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  1. 25 years old guy. Love it. Good luck. Wishing you best in regards to finding one willing. I love women I really do. But never was a fool. (commenting for myself) When they can't get what they want all talk starts for their agenda lol.
  2. Pandemic I hoped for. Chicks in bikinis everywhere. Is there some desease that will make that happen? Pandemic I got. Corona virus.
  3. Ok need to pick up few tricks. Thank you. Much appreciated. People pay for this? Excellent. Glad I came from nowhere.
  4. Always been suspicious if you know what I mean.
  5. Thought and knowledge whatever is the as same as coffee cup.No difference.
  6. Beaming Truth all over the place. Was nice. Haha, ha.
  7. 10 thing lists. ?Let me introduce myself.
  8. Real intimacy/connection comes much later in relationship. First build foundation. You ain't no gonna do it if you are not a man nor you will reach that point anyway. Proper stuff.
  9. She is not "turned on". Work on yourself guys you are lacking something that you need to actually be a man indentify it,fix it and correct it, and don't bother with this stuff.
  10. More value as man you have she will easier and more faster spread her legs.
  11. Ok no nonsense. Leo teach 'em please no nonsense and how women use sex actually. Once again value thing. Turned on/off lol. Intimacy lol. 25 years old lady with kids behind and her willimgness to have sex with you. 25 years her' s twin with no kids and her willingess to have sex with you. Lets compare.