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  1. @JaySwole You are massively underestimating how complex the human mind is and how little we understand it.
  2. @modmyth Yeah, absolutely. And they using that against gamers in the upcoming average game they are developing. Just look at this. It is basically aoe 2 with a better graphics.
  3. I used to be afraid of insects but I just grew over the idea that insects are nasty. Now I can handle worms, spiders cookroaches and basically any insect. It is a fear like all fears, it takes time and awareness to overcome.
  4. I don't know, I actually think aoe is massively overrated game. I played 2 and 3 and both actually feel like a pain in the ass actually to play. I much prefer stronghold crusader and command and conquer generals. Also the upcoming aoe 4 game looks shity actually.
  5. It is just a something you develope overtime with proper awareness and practice. Awareness of how you are acting like and how you feel and how you should be actually acting and feeling like. It is like a bad habit you want to get rid of. Embracing masculinity takes time but it is very doable. You will eventually look back at yourself and laugh at how silly you were acting like. It also helps to clear the mind regularly of any limiting beliefs about people pleasing or being "nice" or whatever. Clear the mind of any beta shit and gradually embrace the alpha.
  6. why does God want to experience being an animal? or being an object? what value does these experiences add to God? When I think about animals, I only imagine mindless living and a huge potential for suffering. What am I missing here?
  7. I think you can go both ways. The solo meditative way and the life purpose world-changing ways and both are valid. But I think it will be much of a joyful and easier experience for everyone to be following the latter. And you can do both. Spend your youth helping the world and then go all monks style solo medetation when you are older.
  8. But Leo... I thought it would be something more genuine than just looks. I mean something like smart, femanine, passionate.
  9. @Leo Gura Leo, you talk a lot about who is a high value man but on the other hand you never explained who is a high value woman. Can you you explain that please?
  10. @Thunder Kiss We have been taking vaccines for literally hundreds of years now. They are generally safe. Safer than a lot of medications that might have nasty side effects. I don't know why people are making a fuss about taking this vaccine. Vaccines are one of the most amazing medical innovations and are generally very safe.
  11. @Leo Gura I don't think Moses was conscious enough to split the sea in half, so there might be something else in play, like genes that allow for manipulation of reality or something like this.
  12. @Leo Gura Try frostpunk, you will like it.
  13. Don't overcomplicate things. It is just you God trying to be infinity again. Stop resisting. Resistance is what keeping you from yourself. Love yourself immensely. Stop theorizing. You theorized a lot. Start being yourself. Start being safe, strong, secure and calm. Stop calling the thoughts. Stop contradicting yourself.
  14. Looks like I am going to be journaling here ? I experienced a lot of pain and suffering in my last 3 years and it was all caused by me. I just listened to the traumas that were kept growing in my subconscious mind. Many says that sometimes to reach the high you must experience the low. I hope so. I am doing better these days. I am studying now for medical school exam in the UK. Hopefully I will be able to work there in the next year. I a very ambitious individual and I have a lot to deliever to humanity. My life purpose is to be like Leo. Someone who guide the masses through life. To be able to fulfill my dream, I have to start reading a lot more. Like I need at least 5 years of constant reading to expose myself to enough experience. I also need to do a lot psychedelics and a lot of meditation and kryia yoga. I also need to work on my social skills, my charisma and my skills of articulation. I also need to develop high levels integrity and high levels of commitment. Another life purpose I have is to be a holistic doctor. I intend to take 4 years of specialization in family mediciene but it is not enough. I need to read a lot of articles and expose myself to new ways of treating certain diseases and developing a healthy diet and life style. Leo has already changed a lot in my understanding to medicine. But still I have years of studying a head of me. I also would like to integrate healing and psychology into my career as a holistic doctor. Psychological conditions are the source of many diseases and personally I experienced hell a lot of suffering because of poor psychological state. Just the IBS alone that I experienced would make someone commit suicide, let alone the anxiety and depression. Anyways, I hope I dont backslide this time because I did this a lot.
  15. @Michael569 MAybe when you eat healthy food low in carbs, you end up not needing fluoride for teeth. It is all the junk that people eat that feeds bacteria in their mouths leading to decay.
  16. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura a member here proposed doing longer rounds like 15-20 days saying that 3-4 days is short and the longer the better, what do you think?
  17. Leo always says that God can dream all sorts of things. an infinite number of possibilities. But I think God is also limited. I mean God is still infinite but its other features limit its infinity. Like Love and intelligence limit the possibilities that God can imagine. Here is a quote from Leo's episode " why God forgives devilry"\ "infinite consciousness can can construct its own physical material hell if it wants to because it's infinite creative potential infinite creative potential means that you can imagine atoms molecules cells creatures aliens angels devils it can dream all sorts of nightmares it can dream bliss realms of beautiful sex and food and whatever other material pleasures you desire money vacations anything the universe can literally imagine anything because it is pure infinite imagination" @Leo Gura what do you mean by if it wants to? Does God dream all these things? or it is not possible as God is limited by its own self?
  18. @FlyingLotus A cool trick that might help you in making in summaries is to download the subtitles of leo's videos, now you got yourself a text of the whole episode which is surprisingly very accurate and with few mistakes. I use this website. here is the subtitles of leo's latest episode. [English (auto-generated)] Relative vs Absolute Truth [].txt
  19. @FlyingLotus amazing effort!
  20. I did a round of 250 mg every 3 hours for 64 hours, and felt absolutely nothing,does that mean I am free from heavy metals?
  21. Media Molecule, the company that made little big planets, released this incredible platform called dreams a year ago. It was supposed to revolutionize game development process. Giving people an opportunity to channel their creative potential without worrying about learning and doing all the programming hassle. Imagine being able to directly be involved in designing your game without writing any code! You can use a whole library of objects and items, bunch of different trees, bunch of different textures for soil, grass, and other things. You can just focus on your creativity in Dreams. But what happened? Dreams failed and virtually nobody talks about it in youtube. Why is that? Because we as a society didn't develop a sense of collectice purpose and still work in a very competitive manner. Dreams should have been a project shared by tens of game developers but looks like nobody is advanced enough to think in these ways. Dreams would never succeed in an orange society. And that's an example why advanced technology is not the solution for many of mankind's problems. The ego is still there. All of the games below are designed in dreams!! Thousands of different games with totally different styles and graphics could be designed using dreams. But it is just a wast for our society.
  22. 6. What if things were different? What if you were born into a poor family? What if you were born in war-torn country? What if? Nothing is guaranteed. But still I will always try to enjoy life and develop myself as much as I can. 7. How to experience a good life? Live a balanced life Develop your emotional intelligence Work seriously on a life purpose Develop a serious level of detachment Guided by love and passion not fear and need Trusting God/love instead of the ego and society Work on understanding reality Spiritual development 8. What is the experience of average human being like? No sense of wonder or excitment towards life No passion or love towards life Thinks life cannot offer more Living with the same attitude towards life since tens of years No life purpose. Just a job to get money to survive Creative potential is massively limited Denies he/she a selfish creature Chasing money, fame, sex Very underdeveloped psychologically, philosophically and spiritually
  23. @Leo Gura Do you feel a need to express your creativity through something other than teaching, like game development, movie, or art?
  24. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura you sure know a lot about video game industry. But what about if video gamea corps made a collaboration to make the perfect games engine that cuts all the coding bullshit and focus only on expressing your artistic creativity? That would be cool but it is a stage yellow project I think.