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  1. Enjoy the outcome of your approach.
  2. Like everything that most anyone says, they speak truthfully and yet assume it is applies objectively in all cases. To say the idea that "thoughts create reality is new age BS" is assuming that it has no truth to it at all, which even the writer quickly reveals that it does have some truth to it, if we clarify the understanding with action. Its so easy to cut a concept down completely, by saying a single word. Yet, growth rarely occurs that way. Better would be to trim the edges.
  3. It doesn't. It's more of a state of being.
  4. One writer use to write with double quotation marks around the word ""God"", to make extra sure people didn't confuse the word with some external wizard entity, that picks sides in wars and damns souls to a forever torture realm. I use a variety of words for this reason, but I also use the word God all the same. The original definition has always meant something more, but re-defining it for the exoteric masses, is still useful.
  5. Even so, it did nothing to limit their influence. With that known, why do we continue to support these actions, as though they are helping us?
  6. It would be wise to tell them the dangers of both, because it allows them the opportunity to find a new choice, like say, food. Omitting information places all involved, in a far more precarious situation. There are always an infinite number of choices constantly present. Even on the level of voting there is more than two parties, but beyond that, is organizing in entirely new and innovative ways.
  7. You go wherever you need to go. If you desire physical sense perceptions, know this: You will have it again. Again and again.
  8. Cyanide is also worse for the body than Arsenic. Are we really making a case that continuing to ingest arsenic, is going to end well? And yet, Democrats still believe in a Russiagate conspiracy. They also believe in war now, apparently. They are to the right of some republicans on that issue and yet, they are the obvious choice? Bush started a war that killed millions based on a lie. A literal war crime. Yet, why do we ignore that and focus on Jan 6th? Voting for a 40 (now 41) Billion dollar weapons package to Ukraine to fight a superpower in a losing proxy war? Instead of spending that money on housing, stimulus checks, healthcare, green energy infrastructure? What is reasonable about any of this? Why would anyone vote for either party? They say: Vote Republicans To Stop Democrats; Vote Democrats To Stop Republicans. Not a solution. It's a death wish.
  9. What you say is true, but I would not be so hasty to give up on the reality of Enlightenment. Thought is not a requirement to function. Everything thought can do, insight can do better.
  10. There are lots of beings I am aware of. Lots of beings I am not. All of which may be aware of me. And most that are not. But, control me? Haha! What could they control? They could lead me, just as say, propaganda leads one to believe it the truth, leaving the real truth to be slandered as propaganda. But, so what? It still remains my preference on where I go. It is my choice of role. So it was said before me: I am the master of my fate. The captain of my soul.
  11. Do you fear sleep? Because essentially your vision of death is no different than that, and lo, you are unafraid of sleep, thus unafraid of death. Your fear is an illusion. The fear itself, is the very death you speak of. Best to remove it.
  12. I would second the suggestion of limiting your dense foods; ideally you would eliminate them. Primarily, this is about meditation. It is about understanding your body on a subtle level. Attempt to defocus from your thoughts towards your body. Just sense the body.
  13. Interesting, I haven't heard of that Babaji before. But the stories of Mahavatar Babaji seem to point to something a bit higher. I also like to mention Barry Long (died 2003). He was supposedly a teacher of Eckhart Tolle, and like Tolle, claimed a type of "conclusive Enlightenment". Of course such conclusion is only in the idea of ending suffering. Nvertheless, his words can allow some deep insight.
  14. They could start by fulfilling a single significant promise of the myriads that they campaign on. But, that never seems to be their main priority. Which is why it means almost nothing whether they regain their advantage or lose it.
  15. Interesting to me, Is one who awakens to 'no other minds' or 'one mind' And knows what other minds imagine or don't imagine!