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  1. I've found following stuff that makes my experience more scary and reactionary isn't the best so if it is making you more scared perhaps not do it. You can try anapana as well which is a very gentle breathing meditation where you gently focus on your natural breath going in and out your nose. No need to do anything with the breathe just gently following your natural automatic breathe the best you can in and out your nose. Nothing to force or follow, just gently follow your natural breathe. If you have a body pillow or something heavy you could lay it on yourself. Having the weight on you can calm you down like a weighted blanket or a bunch of clothing on top of you while in bed.
  2. I've had a very similar experiences before. I'm starting to come out of this way of thinking... know two things. 1 It's a way of thinking and 2 you are always able to, allowed to and gifted the ability to heal no matter what you've done, what's been done to you, some combination of the two, whatever! Everyone is able to rise above and have peace and creation in their life. All that negative thought patterns, delusions, etc isn't you. It may come counterintuitively, facing the feelings and fear and take giving yourself forgiveness and learning from what happened and making changes in your life in the present moment so you can start following your good feelings/qualities to take you up. Take responsibility for what you consciously can and gently turn the pain into peace. Never forget to breathe and always gently move yourself to the present moment. Having a journal helps as well. You can write anything you want and feel totally safe in doing so. You can burn anything you write down after if it is something you don't want others reading because sometimes looking under that car hood of life can bring up some painful stuff. From there start feeling how you feel and not letting it pollute your thoughts and accepting everything as it is in the now.
  3. This is good and you can choose one you like in the YouTube recommendations Rain white noise really calms me down as well
  4. Just be very gentle. You don't have to do anything right now, not even meditate. Just focus what you can on lying in bed, feeling safe and just gently feeling your breathe/body and music to playing in the background.
  5. Stop thinking about it and what you are activating. You don't need to think about any of that stuff right now. Just gently breathe and experience what you're feeling. You can also play relaxing music and follow that as well while lying in bed.
  6. Breathing slowly into my belly and gently focusing my mind on this has helped me through tough times. No need to force anything. You don't have to do anything right now. You can also place right hand under your left armpit then put your left arm over your right arm and place your left hand on your right bicep. Cover yourself in blankets and pillows and play some relaxing music. Try to quiet your mind and be easy on yourself and your body.
  7. Sometimes I feel guilty about the casual sex I've had. It's like I was feeding a fantasy for her or in some sense I was her toilet for her to let go of her guilt. I want sex with women who aren't ashamed of their sexuality or getting old or stuff like that but I've found the most beautiful women to me are the women who usually have this the worst or some neurotic pattern of the mind which makes me feel guilty or shameful about sex. I then fear falling in love and getting hurt because it fuels that feeling of being a bad person not worthy of love. So tricky how sex fuels feels of love but then the withdrawal induces the opposite of being unworthy. I think a lot of players numb themselves to this cycle and become rigid, insecure and miserable. I'm still trying to find a healthy way to integrate and approach dating while actualizing and awakening. I think renunciation of it or following the bad feelings that come from it aren't a good idea but also they shouldn't be ignored. I suppose the same can be said from the positive. Sex/dating really is a drug. It's to be enjoyed responsibly.
  8. do you have first hand experience with this? I have read some people who took DMT have a slight come up trip when smoking weed. Weed is slightly psychoactive.
  9. I've been having a hard time after doing some Psychedelics in June as well. It's been sort of a rollercoaster and know whatever you are experiencing will pass and you will stabilize and get through this and there are people and higher forces which want what's best for you emotionally. Finding a therapist who has worked with Psychedelics can be useful to talk to if stuff is coming up for you. Also, try to gently meditate, just belly breathing and feeling the sensations on your body and just observing the thoughts (but not identifying with them or thinking they are YOU). Be the observer of everything as gently as you can and accept everything that comes up. Also try if you can to start eating heavier foods, doesn't have to be unhealthy but not just fruit and eggs, but heavier stuff. It can bring you don't from the effects some to a place that is manageable for integrating the experience. I've also been sleeping to meditative music as night to calm my nerves, really helps. I'm not psychadelic master but the stuff I wrote here has been working for me, especially talking to people because it reminds me that I have the power to control my experience, feel better and create what I want to live in.
  10. why is prager university called a university when it isnt a university
  11. No need to believe or disbelieve anything he says. It's just words. Various gurus make different claims and that's fine. It's all perspective and you can still grow from a lot of the practical wisdom he shares. He talks about overcoming hardships and other stuff. No need to throw out the whole pizza just because there are some mushrooms on it. Take the mushrooms off and set it aside.
  12. Thanks @Nahm I'll remember these tips. I've started working on my OCD and I've noticed therapy for the mind helps quiet it if the therapy techniques are practiced mindfully I'm starting to realize the reason there are so many perspectives and takes on this work is because everyone has a different ego/mind with various pathologies and habits which need to be addressed and met to help quiet the mind so that focus can be properly applied.
  13. I can relate. I've been going through a dark side experience after doing psychedelics last month and it's still going on now. I just can't ignore the feelings anymore or I don't know... something triggered me 10 days ago and I've been this way on and off since. Really sensitive to how I feel and it's mostly negative. During the process of letting go all sorts of stuff can come up. It helps having people you can feel open talking about stuff like this.
  14. I have a problem getting sucked into fear stories and concerns and worries about my life. There is a good amount of irrationality to the majority of them and I wonder often if I'm just getting trapped in this experience and wasting time I could be happy instead of wondering if unlikely to nearly nonexistent fears of the future can come true, but sometimes they are so intense emotionally that they get a hold of me and the dwelling and ruminating feels so justified even though I'm not choosing to give other more healthy and rational perspectives more weight... Makes me forget the present moment or sucks me right out of it. They keep me in my cycle of shame, fear, regret/resentment, pride. I'm afraid to dissolve into reality (thoughts based on fear of losing my mind, not returning, afraid of developing some psychological complex or experiencing paranormal stuff) unless a particularly painful emotional state makes me completely surrender. Do you have any other tips for fear?
  15. you're conscious now aren't you? you can see, hear, feel emotions, etc. It's never entirely 100% unconscious. It just depends how much is there and what you're able to do from where you're at. it's why we do this work, to regain our ability to make more clear choices consciously based off a purified mind and conscious values. You're the master of your ship if you so choose to take responsibility and turn off the auto pilot, which is a process.
  16. yes of course you have made choices. it just depends where the choice was coming from. unconscious feelings, conscious feelings, your mind, your ego, your need to survive and live through or uphold some complex. usually a mixture of everything just mentioned.
  17. a little sad almost. like seeing a relic of innocence in them and how mankind has evolved to a point where we have lost touch with community and earth.
  18. anyone have any luck with using this while going through some really tough emotions? I've found an hour of meditation is helpful but it is just super hard to stay conscious all the time. I'm had good results with this in the past. since I'm much more emotionally raw right now I'm thinking of doing 45 minutes and seeing what it brings up.
  19. part of being human is to have issues. we all have things we wish we could change. some of us are much mentally lighter than others however. society is ill in the sense that there is a lack of consciousness. with more consciousness people would likely fight less and hurt one another and also collectively our consciousness will be able to do things that allow for like to flow in a kinder more collective way where we aren't selfishly polluting everything and have a system that is difficult for us all to change, however this change is slowly taking place in the present moment.
  20. Stuff with forehead feels like some sort of ego problem or stored negative beliefs and psychological complexes. stuff in genital area feels like strange energy and disconnection.
  21. I feel a blockage in my tummy (find myself breathing heavily and fast when I do anapana meditation) sort of numbness and strangeness in genital area and then a sort of pain in my forehead, strain in back of neck and knot in my heart area... will kriya clear this up? What should I expect?
  22. I've felt this along with hunger. I think it's awakening but then integrating those aspects. I think some stuff goes through purification and might drop down in drive for periods while it's being processed. Not entirely sure. I'd like some advice on balancing food appetite while awakening.
  23. Do you think "picking up" energy around people is a thing? So my question is this... can you spread mental illness/delusion or a disorder to an unconscious person by simply being around them and spending time with them? I mean from a social standpoint I can see it through being a negative person in your speech, not giving the proper feedback back to that person and being a cold and uncaring person which can rub off on someone and put them in a bad mood or also shape their viewpoint if they are a kid but can you share specific issues with another person? I ask because someone told me you can catch mental illness and specific problems by just spending a lot of time with a person and it seems like a bunch of BS to me but I can see how spending time with low conscious people can keep you there if you are at that level but the specifics of what you then do from your low conscious place and the suffering you make is then determined by your own perspective specifically.
  24. you can judge by their behavior, body language, how reactionary they are, etc. what words they use and descriptions they use can be helpful too because speaking is an action and how they answer your questions is as well. demonising is usually a good litmus test as well. Thing is speech can also be deceitful since it isn't so hard to regurgitate theory one has read or had a tiny awakening but haven't really purified and then be motivated to keep up the charades because they've built an identity around it and now have all sorts of powerful emotions behind it to keep it alive, their livelihood could be at stake. in terms of infinity it doesn't really have to do with awakening to the present moment and staying there or purifying as far as I'm aware. although an enlightened teacher usually has a different perspective on time itself and doesn't see it as a barrier to living life.
  25. my take on a lot of you is that you are far too concerned about the gathering knowledge from your experiences and making sense of things and putting it into your own language and upholding it. i suppose this is part of being human. if one thing is clear you can have various perspectives on spiritual liberation and peace. it's hard to gage how far along a person is except it's usually apparent if someone is conscious vs someone who is entirely unconscious, usually in their behavior and how they are aspiring to live their lives, how accepting they are of others and the world, etc. Someone getting drunk every weekend and looking to go to a bar for a fight vs someone who seems curious and introspective and seems to be living life in a way wanting to see it unfold.