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  1. I can't speak for psychedelics, but if I may... By dying they mean the dissolution of the self, both the ego-self and the silent observer-self so that only the essence of divinity is left. An important process of self-realization is that God was always you and everything in the/as the Now. You didn't become enlightened, you just became aware that You always were enlightened. It was You the whole time limiting yourself to a self-based consciousness, because living that self-based state of consciousness and making it meaningful was always the whole point, so be present and make the process an ends in itself. You never actually die, just like you never actually die in a dream. I will say though, be careful about chasing the "highest highest truth," because there is no end to how deep you can go and be satisfied from this limited state of consciousness, and your desire to chase that highest Truth is egoic. At that point you've diminished your life to a mere means to an end.
  2. A better question, why is there something after everything?
  3. This was through meditation, yes? Looking back, would you describe having a sense of clairvoyance from being in that intense state of Now? As if you already knew what you were going to do before the moment you did because all choices/paths are the Now, so there is no more cause and effect but an interdependence of everything.
  4. Why do you call them angels? I do sense them as well but very rarely, and it's usually at night or during particularly stressful times. My intuition cautions me from indulging my curiosity and attempting an interaction, so I just ignore them and let them be. From my experience, they never seem to attempt an interaction first except for the mischievous ones. I have a mild suspicion that they are watching pretty much everything.
  5. Fair point. I'd like to clarify that I didn't mean to make a distinction between consciousness (noun) and being self conscious (verb) since I was referring to the universe as the Absolute, i.e. there is no God-self that IS, there's just IS.
  6. The breath of life is a metaphor for divinity. Everything we see and experience is divinity manifested, no exceptions. "Split wood, I am there. Lift up a rock, you will find me there." The concept of being "alive" is actually a dualistic concept. Everything is conscious, not just "living" organisms. I think I am my body, but I don't know how to recreate every cell in my body out of the food I eat multiple times over my lifetime; the universe does. I don't know how to grow the food that my body needs; the universe does. I don't know how to orbit the moon, the sun and all other planets in our galaxy so that my body can survive; the universe does. From the very edge of the known universe to the other, everything in it is absolutely interdependent with each other as one. What I do is what the universe is doing. You're only looking from a very narrow point of view and ignoring the full panorama of experience, making arbitrary divisions and identifying with it.
  7. That's an amazing metaphor. God is hiding right in front of our noses out in plain sight, but we still somehow struggle finding Him. Then when we finally do, He goes "DO OVER!" lol Who says God is Love? God is Humor! The play is not a drama, it's a comedy!
  8. Have you noticed that even science requires faith for it to make sense? All of it's claims and predictions are based on conjectures. Einstein showed that objective truths cannot be separate from the subject, and this soon after gave birth to quantum mechanics which further showed that reality is perspective. Bohr showed that physical reality isn't physical at all, but an abstract probability field which only acts as physical when there's an observer. You may think science is based on "facts," but its actually based on what's practical. Science does not reveal nature herself. "We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning." -Heisenberg People often demand for empirical evidences whenever any metaphysical subject is discussed, and while empiricism was a fine tool for rebelling against the law of theology of the time, it is far from infallible. It is grounded upon inductive reasoning, which is circular in its reasoning, and history has shown that theories derived from empiricism have been proven wrong time and time again. Why did the apple fall from the tree? Newton reasoned, through induction and empiricism, that the gravity from the Earth’s mass pulled it down from the tree. Then Einstein flipped it 180 by reasoning that the Earth, which is imposing its mass within the four dimensional spacetime permeating throughout the known universe, was actually pushing its mass onto spacetime and thus onto the apple. Gravitational force comes from the bending of spacetime—not the mass itself. How could Newton be so wrong despite following the rigorous empirical scientific method? Because all scientific theories and predictions, no matter how self-evident they may seem, are grounded upon man made assumptions and conjectures—guesses—and it is upon this grounding belief that science proceeds to make practical testable implications regardless of it actually being true or not. Science is very much akin to faith in this regard. Practicality is also why we still teach Newtonian Physics in school. And now there’s quantum mechanics, which brings to doubt all of reality derived from our simple sensory experience as it being physical. Objective truth does not exist “out in reality” separate from the subject, but rather the subject is intrinsically entangled to the objective world due to the collapse of the quantum wavefunction in the presence of that observer. Reality is subjective, and therefore all scientific calculations must be taken into account from the subject’s view point if we’re looking for answers to reality. The quantum wavefunction and Schrodinger’s equation is not the answer to reality. Equations are merely symbols used to represent reality, but these are not reality itself. Current reasoning for this is that they assume science should only be preoccupied by the “how” (mathematics), and that the “why” (interpretation) is a metaphysical endeavor reserved only to philosophy and religion. This is at most a partial view, not the full picture. Science and religion are opposite sides of the same coin, the practice of attempting to understand what the hell is going on. Metaphysics/spirituality is the breaking of that duality so that the full picture may be experienced. Science does not know why there is something rather than nothing, or how life began on Earth, or what was before the known universe. Science does not even have a full understanding of a single grain of sand. Think about that.
  9. Yes, I like making a distinction between free choice and free will. One is from my limited view, the other is from God's absolute view.
  10. Yes, I agree with all your points! All humans are born with bodies that have evolutionary needs, i.e. original sin, which is why the term awakening is so fitting due to its interdependence with being unconscious or asleep. I'm avoiding using the term "enlightenment" since I'm not interested in opening that can of worms. However, I would like to emphasize that being present is of more importance over experiencing further suffering to achieve inner peace. Many people go through enormous amounts of suffering and hit rock bottom to finally give in and accept the present moment to begin healing, but that is the dangerous way of going about it. Granted, for many of them that might very well have been the only way, there are other paths available and worth exploring for becoming conscious of the present.
  11. I never reached "full God consciousness," but yes, I believe I would. I would feel compassion very deeply for them because their reality is what their minds believe. My egoic existence, as well as yours, is very much needed from God's perspective, and the proof is right here, right now, and I have complete faith in his creation. I hope you do too. Anyway, I don't wish to derail this thread anymore, though this is a lot of fun.
  12. Because that is the nature of Infinity, the totality of all possible finitudes. There are no exceptions. Yes, but not necessarily the only way. We don't really know for sure how these states are reached. For example, Leo has shown psychedelics can be an effective and powerful alternate path for reaching Truth. Also, my first awakening happened out of the blue when I was about 5 years old, and I knew nothing about spirituality. God is also the self, even if the self is unconscious. Your suffering is His suffering.
  13. There is a point. From the full picture, everything is completely interdependent to be as it is in absolute harmony. Not fair from Alex's point of view, but how can there be fairness without also unfairness? God granted man the power to chose freely their own destinies, but how can there be true freedom if not all infinite possibilities and paths were made available for him to choose? For heaven to be, there must also be hell. A man glimpses the Truth, but as a man he is unable to fully embody it because he is limited by the desires of his own body. That is fucked up, yes, but you have to remember that it is God who is actually suffering here, not you: "Father, if you are willing, take this cup of suffering from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."
  14. As you said, because "origin for Awareness is Self Love but once you seen through that there is no Self," then Love is Awareness, and Awareness dreams, and dreams imagines forms of individual selves. Full circle. That's why God is doing this, out of love. The self-emptying (i.e. kenosis) of God through his own incarnations for heaven to be at His own self sacrifice.