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  1. @Leo Gura okey got you, I will stop half assing it ?. It was just to test the waters and the potential of chelation but looks it needs a lot more investment. @Michael569 It is more about my OCD, and yeah everything is self diagnosed.
  2. @Leo Gura I meant I felt nothing negative. At this large dose, I should have felt some negative effects if I have tozic levels of heavy metals,as said in the book.
  3. @Valwyndir watch out or you will get a spanking from Leo soon.
  4. I need an episode where Leo talks about this point extensively, which is why Does God allow suffering. God being infinite vs suffering of all of its creation.
  5. @Valwyndir WTF with your new videos, you cannot understand anything from them
  6. Mother! (2017) A brilliant movie with a mind blowing plot and amazing metaphors. You wil remember scenes from this movies when you have insights or when you trip. The movie is so existential and metaphorically brilliant. It is a masterpiece. Go watch it now ? The fountain (2006) Some visual scenes in this movie are so mind-blowing and are a perfect representation of what one would feel during awakening. The theme of the movie is beautiful and it is a representation of spiritual seeking. Full of metaphors and artistic scenes. Absolutely Brilliant!! P.S: I will update the list if any high quality movie crosses my mind.
  7. @Leo Gura Can we get an episode discussing this point? My ego won't leave me in peace if I don't find the most satisfying answer to the dilemma of suffering. What I understand is : God cannot allow itself to be afraid of suffering as that will pose a limitation on God. God allows everything and that what makes it infinite Love God use suffering to push crearion towards its destined end which is Self- realization. Suffering pushes the evolution of organic creatures towards God. Life is a very difficult process, and karma is very brutal. Karma and evolution are mostly suffering based. Is it worth it??
  8. Thanks guys, Today I am doing better. I tried to embrace suffering instead of denying it or find an explanation to it. I just need to Embrace the brutality of life as a feature that pushes us in the right direction. Namaste!
  9. Guns are the root of all evil ?? We will see how many more mass shootings and how many people killed by police for Republicans actually to start thinking about banning weapons, jeez, so unwise.
  10. @Lyubov @Nahm Looks like the Ego will never be satisfied with any answer. I should work on letting go and embracing love.
  11. So this is what Leo proposed in his video "what's the point of life?" He said you will finally remerge with God and it will be bliss. But you will finally get bored and you decide to restart life again and you will do it again and again and again. And I am like no please no one, one time is enough,lol. What do you think?
  12. @Michael569 I have OCD. It might be caused by heavy metal toxicity, IDk.
  13. @integral yeah it is better to do a compo of three ALA AND DMSA DPSA because they synergise ALA after ALA extract mercury from the brain.
  14. Why don't you just start doing acid? It is very sace to obtain and very gentle and clear.
  15. What's the problem with dairy and when you say dairy, do you mean cheese and better too?
  16. @Nahm Not feeling traumtized, wounded, weak.
  17. I spent years now trying to heal my traumas. Please, recommend me Books, methods, videos. I saw a book about Riechian therapy in leo's book list, what do you think about it?
  18. I think I might have a mild form of ADHD but not sure yet. Can you recommend drugs,herbs, supplements or general ways to deal with the disease. I might be able to start detoxing mercury soon,so yeah,that might help.
  19. You might want to check this service out. It includes many intresting shows about spirtuality, psychology and psychedelics. I didn't watch any of their shows but got like ads of their serivce and thought they looked cool.
  20. I feel like I cannot talk, socialize or express myself without huge amounts of resistance and effort. I feel like my energy is congested and my throat is frozen. I have bren trying to get out of this state for so long but could not? I feel traumatized actually but I don't what to do to heal myself. Leo, what do you suggest to heal traumas? @Leo Gura @Leo Hira
  21. @Nahm @Preety_India @Forestluv Any tips?