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  1. DISCLAIMER: Use this method on your own risk. The author of this method has no responsibility for you actions. @Eric Tarpall Easy solution: BE YOURSELF with a woman and DON'T TRY to "get laid" or something like that. Just talk to a girl in a "normal" way like you're talking to a friend. This stuff is super simple I assure you it works like magic not only for me but also for my friends. Women just want someone who is true, who is real. Don't try to lie, you'll get nowhere. Be true, authentic and the things will happen on its own, trust me. Also don't be scared to touch a woman when you feel the time is right Have fun man.
  2. @Michael569 Yeah, Michael, I can totally relate: I tried Computer Science/Coding Engineer in a uni and it was all maths/algebra... Didn't last long there. Also tried some "Business School" type of career in a uni... Lasted a little longer there but... C'mon man math, history, sinus, cosinus, statistics... I expected them to show me HOW TO MAKE A BUSINESS!! I didn't want to go to school again to learn sinus/cosinus and what some king did in the year xxxx in some country LOL. Self-education guys is the way to go for me. Oh yeah! I love it
  3. @28 cm unbuffed Yeah, the music itself is a powerful thing. I listen to music A LOT every day... Maybe too much LOL. For me the music is something I use to get outside of the "boring" everyday life. I also like to sing and play some instrument like guitar/keyboard. Also making some beats with MIDI pads. Would love to have a full-blown battery, but I'm not sure my neighbours have the same opinion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About getting a creative job: you could just enumerate your personal skills/abilities in your curriculum/resume. Also you could say something about the projects you've accomplished. In today's world the formal education is NOT a must anymore. The corporations/businesses are just looking for someone who can get the job done. Plus today there is a growing demand of workers in tech/computer niche. You could also take some Google's online course about PPC / Online Marketing. These courses are free and they give you a completion certificate.
  4. @Jacko It is better if you start fabricating products and offering services to people. You will learn from your own experience. Turn your passion into action. If you really want to learn something, learn it from doing and fabricating stuff. Learn it from performing productive activities in your life. Think about what you can do for the people. Add value to people's lives.
  5. @28 cm unbuffed Alright man, the first thing to do is to start thinking positive and successful thoughts about you and your "dream" lifestyle. Start integrating your "dream" lifestyle and your "dream" life in your current day to day life. START SMALL. Don't rush. Consistency is key to success. Keep doing your thing, it doesn't matter how "slow" you may go, you just keep doing your thing. Having a business and being an entrepreneur is about lifestyle. So what you have to do is to get rid of the unproductive activities in your day to day life and only perform productive activities. Do nothing that is of no use. BTW if you want to make videos try Sony Vegas it is pretty simple and effective. Also today you can purchase really good digital cameras for shooting videos for less than $500. For making music you can try Ableton Live, Cubase, Fruity Loops. You can get some cheap MIDI controllers to get started like a small keyboard. Many MIDI controllers will bring a free licence of some kind of music making software. Get a good microphone. A condenser one. For making graphics use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, just build some PRODUCTIVE HABITS in your day to day life. Get rid of the unproductive activities. Do productive activities only because what you do on daily basis become a habit. Grow some productive habits.