth = Bliss? So you are actually chasing bliss?
  21. How is a pleasure suicidal? what does that even mean?
  22. From his posts on the forum, you can tell he is way deeper than the videos he makes. He is more serious than any of us actually and he is not showing but less than 1% of what he got.
  23. @Leo Gura yeah God doesn't care but we care. So this hell has a purpose? What kind of a purpose would it be? To purify people? I just loved the idea that There is no hell and the idea of hell is a big lie to make people behave better.
  24. @Leo Gura IF God wants to be everything and everything is Love, Would God create an actual realm of Hell with people being tortured in it for no reason or that would not be considered Love? Is Love limited by Itself? Is it limited by intelligence?