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  1. @BlackMaze Yes, you should.
  2. @Gesundheit LMAO! Yeah, it would certainly be nice to not have to watch other people bake cinnamon rolls like I did yesterday. Felt like torture, but I also like it because it turns into a navy seal type of water fast, only the best survive. @Heinrich Faust I noticed how much better I felt after those 24 hours, so you are correct.
  3. Well, I fasted all day only to discover I won't be having time for peace and quiet meditation this week due to family visiting over easter. So I broke the fast just now and will start after Sunday.
  4. I've instantly noticed how much of a comfort food is. It feels very strange to not eat at all, it's an alien feeling to deny yourself the comfort you so look forward to every day of your life. I've also noticed how sneaky the mind is at trying to get out of this situation, a cold shower would be a good reset right now.
  5. @Gesundheit Thanks. Dry fasting is a lot harder I can imagine, but not as healthy from what I've read and it's not been studied as widely as the water fast.
  6. 11 hours- And the fast has begun! Water for breakfast, yummy! Thank the lord I have a SodaStream machine, I'll be using it a lot.
  7. Ah nice, I'd personally say he's green-yellow, mainly yellow, trying to figure out turquoise. He's definitely not turquoise though, since that means basically living and breathing this stuff. But he's most definitely put a lot of work and thought into it which is very clear in this interview.
  8. Never had problems with comedowns, unless it's something like MDMA + weed. LSD can have a minor uncomfortability because of the 12+ hour stimulation but that's about it for me.
  9. I just watched it after procrastinating on it for 2 years. All I can say is WOW.
  10. He actually runs a company called Hyros which is very legitimate. You don't have to be a scammer to make 2 mil a month.
  11. Yeah, I think he must've not heard the quote "enjoy the process". He obviously likes money, but why? I feel like he's in the so common trap of time scarcity, trying to rack up as much money as possible for "the future", and then it comes and he'll still have the same minimalist mindset because now it's rooted into his being. And he'll never spend a dime of all that hard work he put in. And so he dies having wasted his life collecting money. I feel like he needs to contemplate this. As smart as he is, he's much too blind.
  12. Discipline and habits are not the same thing. Discipline actually leads to more freedom once you've gotten over the hurdle of starting it. You have to be willing to go through some discomfort to find the peace you seek. The ego will convince you that discipline is devilry and that you'll lose your humanity because it's uncomfortable for it. Now put on your corinthian helmet and fight it.
  13. To me, it's important to have hobbies and to be willing to spend on them, they're like mini-passions.
  14. Pop a psychedelic and all these imaginary people fly out the window, lol.
  15. Favorite "soccer" player?
  16. Lol, farm animals are a lot tougher than that. That horse could kill him if it wanted to easily, and Its head being pulled for a photo is the least of its worries.
  17. Last night I watched Leo's "guided exercise for realizing you are god" on a little bit of Kratom. And it sparked some opening and expansion in my consciousness. What an incredibly powerful video that is. I've kind of gotten into the habit of not doing any spiritual work while not on a psychedelic because they deliver every time you want them to, and to an alien extent. But I want to get back into contemplating more daily and meditating or shamanic breathwork. I'll probably watch the guided video on infinite consciousness tonight to keep the momentum going. About two hours ago while I had finished working out, I was walking and contemplating the distance that kept shortening until I reached a point where I couldn't go further. I became very lucid and felt like I was literally inside a dream, dreaming the distance coming closer to me. While my awareness had just been stood there at the same spot forever. Consciousness is a very alien thing while being nothingness at the same time.
  18. Awesome! how's it been going? Took the best cold shower I've possibly ever done tonight. I managed to completely let go of the cold like never before and it was amazing. I thought I had learned to let go of the cold but there must've been some hidden tension because this time I completely let go and it felt so normal that it was like the cold was all I ever knew. It wasn't uncomfortable anymore, it just was. There was no heavy or fast breathing, as a matter of fact, it was extremely slow and controlled like I had been meditating for an hour. Ended up staying under for 10 minutes. I'll try again tomorrow to see if I can reach this level of relaxation and acceptance.
  19. Holy crap this is awesome! Who would've thought wolverine was woke.
  20. If they are paper blotters and don't cost more than the average tab, it's likely in the 100-120ug range. The ones I take are around 160-180 each so two tabs is heading for a mindblowing trip. You should also be able to judge it from the power of the experience once you've tripped a couple of times. I've done mushrooms around 15-20 times, usually liberty caps which are a little stronger than cubensis strains. Like you mentioned mushrooms can feel a lot more confusing and cloudy. But they are a great teacher as well. I look at them as more of a "self-actualization/work-on-my-self" type of psychedelic, confronting fears and such. I either do them around 2-3g dose for that self-actualization aspect or a mega blast to get a full DMT trip which would be 4-5g lemon-teked, which is like a lifetime-journey. Also, it's not about dosages at all, it can quickly become a dick measuring contest which spiritual egos love to partake in. If you really want to awaken and understand what reality is, you won't need a mega dose...but they can push you there.
  21. @Godishere Just be patient and the trips will reveal what you're ready to experience. Not every trip will be perfect and amazing when you're starting off, and you'll likely encounter difficult trips but those are really important to deal with. Setting wise I always trip alone and in my bed as I feel most safe and secure there. Personally, I wouldn't "seek" those jaw-dropping trips, they will come but it could take a couple of trips to get to that point. If you really want a jaw drop I'd recommend upping the dose to 350-400ug, yet only once you're really familiar with the substance. Things will really start to make sense after 30-50 trips, and don't get too stuck on wanting some specific awakening.
  22. Just keep it to yourself. There's no reason to tell them.
  23. I've done close to 60+ LSD trips alone, alongside many other substances and it's always felt the cleanest and most pure substance I can get my hands on. It's basically impossible to access 5-MeO in my country as well. But the good news is the more you do LSD the cleaner and deeper it gets, and you could definitely use just that for consciousness work. I've had countless non-dual experiences on it by now, but I still think 5 MeO is the king in terms of getting there fast. However, what I love most about LSD is its duration, it gives a lot of time for integration.